BBC Poll: Lockdown Habits To Remain Long After Pandemic

Working from home and travelling less are two lockdown behaviours that are likely to remain with us after the Covid pandemic has ended. This is according to a BBC/King’s College poll which was carried out by Ipsos MORI.

The study suggest that regulations introduced to control the spread of coronavirus may have a lasting impact on our future habits. According to BBC News:

Almost a third of workers (32%) say they anticipate working from home more and doing more of their shopping locally (31%). A quarter of commuters (23%) say they will do less travelling to work than they used to, rising to almost a third (31%) in London.

It remains to be seen how significant the move from office working will be, but the implications are potentially huge.

In the English capital, for example, a reduction of a third in the numbers making the daily trek into central London would be a major hit to the hospitality and other service sectors that rely on commuters.

The BBC claims that a number of “big employers” have said that they expect to see a significant reduction in the numbers of people coming into the office.

27 per cent of respondents said they expected to do far less flying after the pandemic.

On people’s overall wellbeing, the survey suggests a quarter of the population (24%) had a “much worse” year than average, and two-thirds of people overall (65%) said it was “worse” than usual.

This was never about a virus. At it’s simplest, it’s classic Problem, Reaction, Solution. The virus was the excuse to create the long-planned “New Normal.” The Great Reset is not a conspiracy theory. It is a conspiracy fact.


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Ipsos Mori is Latin for They Die.

Anyone else more than just a little bit creeped out by that?


Really, that definitely is creepy. A bit like the luciferian that are using in the vaccines.


Shit! WTF….

Urban fox

At the beginning of this takeover of our lives, and destruction of our basic freedoms. Under the guise, of ” we’re doing this to save lives”. Many saw it as a novelty. As specially the so called ” middle classes ” . Though personally I don’t like to think in terms of class. But for want of a better phrase I will use the term.
And the more money people had, the more of an adventure they saw it. You only have to look at the many television personalities, over the last year, to see this. You could have been mistaken, for thinking they were talking about a country retreat at a luxury health farm, or an adventure weekend with the kids. Rather than enforced home imprisonment and global fascism. Many spoke about, how they ” found themselves ” and took up new hobbies like sewing or Origarmy. The reality for millions was very different. Very different indeed, if your rotting in a care home, away from love ones or sitting in a high rise council flat, single and on benifits. But “we’re all in it together,” we hear them crie.
Many of those lucky enough to have jobs and be able to work from home , will have enjoyed the change. Perhaps spend more time with family, if lucky enough to have one. Some will have become conditiond to this new way of life and happy to carry on. More so, if they are terrified of going out and catching an imaginary plague. Sadly those same people and others, will happily put up with masks , antisocial distancing, travel restrictions, poisonous jabs, health passports and testing. And scream out for more tyranny, all in the vain , delusional,hope of not dieing and living another day.

But is this really the way they want to live.? What ever happened to quality of life.? Even if there was a real plague, which there is most definitely not. Life is about living. We are ment to be social animals and we are social beings/ spirits. It is natural for us to be around other people. To hug each other , to laugh and joke and be able to see each other’s expressions. To mix together and socialize in the real world 🌎, is healthy ,mentally, spiritually and physically.Life is ment to be more than zoom calls and online conferences, online concerts and online shopping. Spending to much time in doors, weakens our immune systems and destroys our abilities to socialize and interact with others.
What kind of a world is being created where, children are growing up into adults who, hardly ever go outside, unless in a hazmat suit. Wearing garlic round there neck, as they walk down the road, saying” hail marys” just to be extra careful. I think the excellent science fiction film “surrogates” is a good example of much of this. And should serve as a timely reminder of where things are heading.
Unless this is the future we want, now is the time to stand together and say no! No more are we going to cooperate with those that want to enslave us, and dominate every aspect of our lives.


Awesome post Fox.

Urban fox

Thanks a lot Gerry. I should find something better to do really. But I find it quiet cathartic and hopefully some point to it.. And for some reason, the typing is working properly again. So thought better make the most of it. So gone a bit over the top today. Will private message you latter maybe. Need to catch up on jobs asap. Speak later, gonna make a brew.




My goodness you have spoken so much truth there. If all the joy has been squeezed out of life what is the point of being alive.

Urban fox

Thanks, Jennie appreciate reply. Have good day, speak later.


A really fantastic read Foxy and totally true. I know people like this. Also these people that work from home need to be careful. Their jobs might be sent abroad, lower wages. Then they’ll have all the time in the world to play happy families, but for how long? 😘

Last edited 1 year ago by Kafla
Urban fox

Thanks Kathy


Great post fox. This indoctrination of the masses has been going on for a very long time and sadly if we allow it, there will be no going back.

Urban fox

Thanks for that Kay

john de calonge

Urban fox, you write from the heart and that resonates with all of us on this website, thank you. It is truth and only those who thirst for truth will understand you. A big salute to you.

Urban fox

Thanks for your kind remarks John

Zac Baled

The workers especially the office worker should make it his or her priority to make sure they go back to office to work (asap) Office is where they should be if they still want some sort of a job.

I believe (I could be wrong) company’s that employ office workers who are currently too happy or comfortable working remotely from home could slowly be moved on from the UK and replaced by out sourcing the work from the developing world. (They tried this in the late 90’s and early 2000’s – it did not fair well back then, however it’s different now)

We have seen it in the past with the manufacturing industry in the UK and know too well how that ended when cheap labour from abroad was taken on instead of giving work to the UK labour work force.

Could the same thing now (or in the near future) happen to the office workers? Why not. If the worker can (lazily) be happy working remotely from home what makes anyone think the employer cannot take its operations elsewhere? With the added bonus of saving on wages, workers rights, etc whilst the use of sophisticated Artificial Intelligence and communicating with customers and clients via email – anything is possible.

(Without sounding patronising) The office workers in the UK should make it their priority to get back into the office ASAP. Do not shoot yourselves in the foot – its about your livelyhoods, your bread n butter!!

I believe the North African countries could be targetted by the blue chip companies. Majority of North African people know atleast three to four international language’s. English, French and Italian as well as native Arabic – it could give the big companies all ticks to move on……. and save a lot of money. (I pray im wrong)


It has been said for some time that a lot of white collar and professional jobs would go and they are using this to make that happen.

Zac Baled

Hi Jennie,
I wonder if all this fits in with one universal income for people all over the world? (Im probably looking too much into it but its just a thought)
schwab klaus “you will own nothing yet will be very happy”
The one world government plan.
Just a thought🤔


You could well be right.


I hadn’t got to your post when I more or less said something similar. 😐

Zac Baled

Hi Kathy – hope your good.
Lets hope the people for their own sake wakeup fast….. otherwise as you say it they definately will have plenty of time playing happy family’s!😊


Just don’t want people to find out the hard way for all our sakes. Don’t know what it will take for them to see the light, 😢

Gene Hunt

Unfortunately, working from home and travelling less, doesn’t sit well with us taxi drivers! It feels like the wall’s are closing in at the moment ………..


The A team love it when a plan comes together.


Kelly Jones of Stereophonics wrote and sings a song called “Mr. Writer”..

..About some journalist who travelled with the band back in the day and wrote negatively of them.

In the song he expresses his wish for writers to “Say it like it really is!”

Me… I’m currently at the “wanting to shoot them all” stage!
(The mass media ones that is!!)

Anyway… I think if Kelly saw this masterclass of truthful written expression, he’d simply say…

Now that’s how to tell it…




Excellent. The sad thing is that the truth is no longer being hidden, it’s there for all to see now but people just aren’t looking. This is what I find so frustrating and hard to cope with.


It seems people are inherently lazy. They go crazy when you try to enlighten them on home truths, even telling them the information is out there. But it isn’t on the tellybox they say. On a good note, today the parish council man came to check the drains. I always make him a coffee and have a chat and laugh. He asks me if I’ve had my vaccination (everyone seems to ask), l said no, pointing out it’s still in a trial which he was unaware of like most people. He said he felt rough after his jab and slept for days. I said are you having the second one after what I’ve told you, no way he said. If only my husband would be that smart!

Urban fox

Yeah absolutely. I used to compare to Germany 1930+ before the war. But now think I was unfair. As back then, there was very little information available. Apart from the newspapers and what people saw with there 👀eyes. But even then, a handful of brave people , wrote postcards and leaflet by hand! ( no photocopy down the local shop, or on the table, next to PC). And braved the Nazi patrols to place them. One couple were famously tracked down, tortured and executed, for refusing to promise they would comply. I watched drama of this recently.

Now 2020, a world 🌎 of information at the click of a mouse. But what are people doing?. This is at least in part, wilful ignorance. People would rather stay in the proverbial matrix, than to face the truth and take the red pill.


Do you remember the name of the drama. I watch a lot of films about that time. Thanks Foxy x

Urban fox

No, but will try and find out.


Cheers x

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