BBC Presenter “Won’t Hug Parents” As It’s “Not Permitted”

“I’m really looking forward to seeing my parents later”, Rick Edwards told Rachel Burden this morning. The BBC Radio 5 Live presenters were discussing the gradual easing of lockdown, which begins today. “I won’t hug them though”, Edwards hastily added. “Hugging is still not permitted.”

Edwards hasn’t seen his parents in a long time. He’s been avoiding them for fear of killing them with covid. The planet is an open-air lunatic asylum now. Madness reigns supreme. Who’d have believed that such conversations would ever be possible let alone normal?

“How long is it since you saw yer mum?”

“Six months.”


“Yep, the government told them to shield cos they’re vulnerable. I’m seeing them later though.”

“Looking forward to it?”

“Yes, but I can’t hug them. Hugging isn’t permitted.”

I met a man in my local park this morning. Lovely bloke. Our dogs were playing and we had a natter. He told me he hasn’t seen his grandchildren in a year.

His daughter is a real stickler for the rules. They get on fine and pre-covid he watched them three times a week. They’re in Liverpool. He’d usually make the short drive.

Now he chats with them on Skype. His daughter won’t hear of them meeting up. She took the “don’t kill granny/grandad” nonsense to heart. The little ones are terrified they’ll make him sick. He has no say in it. He’s concerned that the fear-porn is damaging the kids.

It’s a madhouse. As I write this, Stephen Dixon on SKY News is telling viewers that he’s thrilled to bits that outdoor swimming is “allowed” and that he can now meet with up to six people, because the government said it’s permitted.

A new ad campaign, fronted by ITV resident doctor Hilary Jones, tells us all to “be firm” with friends and relatives if they try to hug us and give them “gentle reminders” about distancing.



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There will come a time when the truth will emerge and people like this will whine and cry for what they believed and what they did, or what they didn’t do. I’m afraid, I won’t be the one offering them any consolation. This crisis has separated the wheat from the chaff. Yes, they’re right, things won’t return to normal after this. It’s been quite a lesson.


As I’ve said, this has become religion for some people. In fact, I’d bet money that the daughter and her kind haven’t had a thought about God in decades. God said honor your parents. Is she not dishonoring them by avoiding them? Fear Fear the true God and keep his commandments. When mankind moves to interfere with God’s ways we decline with the knowledge that his is the greater way. Hug your parents and show them that they matter while they’re still alive. Once they’re gone it’s too late.


Yes its a crazy world for sure and the sad thing is most people have been well and truly brain washed into believing this covid garbage,relentless MSM BBC lies has done the trick for the trash establishment,Vallance .whitty johnson etc must be laughing their heads off behind closed doors at how gullible the British public are.A new world order is ensuing in my view and it looks grim.

Wes Baker

It should be a fairly easy bet that the family Richie describes was well and truly mad pre-plandemic. They evidenced it in different ways, I’d further bet.

The silver lining to this mess is humanity in the West has been passed through a filter. Fortunately, now, we can spot the filtrate a mile away.


Even if this was real, which it isn’t, (a phrase I’m using all the time) which is more important, being happy, having fun and spending time with family and friends or living a lonely, miserable life for a bit longer? I know what my choice would be but I’m not allowed to make it.

Urban fox

Same hear Jennie. Would have seen my sister at Xmas. But apparently two dangerous and better to be careful. So spent Xmas alone. On a positive note, did have an old friend turn up on doorstep last 🌙 night. And had some cheesecake and ice cream 🍦!. Couldn’t resist after somebody mentioned cheesecake other night. Think was you? Take care, U.F


Cheesecake and ice cream mmm, now that’s living. Love cheesecake.

Ronald Templeman

So called “doctor” Hilary Jones I WOULD NOT ASK HIS ADVICE ON AN IN GROWING TOE NAIL and as for anybody working for the main media, they have SOLD THEIR SOULS.

Andrea Cook

Much better to listen to Dr Vernon Coleman.


By his hand.


‘Hugging isn’t permitted.’
We are not too far from ‘fires are not permitted’ (because of CO2 emissions) and ‘growing your food is not permitted’ (because all seed stock will be owned by private companies).
Individual sovereignty over basic survival needs are being eroded, keeping people in perpetual childhood (essentially) – safe, secure, and looked after by the parent state/corporation.
And it is being embraced.
When ideas and ideologies are embraced more than people, I would suggest that there is something deeply wrong in the soul of society.


Not hugging has become a new form of ‘virtue signalling’ and the MSM presenters have become very adept at pushing that behaviour for some time.
Now, more than ever, I’m glad I’m not a particularly virtuous person.

Andrea Cook

For almost 3 years now, I travel to Sheppey from Bexley so I can take my granddaughters to school, twice a week. Every week I enter the playground mask-less, while all the other adults follow the rules; every week I hug and kiss them both, and remind them to be good girls; every week we turn up happy, healthy and covid free – how’s that for virtue signalling?


Well done you. Hopefully your granddaughters will grow to be independent thinkers just like you.

Andrea Cook

Thanks for that, Kafla, we do our best. My eldest granddaughter and I had a school taught show down when she wouldn’t cuddle me. Words fail me when I describe how much she wanted to cuddle versus how much she didn’t want to ‘make’ me catch the lurgy and die. I told her the lurgy wouldn’t kill me, not having her cuddles would. Then we went on to make a batch of sourdough together, feeding it and watching it grow, we even made bread out of it. The sourdough is somewhat growing out of control now, but I couldn’t think of a better way to teach them a better experience of germs and bacteria and how important they are.


They should make a t-shirt with that on – The lurgy won’t kill me, not having cuddles will.

Andrea Cook

Yes, indeed. We all know it’s true.

Urban fox

Hi, good 👍 for you that’s brilliant.

I ran the gauntlet today. Had to que to get in the bank for over half hour, as only 5 allowed in at a time. ( these lunatics everywhere are making their own rules up now, have you noticed?). Then supermarket with everyone masked apart from me. Round where I am, most masked up in the street. Gorgeous sunny day, made ugly.

Andrea Cook

Urban fox, the day is ugly if you look at ugly things, like insane people. Look up at the blue sky, then the green, living things, immune to all this madness. You know, the colour green corresponds with the heart chakra? This planet loves you.

Tadhg Shelly

What has happened to these people ,their thinking has got so warped, common sense seems to have been swallowed up by covid,!! Tadhg Shelly.


Common sense has been overwhelmed by applied psychology and relentless Government propaganda. It cant be any surprise that someone who works for the BBC has been completely brainwashed by the BBC.


Brainwashed? Or deliberately promoting the message?

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