Book Burning? Amazon Pulls Book That Criticises Transgender Movement

Ryan T. Anderson’s book When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment has been pulled by Amazon. He’s not amused. The book had been selling really well, making several online best-seller lists.

The book, which was first published three years ago, is Anderson’s attempt to expose “the contrast between the media’s sunny depiction of gender fluidity and the often sad reality of living with gender dysphoria.” It includes testimonies from those who have transitioned genders and later regretted it.

According to

A search for the work on Amazon currently brings up books that argue the exact opposite, including ‘The End of Gender: Debunking the Myths about Sex and Identity in Our Society’ and even a book carrying the title ‘Let Harry Become Sally’.

Many on social media have shown support for Anderson and demanded an answer from Amazon, which has yet to officially comment on its sudden removal of the book three years after it was first published.

Anderson claims that neither he nor his publisher were given any notice that Amazon would remove the book. He suggested that the US government might want to take a harder look at the censorious powers of big tech companies saying;

“My prediction is that in the short run I’ll sell thousands more copies of the book thanks to Amazon’s censorship. In the medium run, things will get worse for those who hold to traditional American values.”

Amazon will soon be the only place left where you can buy a physical book, or the equivalent digital download. The High Street is dead. Amazon, not coronavirus, has killed it. Amazon will have total control of what you can and cannot read. It goes without saying that the implications for free speech are unthinkable.

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I seem to remember a quote that originated from 1930’s Germany “when you burn books; people a sure to be next”.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

RE: regarding amazon and books –
I’ve actively boycotted amazon for almost 10 years now until last week.
I’ll be picking-up 2 books at the Post in 1 hr.
1 of the books was…only available at amazon.
Let’s just say, the ‘subject matter’ contained in the book from April 2020 is soo up-to-date that there is nothing comparable to it.
It’s back-to-boycotting now.
Why do I write this comment?
I just wanna let everyone know it’s like 99% sure, You can avoid(!) amazon for book purchases.
The wife and I got over 2,000 books here.
Let Me warmly recommend buying ‘used books’ as well as new ones.
Better to have a book-in-hand than staring at a computer screen.
btw it’s not good at all for kids especially to ‘stare’ at a electronic-screen.
Better to hand them a book.
Best thing with books is they can last for even centuries. 🙂
Buy Books. Boycott Amazon. Let’s Beat these b@stards!
Bye. Buy. 😉

Oma Geri

Kindle = kindling…


I think Amazon are buying up stocks of a lot of things because when you look on other sites they are not available or out of stock. What right has a retailer got to tell people what they are allowed to believe? None. The best thing is for people to refuse to buy from them, I haven’t used them for 6 or 7 years now.


They only have the power we cede to them; if amazon, Google, eBay, face book and it’s evil hand maidens whatsapp and snachat aren’t being used we balk their power. It may be a case that the more enlightened will have to return to older forms of communication in order to be free from the control of corporate suppression.


I really wish this article came as a surprise or shock; but the re-emergence of carefully repackaged Fascism now seems very obvious (at least to me. Most of my friends and family are not seeing it despite my efforts).


Craig, it seems, that just like any other form of addiction; people first need to admit they have an addiction; and then really want to rid themselves of it.


That presupposes the perception of an addiction existing.
And who’s to say we are not addicted to being irascible and contrary?


I’ve been on a book shopping spree lately. Get ‘em while you STILL can…

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