Even as I cast my vote to leave in the June 2016 referendum, I knew that whatever the outcome, the UK would never properly leave the EU. In fact I never thought for a minute that Vote Leave would carry the day in the first place, but I trudged wearily to my local polling centre anyway thinking what the hell. I won't bore you by telling you what you already know by now, that the establishment and its puppet media have worked relentlessly to undermine the result. The Telegraph reports today that a new campaign will be launched this weekend to give the public a vote on the terms of the final deal with the EU but with the caveat that there's also an option to vote to stay in the EU on the ballot paper. This from The Telegraph's Kate McCann:

Pro-Remain groups are launching a £1million campaign to stop Brexitthis weekend, The Telegraph can reveal. The campaign will call on Parliament to give the public a vote on the terms of the final deal with the chance to stay in the EU if they vote against it. MPs from all three major political parties, including Anna Soubry, a Tory, and Chuka Umunna, from Labour, will join forces with anti-Brexit campaigners to demand the chance to remain - branded The People's Vote. (That the people voted to leave is seemingly irrelevant)  Richard Reed, a businessman and the vice-president of the National Union of Students, is also expected to speak at a rally in central London to launch the campaign on Sunday. The Telegraph understands £1million has been raised by nine pro-Remain groups to fund the campaign, which already has a logo and poster. The People's Vote campaign is being led by Open Britain, the group backed by Peter Mandelson, the Labour grandee. Tony Blair and Nick Clegg have also worked closely with the group. 

I don't know why Umunna, Soubry and their wealthy backers are bothering. It's over. They've won. It was game over last month when Theresa May and David Davis agreed the terms of the transition period with the EU, which effectively keeps us in the EU until New Years Eve 2020. In case you forgot, this is what they agreed:

EU citizens arriving in the UK between March 29th 2019 and December 31st 2020 will enjoy the same rights and guarantees as those who arrive before Brexit.

- The UK will still be party to existing EU trade deals with other countries.

- The UK will not only be subject to all existing rules, regulations and decrees from Brussels during this period, but also any new ones.

- The EU will continue to dictate fishing quotas. The UK will be "consulted" on the quotas, but the EU will have final say.

- Northern Ireland will effectively stay in parts of the single market and the customs union in the absence of other solutions to avoid a hard border       with the Irish Republic

We're not going anywhere. I said from the outset that there were only two possibilities here, that we wouldn't leave or that we would end up leaving in name only. The financial elites have worked for centuries to bring about a system of global governance. The depopulation agendas 21/30 (most have never heard of them) can only be realised through political unions and the death of the sovereign nation state. The Irish (twice) and the Danes rejected the tyranny of EU treaties drawn up to turn countries into fiefdoms of Brussels, but were told to go back to the voting booths and to get it right second time around. Why did we think the UK would be any different? Sir Bill Cash, chairman of the influential European Scrutiny Committee, told The Telegraph: "They are completely defying the British people who made a decision which was given to them by parliament itself. The latest polling says 65 per cent of the British people do not want a second referendum; they are living in a parallel universe." What's Bill Cash or anyone else going to do about it though? The answer of course is nothing.



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