Brits Skipping Meals As Cost Of Living Crisis Worsens

The exponential rise in food prices is leading to people skipping meals according to the charity The Food Foundation.

YouGov conducted an online survey which revealed that as many as one in seven adults live in homes where people have skipped meals, reduced meal sizes or gone hungry.

According to The BBC:

Food has become more expensive as producers push their rising energy costs on to consumers.

Prices are rising by 7% a year in the UK – the highest rate for 30 years.

The Bank of England has warned inflation might reach 10% within months, as the rising prices of fuel and food put pressure on household budgets.

The Food Foundation also said that people had increasingly opted to take more cold food from food banks because of fears that cooking items would increase their energy costs.

The research by YouGov saw 10,674 adults surveyed online between April 22 and 29.

It found the number of people struggling to buy food has risen by 57% in three months.

Nearly 14% of survey respondents said they or someone in their household had eaten smaller meals or skipped meals because they were not able to afford it during the past month. This was up from 8.8% of the survey respondents in January.

Anna Taylor, executive director of the Food Foundation said the situation is “rapidly turning from an economic crisis to a health crisis” which food banks should not “possibly be expected to solve”.

“The government needs to realise the boat is sinking for many families and it needs to be fixed. Bailing out with emergency food parcels is not going to work,” she added.

A government spokesman said: “We recognise the pressures on the cost of living and we are doing what we can to help, including spending £22bn across the next financial year to support people with energy bills and cut fuel duty.

I’ve noticed that my local supermarkets are not as busy at weekends. On Saturday, I asked the manager of one of the UK’s biggest chains if I was imagining it or if it really was a lot less busy than normal.

He said footfall was way down although he couldn’t put an exact number on it. He told me that it’s undoubtedly down to rising prices.

The Hunger Games Society is here.



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Just found this, We saw Event 201 simulation look what happened, this simulation from 2015 and look what is happening right now!


Ice Age Farmer has lots of coverage on the Podesta pushed Food Chain Reaction games. Its coming to plan now with Covid as its starter.

chris and emma

Let them eat cake!


What nature once did by chance, science is now doing by design.

Urban Fox

More people than ever are suffering financial hardship at this time. Not by accident, but as a direct result of unnecessary goverment policy’s over the last two years. Not necessary on the grounds of public health that’s for sure. But deliberately orchestrated and necessary to make more people dependent on the state. Because the more dependent people are on the state, the easier they are to control. Many people still have no idea what its genuinely like to go without and struggle. But are going to find out in the months ahead, as the big squeeze continues.

Energy bills have already gone through the roof, at least 50% more than they were a year ago. Now the goverment imposed price cap has been removed. Which means energy company’s are now able to pass on the cost of the wholesale price that they are having to pay. And though certain food prices have not gone up in price, at the point of sale. What manufactures have been doing, is reducing the weight and package contents of food items.

They are saying that by doing this, they are helping customers. But this is of course nonsense. This just means customers have to buy more of a particular item, to get the same amount as they were previously. Regarding food banks, what most aren’t aware of, is visits to food banks are strictly limited. Not a case of just keep rolling up and helping yourself.

The authorities are starting to shift much of the blame for what is happening onto Russia. We must not fall into the same trap of misdirection. Because whereas its true that, the manufactured war in the Ukraine will effect food prices. Due to the knock on effect of much of the worlds wheat and fertilizer coming from that part of the world. Not to mention, this wars effects on energy prices. Its also true that there needs to be a time lag, before we see the effects of this. I still believe that the primary reason for this war, is one of psychological manipulation. Its to do with misdirection and creating a climate of fear, as Orwell indicated when talking about his book. With any other effects the cherry on top of the Orwellian state agenda.

Even prier to the covid era, the authorities were bringing in policy’s on the grounds of climate change, that were pushing up energy prices. This has picked up pace over the last two years. Some trucking company’s are making less supply runs because of increased costs. Others have a shortage of drivers , due to new drivers not training or passing there test since the covid scam began. Then there is the small matter of whole factories, warehouses and farms being closed down. Sometimes due to one person being tested positive for covid. There are reports of this happening, though they have been kept out of the MSM. Since March 2020 supply chains have never got back to normal. I know this through my own observations and from overhearing conversations in supermarkets amongst staff and management.

What’s developing now is the prefect proverbial storm. We are seeing the effects of deliberately harmful policy’s both pre and post covid. Which left unchecked will get increasingly worse in the months and years ahead, due partly to the war situation, and also due to the continuance of the current policy’s. All of this happening at the same time as more people will be losing there jobs. As an inevitable result of the deliberately orchestrated economic disaster of the last two years.

The Hunger games society is indeed unfolding before our eyes. We are seeing the start of a humanitarian disaster the likes of which the world has never seen. With many in the UK likely to experience genuine hardship for the first time ever. For those who are already having to go without what most take for granted. They will have even less than the existence that they already have. This is not fear mongering, but looking at the cold hard facts.

Food banks, benefits, growing our own tomatoes, putting a smile on our faces and whistling a happy tune. Saying were going to have to cut back on a few luxuries is not going to help for long. Many have no luxuries on which to cut back now. The only thing that will halt this course that has been set, is the removal of the cause. For that to happen more need to see the truth and become aware of what is happening. That there lives are being destroyed by putting there trust in the authorities, and aiding there own demise by compliance. As those authorities are being controlled by the now, not so hidden hand of global fascism.


Very good account of what’s happening and not just in the UK. All the while the bastards behind all this live in total luxury with several homes, private jets and luxury yachts. They see themselves as superior to the rest of us and believe that they deserve it. A whistleblower who had attended the DARPA meetings said that they refer to us as rats.

Here in Ireland there is huge problem with housing and rents are soaring as are fuel bills.
The government has deliberately created the housing crisis to keep rents and house prices high. In the two governing parties, it’s a coalition, more than half of the TDs are landlords/ladies with quite a number of properties. You’re right that people everywhere need to wake up to the fact that government is not their friend and they will lie and cheat about anything and everything for the agenda.

Oh just to add that shrinkflation has been going on for a while but maybe the media has only just noticed it.

Last edited 7 days ago by Jennie
Urban Fox

Morning Jennie thankyou. From what i understand, they have been doing the shrinkage policy for a few years, periodically. With company’s alternating the items they are doing it with. And bringing in the policy for short periods depending on fluctuating inflation etc. But there has been a big reintroduction of this the last few weeks. But however they balance there books, i think we are likely to see worse to come.

Calling us Rats would not surprise me. Though the long term phrase that the inner circle has used to refer to the masses. As documented in things like the Illuminati protocols. Is the Goya or Goyim ( Cattle ).


Spot on as usual. It truly amazes me how blind most people are though.

Urban Fox

Thanks Beryl. kind of you to say. How’s things with you. ? I’m just gonna make a brew, shame no show today. Hope Richie is OK.

Caroline Fealy

People need to have lessons in budgeting, Prioritizing what is a necessity and visa versa.
When i had my first 2 children i had a budget of £14 for 2 weeks to buy food, my children always had a good meal.
Today people are to busy with the internet, social media and what bag/watch ect ect to have they do not see the necessities in life they want what they think they need not what they really need. If they gave up one luxury they could afford food.
I know that this is the plan for the NWO but i for one am not playing their fear mongering games.

Karen m

I think you’re right Caroline. For years people have been saying, including the brilliant David Icke, bless him, that old people have to choose between eating and heating. It’s always annoyed my mum who gets the bare minimum pension but budgets well and lives well. Her sister spends a vast amount on making sure her favourite grandchild has the latest i phone, computer, musical instruments and so on, but complains she struggles to pay her water and fuel bills! So yes, it’s all about priorities and budgeting. Soon though, it really will be a struggle for many to eat well AND pay fuel bills etc, so then we’ll all hopefully realise we don’t need the phones, the trinkets, and all the other rubbish we see as necessities. We actually WILL be poor. Will that wake people up, or will they say it’s Ukraine, it’s Covid, it’s this or that, or will they realise it’s all been engineered and planned to get way, way worse? Doubt it.


And why do many old people have to choose? Because there is no longer quality, cheap coal for them to put in a grate. Heat from that grate would have warmed up the immediate room and traveled up the chimney heating up the bricks, and radiating that heat out into the house.


Very true. In the past an open fire could be used for both heating and cooking as people would have a range over the fire.


I’ve known people go into debt to buy their children expensive toys when they would be just as happy with something simple. They don’t need to buy certain brands and the latest tech. Get children into the habit of reading instead of staring at expensive smart phones. You can buy books at the charity shops for next to nothing and free at the library. When I was young in familes with several children clothes would be handed down as they’d had very little wear.

I don’t know about in Britain but in Ireland a huge problem is rents which just keep soaring and nothing is done about it so it might come to heating, eating or a roof over your head.

Karen m

Absolutely, and yes, it’s the same in England ‘re housing and rents.


I can’t stand the choice of when to eat or not. Everything is being stripped back, prices are rising insanely, and we are being, well, played for fucking idiots. It’s definitely hunger games! Let the party begin!!!!!!!! 👊🏼

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