Brooklyn Nets Star Told He Won’t Play Again Until He’s Jabbed

Following up on a story I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, the Brooklyn Nets told 7-time All Star point guard Kyrie Irving yesterday, that he won’t be selected to play again, while he remains unvaccinated against covid-19.

New York City regulations state that all athletes who play or practice in the city must be vaccinated. According to BBC Online:

The 29-year-old can play in away games but Brooklyn Nets general manager Sean Marks has ruled that out as an option.

“We respect his individual right to choose,” Marks said.

“Currently the choice restricts his ability to be a full-time member of the team, and we will not permit any member of our team to participate with part-time availability.”

Marks added: “Given the evolving nature of the situation and after thorough deliberation, we have decided Kyrie Irving will not play or practice with the team until he is eligible to be a full participant.”

Irving is a seven-time All-Star who played in 54 regular-season games for the Nets last season.

The NBA said that any player who chooses not to comply with local vaccination mandates will not be paid for the games they miss.

Irving has been ridiculed in the US media because of his interest in so-called conspiracy theories. Back in 2017 he claimed that the Earth was flat. He’s also spoken of his belief that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated because he wanted to take on the international banking cartel.

He’s an easy target for the media. The flat earth stuff is an open goal for them. The only story here is that a perfectly healthy superstar athlete is being deprived of his right to maintain personal bodily integrity and the right to earn a living, all because he won’t accept a dangerous, untested and wholly unnecessary medicine.

Maybe Irving can force a trade to the Dallas Mavericks or the Houston Rockets. Texas governor Greg Abbott has said that there will be no vaccine mandates in his state.



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I think you said he was also a flatearther, well good for him! the globe is something most people will not question even you Richie i’m afraid. I was the same for years, I just would not even entertain the idea we are not on a globe. But you only have to realise that water is ALWAYS level, the globe can only be a thing if you chuck out all known physics in favour of words and images.


Anyone who allows themselves to be jabbed is facilitating their own enslavement.
So, top marks to any sports star or celebrity who has the “balls” to stand up to this tyranny.

‘Soldier On’ Kyrie Irving and well done!

Here’s an important article relevant to the above which clearly identifies just what these jabs are all about..

There are also two videos to be seen in this piece by Global Research..

Be sure to watch them both!



That last paragraph has exposed yet another floor in the stance of Bill D’ Blasio and his silly NYC cronies. What happens when the Nets play away or when unjabbed opponents are scheduled to play in Brooklyn? Irving has a very good case, in as much as he is free, fit and eager to play, the team managements stance on this can be seen as restraint of trade and a breach or the US Constitution as well as the Nuremburg code. It matters NOT what his personal views on the Kennedy murders, 9/11 the shape of the earth or anything else.


Here are the words to the song used in the above video which is a plea for international assistance by Australian citizens..

A song called “Spirit Bird” by Xavier Rudd:

Give it time and wonder why
Do what we can laugh an we cry
And we sleep in your dust because we’ve seen this all before
Culture fades with tears and grace
Leaving us stunned hollow with shame
We have seen this all, seen this all before

Many tribes of a modern kind,
Doing brand new work, same spirit by side,
Joining hearts and hand and ancestral twine, ancestral twine

Many tribes of a modern kind,
Doing brand new work, same spirit by side,
Joining hearts and hand and ancestral twine, ancestral twine

Slowly it fades
Slowly we fade
Slowly you fades
Slowly you fade

Spirit bird she creaks and groans
She knows she has, seen this all before she has, seen this all before

Spirit bird she creaks and groans she knows she has,
Seen this all before she has, seen this all before she has
Slowly you fade
Slowly it fades
Slowly you fade
Slowly you fade
Slowly you fade

Soldier on soldier on my good country man
Keep fighting for your culture,
Now keep fighting for your land

I know its been thousands of years
And I feel your hurt and I know its wrong
And you feel you’ve been chained and broken and burned
And those beautiful old people
Those wise old souls have been ground down for far too long
By that spineless that greedy man that heartless man deceiving man
That government hand taking blood and land taking blood and land and still they can
But your dreaming and your warrior spirit lives on and it is so so so strong
In the earth in the trees in the rocks in the water
In your blood and in the air we breath

Soldier on soldier on my good country man,

Keep fighting for your children now keep fighting for your land
Slowly it fades
Slowly you fade
Slowly it fades
Slowly it fades
Give it time and we wonder why
Do what we can laugh and we cry and we sleep in your dust because we’ve seen it all before


Last edited 8 months ago by Gerry
Urban Fox

Hi Gerry. i like that


Watch the video Fox!

Urban Fox

I dont know what to say. Shocking doesn’t do it justice. Has any of this been on the MSM at all. I haven’t watched in over a year. I’m guessing not.?


Of course not Fox.. (no chance!!)

I’ve been getting the data from my own sources and also from Max Igan’s channel ‘The Crowhouse’.

He played that video at the end of his most recent posting which went up yesterday.

Here it is if you fancy a look.

Urban Fox

French citizens by law are already required to have 11 vaccinations. Am i the only one who wasn’t aware of this. Why is this not a major news story across all media.? And from January they are adding covid-fake vaccines to the list.

France Seeks to Mandate ‘Covid-19’ Fake Vaccines For Everyone From January 1st, 2022 – David Icke

Now i do know about this, i am amazed that the French didn’t just add the covid jab to the list of forced medication that was already in operation, from the beginning. France is the country that stormed the Bastille, and still celebrates the date every year. The country that for many years bragged about its democracy. What happened.?

And how long before France, Israel, China, Australia, Ireland, and the UK, all the country’s on Earth become indistinguishable from each other. As we have seen over the last 18 months this is a coordinated attack on our freedoms. The likes of which has never been seen on a world wide scale in the history of the human race. The cult behind this onslaught do not see borders, they see one people “The Goya”( cattle ). To be conquered, killed and enslaved.

But this did not just happen at the beginning of 2020. The rough plan for a small worldwide slave population under one government, was there since the beginning of our history. And those plans have become more concrete over the last few decades. They are now complete, and are being pushed through at lightening speed.

The reason this whole covid era, was able to come about. With all of its lockdowns, masks, anti social distancing and forced poison jabs. Was because of the total indifference and apathy of the average person. To wrapped up in there own lives, to see the changes that have been taking place for decades. If it wasn’t for a blind faith in authority and the politics of complacency, then the events that have transpired since March 2020, would never have been able to take hold. As the people would have said, no we are not going to take this. But the human race had reached such a stage, that all the enemies of freedom needed to do was push the button, and watch the programed masses follow there instructions.

It is time for those masses to wake from there apathy, put there differences aside, and to stand up to Tyranny before it is to late.

‘ Resist, Defy, Do not comply.’


I know now how every dictatorship there has ever been has come to pass. It’s because of apathy and compliance rather than superior force or power.

Urban Fox

Thanks for reply J

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