Call Richie On-Air From 5.30pm This Wednesday July 14th

Good afternoon friends. I’m opening the phone and Skype line to the show from around 5.30pm this evening.

No doubt you will know by now, that last night the UK Parliament voted to mandate the jab for care home workers. This is paradoxically both astonishing and devastating. We knew it was coming, but it’s shocking nonetheless.

If you work in healthcare, drop me a text via Skype now. I’ll get you on the show this evening.

All the details are on the image above. Here they are again anyhow.

Skype: chatwithrichie

Phone + 44 (0) 161 818 2018

In the UK it’s simply: 0161 818 2018

Speak later.

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I’m sick to fucking death of hearing about racism.

Come up to the north east where I live & go to white working class council estates & go to blackpool, Hull, Barnsley or jaywick in Essex & you’ll see how miserable life is. white English people don’t have it any better than ethnic minorities.

Urban fox

Hi Josh,I’m from Blackpool,in London for many years. But I’ve always been a right miserable fox.


Respect to all these callers. Plenty of smart people with bravery and integrity out there. Standing firm.

Hermione Granger

Informed consent will win in court mandatory jabs with care workers is illegal and violates human rights to life and liberty

Last edited 17 days ago by Hermione Granger

The fight begins!

Lawyers team up to fight back against the Governments draconian “No jab, No job” policy for Social Care Workers.
Lawyer’s have teamed up to help social care workers fight back against the Governments decision to enforce mandatory vaccinations in order to enter a care home, which was voted through in the House of Common’s on the 13th July 2021.

Hermione Granger

The french needed the Micro speech to get worked up they are like fireworks they need to be lit

Hermione Granger

I think the powers that be just decided not to wait f the people to have less children they just used the needlecraft to sterilise 60-70% of those taking the shots particularly in certain countries – there are probably different shots

“I think vaers is now 9000 plus deaths post needlecraft so 50000 prob isnt far off as less than 5% are said  to actually leave a report on the VAERS system just like UKS yellow card scheme now 1400 deaths post needlecraft but probably +5x that in reality = 7000

With the number of spontaneous abortions climbing, it has become apparent that the lab engineered spike protein was designed to depopulate the human race. Infertility caused by covid-19 vaccines is not a conspiracy theory. It’s a macabre experiment initiating a scientific process that exploits human physiology” {wolf}

Caroline Fealy

Its a very sad day. Who and what will be next? Louise from Save our rights explains how they did it. Was not even put through properly. Disgusting!


The link to that excellent video should anybody require it


How can any product with Emergency Use Only become mandatory?
This is done to cause damage within the care system.


Absolutely its totally malign. What the hell is Johnson going to do if massive numbers quit bring in the army to do the job? Are we going to have Infantrymen and Para’s wiping grannies bottom? This is just so bad.


It is really messed up.


i find it disgraceful that mandated jabs for carers went through by a majority of 73 votes (319 – 246) after only a 90 minute debate, the press said along the lines of “well, it was a fearsome debate” not good enough as it went through anyway, an issue of huge significance and it was almost an afterthought.

Last edited 17 days ago by Patrice

This is seriously f***ed up.! My wife works in Care and she doesnt want the death jab.

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