Cancel Christmas Now And Celebrate Later Says WHO Dickhead

We should cancel Christmas now and celebrate later, when everyone is safe, says Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. He’s the current Director General of The World Health Organisation.

The dickhead told the press last night that having a good old time this Christmas would in his words, lead to “increased cases, overwhelmed health systems and more deaths.”

This is another inversion. Nothing releases the endorphins quite like meeting up with your family and friends, especially at Christmas. It’s about the healthiest thing you can do. Reuniting with loved ones, hugging and kissing them, laughing, eating and drinking, forgetting about work and life, causes an explosion of endorphins in your brain.

High endorphin levels enhance your immune response. That’s a scientific fact that you’ll never hear on the radio. When your endorphin levels are high, your stress levels drop. It’s also a natural painkiller. You sleep better too.

Bejesus, you’d think that Ghebreyesus would know this, right?

Of course he does. But he’s not a doctor. He’s the head of a terrorist organisation. That’s right, the WHO is a terrorist organisation. It kills more people annually than ISIS, Al-Qaeda and all the other alphabet terror groups combined.

It does this, by dealing dangerous and unnecessary drugs for the pharmaceutical cartels. Tedros and his gangster pals are not in the healing business. They’re in the killing game.

Of course he wants you to cancel Christmas. Teddy wants you locked down, alone, sad, worried, stressed and hopeless. Gotta block those healing endorphins, right? Feeling blue? Not to worry, Teddy’s pals will sell you some Prozac.

We know that it’s got fuck all to do with covid. Covid, if it even existed, is long gone. By the way, I think that it probably did exist, but we hit herd immunity many months ago. University College London said that herd immunity was reached in the Spring. The media ignored it.

Omicron is bollocks. I am as certain as I can be, that the various variants are fiction, propagated by the media to sell Billy Gates’ dirty needles.

The best thing that you can do for your health and mental wellbeing this Christmas is to surround yourself with the people you love.

Fill your house with friends and family. Go to their houses. Go to the pub. Rejoice, regale, reminisce and romance. Hug your Granny. Hug someone else’s Granny. Sing. For God’s sake, sing. Sing out loud as you walk around the supermarket.

I promise you, you’ll never have felt better.

Merry Christmas.


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We just need to laugh.


Omg just been to see the Matrix and it did not disappoint, don’t want to spoil it for anyone who’s not seen it yet, but there is this one scene with masked zombies that is INSANE. Mentions of sheeple and using children, and SWARM MODE, the ability to make a mass amount of people do what you want them to do, sound familiar? If your against the convid and are a lover of freedom, go see the Matrix, you will LOVE IT, I’m still buzzing about it LOL 🤩🤩🤩


Movies are one, if not the main way, of informing us of what is about to happen in the future or even in the present I believe.
I can get into watching movies these days.
I watched a bit of the latest Bond movie and I turned it off after around 10 mins as for some reason it didn’t feel right watching it?


do you think he might be a double agent lol, nice post for judys husband, never knew, so aye thoughts with her and family.


I have no idea?


Oh yeah for sure, there is just way too much info that comes out of movies that then happens. I have been obsessed with watching films about the Nazis, documentaries too, I recently watched The Nazis, A warning from History, you can get it on pirate bay. It was made in 1998, and the amount of similarities to what is going on now is off the scale.

They feature countless witnesses, Holocaust survivors, SS officers, Gestapo, storm troopers but the most frightening one was a civilian from I think Croatia, who volunteered along with others to shoot and murder their Jewish neighbours, children included. The Nazi’s didn’t even have to lift a finger, the civilians did it for them. When asked why he would go along with such atrocities, he said because he was asked to do it. Even though he did not hold anger towards his Jewish neighbours as some others did, when they asked for volunteers, he offered, and went along with it.


George Soros should enjoy that one then Layla

I will watch the MATRIX reloaded and thanks for not giving the plot away 😁😁😁


and the new James Bond movie is chilling- and remember that this was supposed to have been out last year. <Movies are programming- desensitization


‘I Am Not Misinformation’ – Compelling Stories Told By The V Injured

This is excellent and a must see and share.


I’ve bookmarked this one too and on this topic I’m sure we are in total agreement


Cheers Jennie!


I watched some of it Gerry


It’s a good one mate!


It is Gerry


Brilliant, thanks for the link 👍🙂


No problem Layla.


In Loving Memory of Judy Mikovits’ Husband

Judy Mikovits, Ph.D., is a scientist and researcher who’s been very vocal about the COVID-19 pandemic, the virus’ origins, the proposed “vaccines,” and the side effects that people are reporting from the COVID jabs.

In early December 2021, she lost her husband, David Robert Nolde, unexpectedly. In a loving video tribute to him, Mikovits details how he died. Much like King David, her David was “a man after God’s own heart,” Mikovits says. He had a pedigree of kindness, with a childlike faith and a goal of bringing joy to the world, even when joy seemed impossible, she says — but their lives were “torn apart by heartless criminals pretending to be scientists.”

David had suffered from COPD for four decades, but because of the “plandemic” he was denied “essential” medications, and his condition worsened until it was so serious he had to check in to the local hospital.

When the hospital learned he hadn’t gotten the COVID shot, the staff treated them both like second class citizens and at first prevented Mikovits from going into the hospital with her husband. When she finally was able to get in, to her horror she learned that the hospital had just assumed her husband had COVID, and were planning to treat him as a COVID patient.


What a heartless place these psychopaths have turned this world into. I remember some years back the press going into raptures over Princess Diana because she hugged someone who apparently had aids but now they think it’s ok for people with serious illnesses to not be able to get treatment in hospital in case they have a disease which even according to their own statistics has a very low death rate.


Horrific Jake.
How shameful for trained medical professionals to stoop so low.
It highlights just what’s potentially looming for those of us who have seen through this lie, when our time comes to seek medical assistance in hospitals.
And all the more reason to step up the impetus to bring this clown circus to a close.


I agree…


Some else posted this link on another site. Makes interesting reading. Hopefully you can access it.


Isn’t this little excrement cake muslim? WTF does he know about Christmas?


Why would you presume he is a Muslim?


Take a wild guess mate. 🙂 Whatever stripe the little mother plucker claims to be; he’s a dangerous sock puppet with no integrity whatsoever.


Not muslim, aChristian allegedly but the below image explains his stance. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


So you’re largely in agreement? Good show.




Will be doing exactly what I did last year as in previous years spending time at Christmas with my family hugging and kissing my loved ones and enjoying the company with my friends, Fuck Tedros and Fuck the Government and their cohorts. Happy Christmas Richie and all your followers.


you may want to look at patreon again, off guardian has been banned from the site


I won’t use Patreon because they’ve done this sort of thing before. They say they won’t support anyone who gives out unfounded or debunked theories. Well that’s governments, big business and most public organisations they should ban from their payment platform then. It’s not up to a payment company to decide on medical matters. I think they’ve either been leant on or bought up just as George Soros bought most of the shares in PayPal. Best way to donate is to make a bank transfer. As yet the banks have not set themselves up as medical experts.

Dean Smith

100% bang on richie


LORD, I have been extremely forgiving these last two years because you well know that I have much that I need you to forgive me for. Forgive me once more because Mr. Dickhead and the ignorant vacuous expression he has on his face has pushed me over the edge. Can we please have Nazis who at least have the appearance of intelligence?
Again, forgive me Heavenly Father.

Kelly Maher

I love the headlines Richie gives these articles – really straight to the point and sums it up


cancel the WHO and celebrate Christmas, works for me.


Pete Townsend and Roger Daltrey should sue this butcher and his paymasters for bringing the name of a GREAT band into disrepute.

Caroline Fealy

If they do not lock us in (not us) they will say because you all mixed over Christmas blah blah blah.
So predictable.
We have not change anything in the last 2 years except gigs we will not take a test to pay to go or free a gig. That is sad but we have music tv dvd so it really is not a problem.

Merry Christmas Richie Caroline and the doggo’s xxx 🙂

Simon Blanchard

The World Health Organisation, is a wing of the Big Pharma industrial complex. The WHO wanting this pandemic to end, is like expecting the the military industrial complex to campaign to end wars.


My first thought on reading this was, ‘I wonder if that delayed celebration date coincides with the Chinese New Year?’

But then sanity stabilised and I realised it just means the same drivel we’ve been hearing since last March.

As to the existence of Omicron: as with Delta I see a cover story for ‘vaccine’ induced infections, and the illnesses and deaths that come with it for many who would not otherwise, necessarily, come into contact with it.


If you haven’t seen this yet it’s well worth watching.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman MD exposes the Omicron hoax.


Of course Richie, we will be celebrating Christmas the same as every other year, just the way we want. I will never take orders from the TV, we either get busy dying or we get busy living, I know which way I want to live 🙂 🙂 🙂


A friend of mine says he finds it easier to see the gulled as NPC (that’s None Player Character for the none nerds) simulations.

Urban Fox

I’m in total agreement with almost everything that Richie says here. Except covid being real, as respectfully I’m totally convinced otherwise. And have been since the end of the summer 2020. I believe that the lack of excess deaths and funerals in 2020 is evidence of this, without the other information i have researched. However being around family and friends and enjoying ourselves and having fun, is undoubtedly great for both our physical and mental health. I have just echoed these same thoughts, on the page previous to this one, whilst talking about mental health. But of course the last thing that the WHO and there paymasters want, is people to be healthy, and they certainly dont want anyone having fun. Fun and happiness do not normally go hand in hand with Fascism and slavery.

‘ Those that would sacrifice our freedom for safety, deserve neither.’


Well said Fox, if they could and who knows probably will try and having make fun illegal. They have already successfully banished smiles, the most natural human trait, our wonderful smiles hidden under those awful disturbing masks. Your quote at the end there is perfectly spot on!!! x

Urban Fox

Hi Layla, thanks for that, very much appreciated. What’s happening there? Masks all over today whilst i was out. Even in a quite street at the back here. But i did pass one woman who was mask less, who gave me a beutiful smile, which was a brief moment of light in the dark.


Ahh its the little things that brighten up our day, I really love seeing unmasked faces, it’s a real boost of positive energy. The mask situation is weird up here in Glasgow, if you go in to Tesco, EVERYONE is wearing them, but Asda half and half, and most of the staff are unmasked so Asda is the place for us, far less toxic lol 🙂

Urban Fox

Hi Layla, sorry for late reply, hope you OK, Lot of masks here. But there are about 6 people i have counted, who i see often round the shops. who were previously wearing masks, who are no longer wearing them. Mostly staff.


Brilliant to hear more are resisting, if everyone just tore off those vile masks, this insanity would be over in a day. Well at least put a hefty dent in their agenda, aahh we can only hope Fox, we can only hope 🙂

Urban Fox

Indeed Layla, like your new photo

Gavin Ledermann

I agree. Haven’t seen any evidence of a pandemic at any time during the last 2 years. Just a testing/rebranding scam.
I put in a FOI for my area for the last 5 years cremations and burials and 2020 was about joint 3rd place. Would have been the lowest but for Government policies put in place to murder the elderly.

Urban Fox

Thanks for reply Gavin. Yes it getting on my nerves people like the guest yesterday, saying about how covid is a bio weapon. And quoting that Fauchi F**K, as being evidence of it. Because of talking and writing in the past regarding such matters. But conversations in the past that may have taken place are evidence of nothing. There is such a thing as a false flag. And the most important thing is current facts. People also say, that David Icke in the past said there may be a deliberate virus release. But they are misquoting what he said. Also David has moved on, and has presented the up to date evidence as have others. The only bio weapon is the Jab, what else do they need.


Watch this attached video Fox… (All of it from start to finish!)

Call it whatever you like, but they released ‘something’ from that bio lab in Wuhan as the evidence is overwhelming.

I had what they describe as ‘covid’ myself and it felt awfully unnatural and bio weapon like to me.

I know of others who’ve had it and had more severe reactions to it also… (Friends of mine Fox who fully understand all aspects of the scamdemic boloxology!!)

It was the biological make up of each individual which decided who ultimately succumbed or survived, and even this suggests that the “bug” was designed to “target” specific subjects and that’s exactly what it did.
(Primarily the aged, the obese and those with co-morbidities)

There’s no argument here, as the stats showing the primary mortality event occuring between March and June 2020 are there for all to see…
(And I’ll provide you with this proof if you require it??)

For this main triggering event in early 2020 (AKA The first wave), the laboratory engineered bio weapon did all it needed to do in a short period of time in order to bring the world to exactly where we are today.

As of now, that “engineered bio bug” is long since gone from circulation, as it has been watered down by the global herd… (ie.. it has simply reverted to a more natural flu like illness as our immune systems have done this, as that’s how natural immunity works!!!)

The only ambition for this event is to bring in the digital ID enslavement system assigned to SOCIAL CREDITING and the ‘injection’ is the only way to ‘commit’ people to it by way of ensuring they keep going back for “updates”… (They’re turning us into iPhones Fox.. it’s as simple as this!!)

It has never been a pandemic, not even close… But that’s inconsequential.

The end game here is total enslavement and total control and it’s the reinforcement of a narrative or threat, by way of maintaining as many of the flock in a perpetual state of fear that’s driving it… So the cold/flu or whatever you want to label ‘respiratory illness’ as, is all they now need to keep the deception going indefinitely… (Eg. The variants!!)


Here’s all the ‘evidence’ you’ll ever need that something existed Fox and that it was almost certainly laboratory engineered and released.

Watch it mate, and let me know how you get on.



Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry
Urban Fox

Where is the isolation ?
Where are the samples ?
Where are the excess deaths ?
Where did the flue go ?
Where is the test for this thing ?
Where are the excess funerals ?
Iv seen the actual computer program that they created it on, its called Ensilico, Andrew Kaufman has the actual program, he went through it live on air. Case closed, i know the truth.


I’m not fighting or arguing with you Fox.
(Unless that’s what you’re looking for??)..

I’ve told you ‘my truth’ and have substantiated it with evidence and irrefutable proof…
(It’s up to you to research what I’ve presented in this instance, or to believe what I’m telling you here or have told you in private!)

No offense, but your argument (which is incessant as you’ve regularly applied it here on many occasions!) is completely irrelevant.


Gerry, you’ll force the Foxter back into his lair with you impenetrable logic and Celtic aggression 🙂 It is fun watching brothers having a scuffle.


I’m not wishing to put down the Fox.

But, it gets very frustrating when you know ‘FOR CERTAIN’ this damn bug exists having suffered for about six weeks with the f🤬n thing!!

And to be honest, I still believe there are traces of it in my system to this day!!

And for what it’s worth, I agree with virtually everything else Fox says here (Midazolam etc!!)..

But as I’ve said, they needed something to kickstart the whole shit show..

And that was a ‘gain of function’ laboratory engineered bio weapon derived from a ‘patented’ coronavirus…

It only needed to do what it did in the very beginning…

And it has worked like a charm.

Everything else since has been lies and deception.


But surely you can understand the scepticism of an electorate that has been lied to time and again? Why would anyone believe anything uttered by any of the 600 odd parasites in the House of Shite?


Yes, I absolutely do understand this scepticism Backbeat.
I for one will never listen to another word that comes out of these 🤬 mouths!!
Not a word!!

Mass formation (mass psychosis!!) is another trick being exploited by these monsters to maintain the deception.
And the beauty of this psychological trick is that once initiated, it reinforces itself.

Check this one out when you get a chance:


Thanks Gerry, I think I’ve seen this one, but am happy to re-watch it. One of the upsides of this mess is discovering the likes of Bernays, Joost Meerloo and the like. Scary and fascinating stuff. I’m off to throw a chicken leg down Foxy’s hole just in case he gets peckish.



Ahh the Fox will still work the henhouse as he always has!!

No suppressing the irrepressible Mr. Fox!


He may be a mangy flea bitten entity; but he’s our mangy flea bitten entity.


I think you’ll find the flue up the nearest chimney Foxy 🙂 I’m here all week….

Urban Fox

In fact i haven’t even mentioned, that the care home killings were what the first wave was. Surely you must know about Midazolam. And not only were deaths average all over the world. But when you take into account population increase, and the Midazolam killings. And similar killings in other country’s, the total death stats from all cause mortality were actually well below average. Why the hell do you think many country’s had the exact same numbers of covid deaths, as they normally have for the flue. And yet there was no flue. ? You can not possibly give me a rational explanation for this. And I’m sick of discussing it.


You’re not discussing anything here Fox.

You’re forcing an incorrect misguided and unsubstantiated opinion on the existence of ‘a known viral infection’ down peoples throats when the irrefutable evidence says otherwise.

Urban Fox

Iv given you the evidence, there’s nothing more to be said. I’m not the one making irrelevant claims. How can you possibly say you had something that has not been isolated, And for which there is no test. You believe the false flag, i will know the truth, lets end it there.


There’s nothing to end here Fox.
No argument, no debate.

I had a viral respiratory illness which matched their criteria of symptom from A to Z.

That’s proof of existence for me.

I don’t need to do tests or look for isolates or convince myself it’s a false flag.

For a brief period, people suffered, people died (en masse) and it most definitely occured “either directly or indirectly as a consequence of” a coronavirus ‘they named’ Sars Cov 2.

Oh it exists alright..
(And now its variants — which nature will ensure are less dangerous to those who maintain their “natural immunity” — ie.. those who opt not to take part in an mRNA altering medical trial)

Be under no illusions.


Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry

I also had a repiratory illness in late 2019 and early 2020 which matched all the criteria for covid19 but those were exactly the same symptoms I’d had when I had a series of chest infections a few years before any of this started, one of which made me very ill indeed. What they did was to match the symptoms for covid to existing conditions.

The problem is because of all the propaganda when people get something they personally haven’t had before they assume the illness itself is something novel. That’s what I believe has been happening. The powers that be are quite happy for people to believe it came from China. The only thing that worries them is when people doubt its existence.

A real illness would be impossible for them to control whereas a psy-op is totally controllable. There is also evidence that this was planned well in advance.

That’s my view anyway but I support people who are fighting the agenda even when I don’t agree with them 100% because if it’s not defeated life is not going to be worth living.


We all get colds and flus Jennie which are viral infections caused by a few different virus pathogens.

What you had in late 2019/20 was most likely a traditional flu/cold as it hadn’t circulated globally at that stage.
(I had something which came close to the symptoms of Covid at this time too– but there were subtle differences, the most obvious one being that that one came ‘with usual sinus congestion’ and did not start with a high temperature!)

The evidence points firmly towards an engineered bio weapon released from a part American funded bio lab operating in Wuhan.
(I’ve posted a video here for your perusal, perhaps watch this and consider what’s discussed to understand further what I’m describing in this instance!)

As I’ve stated, it’s very real and many people who contracted it experienced serious life threatening breathing difficulties and needed hospitalisation.

This evidence is well documented and easily verifiable.

Obviously the treatments used at the time and to this day have been incorrect and withheld, but that’s another discussion entirely.

My only point in this instance is that the bug is real and that it was required ‘as proof’ to create the initial wave of fear to begin the whole circus clown show to begin with.

Everything else is inconsequential in my opinion and a wasted argument.


I’ve bookmarked the video to watch but I’ve got such a stockpile to catch up on. I hope you will take a look at the work of Dr Stefan Lanka who I believe has totally debunked this virus. I could go on and on about this but it would be pointless and on this issue we’ll have to agree to differ. I think this issue divides people on this site more than any other connected with this fake pandemic.


Each to their own I guess, but ultimately the book stops with virology as a globally accepted science, so you’ve no real choice but to run with that..
And these technologies are as real as it gets.. (ie. The ability to manipulate and manufacture them!!)

I’ve personally learned many a surprise myself over the last two years with this and I’m always open to considering new possibilities.
However, I know what I experienced in late March 2020 and it was no ordinary flu/cold bug!

Yes it was never a pandemic (no chance!) and yes, they massaged/exaggerated the figures to intensify the fear and yes unbelievably, they appear to have even assisted people in their passing!! (which also served to bolster the death stats!)

But, there was a bug in circulation which caused severe respiratory stress and killed people ‘quickly’ that spread through the herd and did it’s work for that brief passage of time.

And the evidence of what it was, how it came to be and how it occurred is presented in that video for when you get a chance to watch it.

Thanks Jennie.


I believe the virus exists. Most definitely. I do think it’s been/is being used for the Digital ID roll out and a social credit score system. It’s the Trojan horse for sure. Some think it exists, others don’t. What we all should remember is that ultimately this whole scam is NOT about a virus.


That’s the bottom line here Jo.

There are layers to this deception and each one is shielding the other from exposure.

The ‘bug’ is the first Trojan horse, the injection is the second, but each one is being reinforced with a globally synchronised psyop to maintain the majority in a state of fear in order for these technologies to be quietly rolled out and implemented right under their noses.

The end game here is the creation of a new financial slave system governed by digital ID.

But this slave system will be like none that have gone before.

The early signs of just how insidiously evil it will be are already obvious to see.

So, if there is to be any hope of a global awakening to resist it, this is where our energy and focus now needs to be concentrated.


Exactly right 👍🏻

We’re all fighting the same battle here. We mustn’t get distracted by the things that don’t matter. It’s a waste of our energy. Focus on the bigger picture.


Absolutely agree with you Fox about covid not being real, total scam.

Urban Fox

Thanks Kay, Not that I’m likely to ever change my opinions if people think I’m talking garbage. But its good to hear sometimes that others think likewise.


I have ordered my Capon from the local butcher and the guests have been invited

Last year someone, I know who it was, reported us to the council for having guests around in lockdown and making excessive noise! Nosey bastard..


The covid Karen’s will be loving all this, any excuse to grass up your neighbours for having folk round for dinner, the madness continues lol

Anne Talbot

Isn’t this part of the plan though Layla ? Create an bigger divide among us. The threat of lockdown at Christmas has been building momentum for a few weeks now.


Yes absolutely, divide us all, have us all fighting amongst ourselves, then they are able to conquer us more easily and of course keeping the attention and our eyes away from them. I use terms like Karen’s and sheeple as sometimes it gets so frustrating and exhausting the uphill battle of being the only family unmasked in Tesco, the kids are in a very small number of the unmasked kids in School, eye’s always staring at us above those weird masks, it can get very unsettling at times. Sheeple and silly Karen’s titles just make it less serious, a wee bit more funny than scary 🙂

Anne Talbot

Yep ! Humor is one of our best defense mechanism, really sorry for the little ones, never thought I would see kids being worked on so brutally.

Anne Talbot

How very dare you enjoy yourself in the festive season Jake !
Could have been because they weren’t invited 😬


He could have been jealous or he had been drinking or smoking his weed Or even been propagandised by the shop your neighbours advert that was on TV?
Sad little man!

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