Care Home Staff Face Mandatory Vaccination

The Telegraph is reporting this morning that it has seen leaked cabinet plans to legally mandate vaccines for care home staff in England.

The newspaper claims:

Leaked details of a paper submitted to the Covid-19 Operations Cabinet sub-committee last week show that the Prime Minister and Health Secretary have requested the change in law.

Ministers feel compelled to act amid alarm at the low take-up of vaccines among staff among staff in care homes, where many of those most at risk from the virus live.

Only around a quarter of homes in London, and half in other parts of England, have reached the level of vaccination among staff and residents deemed safe by government scientists.

If the law change is voted through, it is likely that the vast majority of the 1.5 million people who work in England’s adult social care sector would be legally bound to have a Covid vaccination.

The article goes on to claim that similar plans are being considered for some so-called frontline workers, such as people working on hospital wards, but that no decision on that has been taken yet.

The document seen by The Telegraph is entitled “Vaccination as a condition of deployment in adult social care and health settings.” A key line in it reads;

“The Prime Minister and the Secretary of State have discussed on several occasions the progress that is being made to vaccinate social care workers against Covid-19 and have agreed, in order to reach a position of much greater safety for care recipients, to put in place legislation to require vaccinations among the workforce.”

It couldn’t be any clearer. Not since the 19th century, when smallpox vaccines were mandated for newborn babies, has any UK government sought to legally mandate a vaccine.

200,000 NHS workers have indicated that they will not risk having an experimental mRNA vaccine. Millions of under-40’s are thought to be sceptical. This government plans to mandate the jab where it can and coerce everyone else.




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Paul Metcalf

Am I just being daft, my understanding is that even if you are vaccinated you can still catch covid and give covid to other people. So why make it mandatory for care home staff?


It will be a very, very long time before an unvaccinated care worker is responsible for as many thousands of care home deaths as government policy.


so true !

Caroline Fealy

As i look through the job adds there are already hundreds of vacancies for care work as it not the best paid job. This will just add to the list i feel.

Ronald Templeman

The idea of the Nuremburg Code after the 2nd world war was to make sure never again can a person be experimented on, so in my book as these vax are on trial for 2 years it will be illegal, Doris and Halfcock you dunces.


Normal folks still cant see it comment image


What a good point I hadn’t thought of that.

Zac Baled

Looks like care home workers first then rolled out to front line workers all in the name of “you have a care of duty to others”

Never knew the doctors had to take the Hepatitis B vaccine.

A family friend who worked as a carer has already walked away from her job she enjoyed because of what she knows of what is to come.

Good points @ Andrea Cook.

Last edited 1 year ago by Zac Baled
Andrea Cook

FFT I 100% agree with you – how can this be happening?! I wake up in a cold sweat realising this tyranny is actually happening now. In the end, as long as you adopt the ‘over my cold, dead body’ approach, nothing can be forced on you. We have the Bernician case going on at the moment but not sure if that will work. Also we have Reiner Fuellmich taking the globalists to task but again, I’m not sure what these prominent people will achieve. We appear to be post law nowadays.
I’m just trying to say it’s up to us to strip these parasites of their power. The power is ours, we simply surrender it by complying to their terms.

Andrea Cook

Jay, I reckon there is wiggle room here. As it stands, big pharma, doctors, nurses, whoever GIVES the vaccine are immune (oh, the irony). As far as I know there is no protection for employers. In fact there are contracts floating about online to have employers agree to being liable. Those thinking about forcing employers to have the vaccine, are not protected as the vaccines suppliers / givers are. It is worth having employees enter into a contract that if vaccines are compulsory to your job, they will be liable for any damages incurred to you, or your family if you die. Government have not protected employers, as far as I know. It comes down to a health and safety issue, an employer cannot require you to take an action that is a risk to your health for the sake of your job, especially an experimental “vaccine”. If you are threatened with your job to do anything that could risk your health, this is coercion and is unlawful.

Andrea Cook

Jay, I don’t know what’s going on here, but if football clubs and businesses go along with government dictates reopening, wtf, you know? This same government told them they had to close. The only thing that’s kept them closed is their compliance! I don’t get it. I just don’t. The government wasn’t the punters who kept them open, it was us. They need to understand that we’re so many.


Because they are part of the esablished order, because they are bought and paid for just like the Churches who have closed their doors.

Andrea Cook

Jay, I really don’t get the christian churches, they’re built upon faith – the martyrs and the Romans in the coliseums. A message is right there. Churches had the nuts way back to disobey but not now. I read some of the dead sea scrolls and Jesus was an an anarchist, he overturned the temples that were taxing people. I think maybe everyone should read Terry Pratchett’s Small Gods to get an angle on organised religion.
We are at a stage where our kids in schools can’t sing happy birthday – it is as if celebrating life in all its forms is bad for you. Anything that makes you feel glad you were born.
Businesses need to support those who have always supported them. People are simply amazing. Everyone needs to feel their worth and know who they are, including businesses.

Geoff Burton

The call for evidence on the Covid status certification review is under way.

Only a few days to respond. My response is

I am an individual and independent researcher.
The following comments address all considerations.
The COVID-status certification proposal creates division within our society. It is coercive and fear mongering. It breaches the civil rights of all citizens. It will cause discrimination. It will have no effect on reducing COVID-19 or it’s variants.
Other Comments.

The other comments address wider issues but are all relevant and connected.
As stated, The COVID-status certification proposal creates division, is coercive, fear mongering, discriminating and breaches the civil rights of all citizens. It also makes no sense whatsoever. None of the COVID vaccines were designed to prevent infection or reduce transmission. This is a well-known fact. They are designed to possibly reduce the effects of the virus to a vaccinated individual contracting it. As such, an unvaccinated individual poses no greater risk than someone vaccinated. The proposal can only be viewed as coercive, designed to maximize the uptake of the Vaccine. This is a very reckless, dangerous policy, as highlighted by Geert Vanden Bossche.

From the start of the Pandemic the Government response has been mis-guided and has caused more harm to individuals than the risk of harm caused by COVID-19 represents to the majority of the population.

It is known the elderly and individuals, with underlying health problems, needed to be shielded and their immunity boosted but infected residents were sent back into Care Homes and there were no programs to administer vitamins that would have boosted natural immunity and lower the risk of death.

The quarantine of healthy individuals has led to thousands of cases of depression, suicide, domestic violence, alcohol and substance abuse. It also delayed medical procedures leading to more long-term harm and deaths. It has caused mass debt to individuals and the country. It has devastated small business and ruined the economy. Many independent experts have highlighted the scientific facts, proving that the policies imposed, reduced people’s immune systems and has prolonged and exacerbated the COVID outbreak.

The Government has claimed the policies have been based on the science but has refused to allow any debate on the science with eminent qualified doctors, scientists and experts. The science the Government has followed and has stated as being “settled” was and still is flawed.

From March 2020 it was stated by the Government that measures were designed to flatten the curve to protect the Health Service and that people should not be frightened as most people have mild or no symptoms. Millions of pounds were waisted in Nightingale centers that were not occupied.

Mask wearing were mandated late into the pandemic, having at first been dismissed as not being effective. Presumably, the early guidance was based on the scientific knowledge that the particles were far too small for a mask to be a barrier and that prolonged wearing has many health issues.

Advice was given by many experts, that during early summer, life should return to normal as far as possible, allowing transmission of the weakened virus, leading to herd immunity. These expects also highlighted the fact that the PCR tests should never be used to diagnose COVID-19. Apart from Kary Banks Mullis, declaring that it should never be used for that purpose, many experts highlighted that any test over 35 cycles were worthless. The science was ignored and only recently has the WHO confirmed and revised the guidance to 35 cycles and highlighted that tests over 35 cycles gave false positives. The science was known but ignored.

In the Government briefing on March 23rd, 2021, Chris Witty again admitted that COVID cannot be eradicated and that most people have mild systems or no symptoms and that it is very difficult to find. The government policies which have caused untold misery, fear, mental illness and have ruined the country ignored the science and forced millions into being tested to find traces of coronavirus in a largely asymptomatic population and forcing them to isolate.

Geert Vanden Bossche, a world leader on vaccine development and programs, has raised serious concerns over the Mass Vaccination program. He has recently made this public, as the science is being ignored. He has stated, the basic scientific fact, that mass vaccination of the population during a pandemic will lead to a super virus resulting in the death of many millions both vaccinated and unvaccinated. The Government policies are beyond incompetence, they are tantamount to criminal negligence and could be deemed as crimes against humanity.

There has also been considerable, non-disclosed, conflicts of interests. It is widely known that the Government response has followed the pandemic planning as proposed by Bill Gates before the COVID-19 pandemic. He is the largest individual contributor to the WHO and has funded most of the SAGE advisors, vaccine manufactures and leading universities. He is quoted as saying that he will receive a 20-fold return on vaccine investment. He is quoted as saying he wants to vaccinate 7 billion of the world’s population. He holds interests in Medical Passports and other areas that are a conflict of interest. He has zero medical or scientific qualifications or knowledge. Yet he is given a leading voice and governments are ignoring and suppressing the expert knowledge of leading experts like Geert Bossche.

There has been public outcry over the hypocrisy of MPs and advisors who flaunt their own policies. These showed a lack of seriousness of the dangers of COVID. There is also concern regarding contracts to interested parties, conflicts of interests and share ownership. There is a growing perception that, it is not a case of the science is settled, it is the science is settled, it has been bought and paid for.

It may be concluded that the devastating policies imposed by our government, have not been in response to the flawed scientific advice received but is driven by a political and elite agenda. Indeed, who has benefited during this period of loss of rights and substantial transfer of wealth? We are not being ruled by the elected government but by the NGOs and Billionaires who have a vested interest, and we are being coerced into accepting vaccines and vaccine passport to return to a “New” normal and accepting building back better, aligned to Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum’s Great Re-set. However, the serious risks resulting from government’s actions will affect everyone. Ministers, MPs and advisors, their partners, children, family and friends are not part of the Elite club and will face the risks that is being created.

The mass Vaccination policy must stop now pending a full scientific review by INDEPENDENT experts. The consequences of ignoring the independent science will be dire. Geert Vanden Bossche does not have a vested interest, has nothing to gain and has staked his reputation. He is risking all for ethical and moral reasons.
The mass breakout of COVID and deaths in Care Homes after vaccination cannot be dismissed as coincidental and full information of all adverse side effects of all vaccinated individuals within 28 days of vaccination must be fully reviewed by a cross panel of independent experts.

The infringements on all civil rights, including the proposal for COVID-status certification must stop now.


Yes it stinks big time what is going on out there,its like something out of a science fiction movie and sadly ,as far as i can see most people are compliant,sad too say it but its going too be so difficult for the unvaccinated,the scum will turn the screw on us big time,vaccine certificates for shopping ,pubs in fact every facet of life will be made intolerable,will just have too see how things pan out but things look grim.

Urban fox

It has amazed me for months, how ironic and hypocritical it is. That the majority of people who say ” my body, my choice ” regarding abortion. Are happy for people to be forced to take this poison, containing aborted baby cells, by mandates or making life unbearable for those who refuse. Thereby also supporting medical rape.
When it comes to medical procedures, it should be the right to say,

” A person has the right to say no” and ” My body, my choice “

Andrea Cook

Urban fox you are so right with regard to abortion. Hurts your soul, doesn’t it? In the end, more than your body, it’s your line in the sand and how you defend it. Over my cold dead body before I have this ‘vaccine’. I’m 56.

Urban fox

Thanks so much for reply. Snap ! Same age as me.Have lost contact with family last 12 months. I know them well enough, to know they are full believers in whatever those in authorities say. Last spoke in person last summer on phone. But they just see me as the family acentric. I know some have already had this, no doubt. Just to distressing for me to talk with them. And others. As feel I’M on a different planet. I’m worried what will happen if I can’t go in supermarket or they stop benifits. I think real possibility. I’m just taking one day at a time or trying to. Hope speak again.

Andrea Cook

Hi Urban Fox, I’m so sorry your family have let you down. My extended family, the important ones who helped make me who I am, have gone (is this the same for you?), the rest have had their vaccines because of international travel for holidays – £5000 fine for leaving the country as of this week (bless them). My immediate family, my kids and their partners are a mixed bunch who need me to help with school so they can work, I’m lucky that far as I spend time with my grandchildren.
Having said that, I too am the family eccentric who everyone tolerates because they need my help. I’ve been warning them for years that Agenda 21/30 is coming for them, and I have gotten into all kinds of trouble with the people I have given birth to and raised. They’re seeing it now when chances are it’s too late. I’m getting to the point where I think, thank God this shit is almost over, you know? You can toilet train but you can’t lead a horse to water.

Urban fox

Hi Andrea, My family very spread out, this country and Ireland. Some had very little contact before this. Partly my fault. But I know the way they think. So it is safe to assume they are vaccinated, depending age group etc. Not really forgiven London ones though. As because I’m single, would have been within rules to meet at Xmas. But they to terrified, so they didn’t think safe. One gave up there job, rather than go into work. It’s me, that doesn’t want to confront them really. Some know how I feel because told them. But they all know me well enough to guess my views. I’ve decided to try and reconnect but difficult. I’ve not seen any friends either since last summer. They all terrified and obeying rules etc as well. Speak soon

Gavin Ledermann

If this law is passed then what is the point in having the Nuremburg Code and the Council of Europe Resolution?
First care home workers, then NHS staff, then shop workers. Then all employment subject to a vax cert.
Anyone complying and getting this poison are traitors and aiding these criminals in Government.
For them even to be discussing this shows we are now living in a country akin to 1930’s Germany.


Also like Stalin’s Russia in so many ways.


Since, this is an experimental ‘vaccine’, if you choose to have it and are sickened you are on your own unless you count on the help of a tory government. The pharma companies are indemnified. Oh, you are insured…you think so? The insurance companies do not have to pay out a penny since you have chosen to have an experimental treatment.
So, you could end up sick and homeless at the mercy of a tory government…nice…!

Last edited 1 year ago by Jay

It would be just as bad under a Labour Government as they are both controlled by the same fascists. To get compensation you would have to prove to the DWP’s doctors that the vaccination caused your injury and rendered you at least 60% disabled. You could then claim up to a maximum of £120k in compensation. I’m sure the DWP’s doctors (or whatever privatised agency they are using) would deal with your claim in their usual very sympathetic manner.


Sure. But at the moment, it is the tories enacting the tyranny.
Got luck getting a penny from the tory government if you don’t drink with Matt Hancock.
The American government has a vaccine injury board that pays out billions yearly. I imagine the payouts will soon be increasing.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jay

Starmer’s mob are complaining to Johnson that the tyranny is not hard enough.
They don’t oppose it they just believe Johnson is not good enough at carrying it out and that they could do a better job.

Urban fox

Agree. We have always, been under a one party system behind the sceans. Not just this country. All over most of world. I warned family and friends about it 30 years ago. Anyone voting for a main stream party, votes for the system. This is how we got here in the first place. On issues that really matter, they get together and make agreements, it’s rigged. The real government is behind the scenes. Always was. And it all comes down from the one world 🌎government. That is why there is not a single MP standing up against the vaccine tyranny. And when it comes to votes, regarding lock downs overwhelming support.
Or if you want to put it another way. No government, that was genuinely against the agenda would be allowed to get in office. Right, left, facism, communism, capitalism, socialism. Are all different sides of a dice.
The world and the universe works a particular way, and people want similar things and have similar drives at heart, and want to be happy and self determined. Something works well or it doesn’t. But its all to do with balance. When it comes down to it, we simply have society’s that have more freedoms or less freedoms. That are more totalitarian or less. It’s all on a gradient scale. The world , including the UK, is rapidly heading towards total enslavement. Hurtling towards the bottom end of the freedom scale. And voting for any mainstream party is enabling that to happen. The majority have been voting for Labour or Conservative in the UK, most of their lives. And look where we are now.


They do pay out in the US but not in most cases because the bar is set so high for proof.


I thought it was taxpayers that paid compensation in the US?


It is but it is incredibly hard to get compensation for vaccine damage so what they pay out is just the tip of the iceberg.


Yes and the suffering that families have had to endure is heartbreaking.

Andrea Cook

Thanks, Richie.
I would like to know how unlicensed, experimental ‘vaccines’, that have been passed through as an emergency measure, can possibly be legally mandated? Am I missing something here? If it weren’t for the high cost this will have (once again) for the elderly, I hope these carers are prepared to walk away from their jobs because this is their line in the sand. Sadly, I think this needs to happen: the more of us who refuse to comply to these evil dictates, the faster these dictators will be taken down. Civil disobedience is the only way to strip the power junkies of their presumed power.
Sometimes I wonder if rather than thousands turning up to march during protests, if groups of hundreds were to shoehorn themselves into police stations, into Asda and Tescos, KFC and McDonald’s – all the big corporate institutions that have enjoyed freedom to do business, unlike our high street businesses – without masks, without social distancing, it would send a stronger message. Not only to our would-be masters but also to the public at large. Just a thought.
In the meantime, we have to do something that isn’t part of their script, something they’re not expecting or prepared for, and even hoping we’ll do, before they license the experimental gene therapies. At that point we’re all potentially screwed. Although, having said that, even once licenses get the go ahead, if we find a way to push-back that goes against the system, rather than objecting within its broken terms, there is a chance we will bring in our own great reset.


If a private company forces you to be vaccinated as a condition of employment are they not now responsible for any damage that the vaccine does? Think if you are forced to use equipment that is faulty or badly designed and this causes injury. ‘You want me to get vaccinated, well sign this affidavit stating as such’…


Yes, you have on one hand – health and safety that is in many ways “an overreach”, you know…too much of that, and things that go beyond common sense in that regard. Yet when it comes to these untested “vaccines”, all that is out of the window…just doesn’t matter any more. Take the shot and shut up basically.


This is what I just cannot get my head around!! You can’t force ANYONE to put untested rubbish in their bodies, body sovereignty must surely be the most sacred thing on earth. But to have an Emergency Use Auth intervention, with nobody to sue if something goes wrong, absolutely stuns me that we can be facing this. All the lawyers, human rights orgs. they have all deserted, while the government takes more and more powers and liberties. It is truly incredible, and saddening.


This is it…they are spoiling it for the rest of us. It is VITAL that people say NO…or they will eventually come for everyone, with the military knocking on the doors of regular houses. If ONLY people will say no, then this can be averted. I honestly cannot believe the world we are now living in.

Andrea Cook

FFT I have replied to you but am waiting approval. I put some hopeful links in with legal stuff going on worldwide.


Under normal circumstances I would point out that this tactic of ‘leaking’ proposed law changes has long been used by all the Parties to assess public responses.
However, we are no longer working to normal circumstance.
Like all the other ‘proposals’ surrounding Ko’ Vid, this will get little resistance – especially if (most likely, when) the government gets its emergency powers extended.
Which will take them nicely to the Autumn when, again as we suspect, there will be a surge in mutated variant cases. Lockdowns will return and the government will get yet another extension.
But look on the bright side. We could be wrong…

Andrea Cook

On this site, we know this, so what are we going to do? We need to find a way, outside of their expectations of us plebs, to do something they don’t expect! Let’s do something they didn’t see coming! Not on their script. We know about their ideas balloon. Let’s find a way to stop what they’re planning to do next. Let US be the fly in the ointment. Ideas please..?


Hi Andrea. I’ve spent much of the last year thinking about this and, whichever way I look, the prospects are grim.
Hope remains, but (in my humble opinion) hitting the problem head on won’t work.


I hope we see multiple legal challenges.
We already know a lot of care home staff in big cities, are from the BAME community.
Maybe they will have a recruiting and retention crisis very soon!


I agree – my wife is a care worker and has worked visiting old people in their homes for the last two years. She has been tested multiple times for Covid and never returned a positive test result (remarkable really!). People she visits and the people in care homes are mainly 80+ and in the later stages of their life. Sadly, they are going to die. Please read this article it makes a lot of sense out of what the official narrative is trying to persuade us into believing:

Brian Crossland

There is a recruiting and retention crisis as it is.
However it is not as if the government actually cares about the most vulnerable suffering even more is it.


But where exactly are all the lawyers? Where are organisations like Liberty? They are all silent more or less.


The fight hasn’t started yet. So far it is just threats to coerce people.

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