Lockdowns Next Winter, Unless EVERYONE Takes The Vaccine – Says UK Housing Secretary.

Talk Radio host Julia Hartley-Brewer asked the Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick today, whether locking down the country would be the government’s default position next Winter or any other Winter, when there’s a resurgence of coronavirus cases. After beating around the bush for a few minutes, Jenrick eventually answered the question. He said: “If we can […]

Covid-19 Has NOT Killed 100,000 People In The UK. It’s A Massive Lie!

Boris Johnson has been taking acting lessons, judging by his performance at yesterday’s Downing Street Covid briefing. Angst-ridden, grief-stricken, hand-wringing, it was a masterful performance by the Prime Minister. He was there to discuss the news that the UK has allegedly  registered more than 100,000 Covid deaths, the first European country to reach that landmark. […]

The Truth About Health Passports – By Dr. Vernon Coleman

By Dr. Vernon Coleman – This article originally appeared on http://www.vernoncoleman.com   Pro Vaxx fanatics often argue that we should all be issued with health passports which show whether we have been tested and vaccinated against covid-19. The idea is that we won’t be able to travel unless our health passport is up to date and […]

Edwina Currie Walked Off The Richie Allen Show This Evening

I like Edwina Currie. That will annoy some of my listeners. I don’t care. I like her anyway. I met her when I was presenting talk radio shows in Spain. She was always available, would debate any topic and never took herself too seriously. I’m disappointed that she exited stage left before her cue on […]

Headteacher Warns Parents – Obey Lockdown Or Kids Can’t Come To School!

A Headteacher at a school in Oldham, sent a letter to all parents, warning them that if they didn’t obey lockdown rules, their children would be withdrawn from the school. Martine Buckley, headteacher at Yew Tree Community School in Oldham, said she knew that families were mixing with other households, because children had told her […]

Hearing Voices, Running Naked & Stuttering Could Mean You’ve Got Covid!

Now hear this! You can add stuttering to the list of bizarre symptoms that have been attributed to Covid-19 infection. A week ago it was announced that hiccups and tinnitus had been added to the list of ailments that could mean the sufferer had Covid or gotten over it. The French have listed “hearing voices” […]

German Newspaper Claims AstraZeneca Jab Only 8% Effective In Elderly

The German newspaper Handelsblatt has claimed that government sources have warned it, that the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine, is only effective in around 8 per cent of elderly recipients. Oxford University and the German Health Ministry have been quick to condemn the story, stating that there is no data to support such a claim. OAP’s in […]

And The Goebbels Award For Covid Propaganda Goes To….Susanna Reid

On her Twitter profile Susanna Reid describes herself as a “Presenter, journalist, columnist. “Liberal snowflake TV clothes horse.” There are two photographs of her. In one she’s lounging on a zebra print chair wearing a pair of leather trousers and stiletto heels. It’s fair to say that Reid is rather fond of herself. She’s best […]

The Full, Scary Story Of Agenda 21 – By Dr. Vernon Coleman

By Dr. Vernon Coleman – This article originally appeared on http://www.vernoncoleman.com   People have wanted to take over the world for centuries. You could probably trace the idea of a world government back to the Garden of Eden if you had the time and the energy. But in practical terms I think the evil plan for […]

Media City Salford – An Industrial Estate Of Fake News

Douglas Murray, writing in today’s Telegraph, claims that the failure of the broadcast media and the BBC in particular, to challenge the government on the legitimacy or necessity of the lockdown, is a scandal. Bravo Douglas. It’s a scandal alright but it’s also far far worse than that. Murray writes: “…the BBC’s reporting has filled […]