Friends Co-Creator Says She’s Embarrassed By Its Lack Of Diversity

The co-creator of the hit TV series Friends has claimed that she is “embarrassed” by the show’s lack of diversity. Martha Kaufmann told the Los Angeles Times that she had moved from being upset over criticism of the series in the past to feeling that it is justified. Greg Braxton, who interviewed Kaufmann writes: “The […]

Warner Admits It Was Wrong To Block Questions About JK Rowling

Warner Bros Studio Tour, a branch of parent company Warner Bros, has admitted that it was wrong to prevent a SKY News reporter asking questions about JK Rowling. In a statement the company said that it was proud to work with the Harry Potter author. A Warner PR worker intervened when SKY’s reporter asked actor […]

1 In 6 UK Adults Do Not Believe Humans Are Causing Climate Change

A report published today suggests that as many as 1 in 6 adults in the UK do not believe that humans are causing climate change. Kings College London conducted research into why some people don’t trust expertise. According to The BBC: Professor Bobby Duffy, director of the Policy Institute at King’s, called the finding “a […]

Climate Change Committee Warns Govt Must Go Further To Limit Warming

The UK government’s official advisers on climate change have warned that much more needs to be done to persuade people to fly less and eat less meat in order to meet climate targets. The Climate Change Committee (CCC) says that unless policies are radically improved, the UK won’t achieve its target to reach net zero […]

Dorries Says Elite Women’s Sport Should Be Reserved For Biological Females

The Culture Secretary has said that transgenders should be banned from competing in elite women’s sport. Nadine Dorries said yesterday that asking women and teenage girls to compete against someone who was biologically born a male is inherently unfair. According to the BBC: Dorries met representatives from 15 sports including football, cricket, rugby, tennis and athletics […]

Johnson Claims Toxic Masculinity To Blame For Ukraine War

Boris Johnson has blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s toxic masculinity on the Ukraine war. The Prime Minister was speaking to German broadcaster ZDF after the G7 summit in Bavaria yesterday. According to the BBC: While speaking about gender equality and the importance of education, he (Johnson) said “you need more women in positions of power”. […]

Steve Bray Is A Feckin Eejit, But He’s Got My Support Today

The name Steve Bray mightn’t mean anything to you. He’s the feckin’ eejit who has spent most of the past six years screaming “Stop Brexit” into a megaphone or into a mic connected to a sound system. Yeah, him. Earlier today, Bray was surrounded by police who confiscated his equipment. The Police, Crime Sentencing & […]

101 Year-Old Nazi Guard Handed Five Year Jail Sentence

A German court has sentenced a former Nazi concentration camp guard to five years in prison. 101 year-old Josef Schuetz maintains he did nothing wrong and was unaware of any crimes being committed at the Sachsenhausen camp in Oranienburg, north of Berlin, where he worked from 1942 to 1945. According to The Telegraph: “I don’t […]

A Bedridden Jeremy Vine Takes Propaganda To New Lows

BBC and Channel 5 presenter Jeremy Vine has covid, allegedly. As do all of his co-presenters, allegedly. Just when you thought that so-called journalists couldn’t stoop any lower or shill any harder for the Great Reset Agenda, Vine went and raised the bar again. He posted a clip of himself lying in bed in the […]

Dad Rages At Woke School That Allows Boys To Wear Skirts But NOT Shorts

A school has ruled that boys can wear skirts on hot days, but not shorts. Wymondham High Academy in Norfolk has angered parents by introducing a gender neutral uniform policy, permitting boys and girls to wear trousers or skirts, but neither will be allowed to wear shorts. According to The Telegraph: Jonathan Rockey, the headteacher […]