Check Out A New Anti-Censorship Blogging Platform

I’ve known Hayden Hewitt since 2013. You’ll know him as the public face of, the video sharing platform which Hayden and his co-founders recently decommissioned.

In my opinion, there is no greater champion of free speech and the free-flow of information, than Hayden. We’re very good friends but are diametrically opposed on any number of issues. Yet nobody has done more than him, to ensure that my television and radio shows are seen and heard.

He launched a new blogging platform recently, with little fanfare. I like it. Check it out It has a YouTube channel too.

What is Altfeed about and what are its aims? According to the man himself: put simply, is a blogging platform. If you want to write about any topic, share any thought, or just holler at the universe we’re here for you. Simply sign up, click “Post” and away you go. Your article will be delivered in a clean, crisp fashion with minimum advertising, no pop ups, and no data harvesting. Clean, quick and simple.

Of course, you can do more if you want to. We have social and collaborative tools here at your disposal. Create your own groups, share within them, even create your own group Wikis for knowledgebases. It’s all there if you want it.

Lastly, you share what you want to share. Your information is yours and it’s up to you what you do with it. We will also endeavour to remain as censorship free as possible. We do have our rules but if you’re within them no amount of outside pressure will see you silenced or cancelled. We’ll also always reach out to you if there’s any problem.

Hayden hasn’t asked me to endorse the platform, nor has he ever offered me anything in return for plugging it. It’s right up my street.

I’ll be in studio with Hayden this coming Thursday May 27th from around 9pm UK time. It’ll stream on the Altfeed YouTube channel. The address is above.

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A great one this…

(Really good!)

Is it my imagination, but does the narrator sound like Hayden?


Sounds just up my street no censorship which today is more important than ever, Thanks for the heads up Richie.. Top Man.


Mr Hewitt and his little Cherub, Mr Booth, aren’t everyone’s cup of tea – which is why I’ve been following them for nearly two years.
It was through them that I found my way to the Richie Allen Show.

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