Chef Marco Pierre White Calls For Compulsory Vaccine Passports

Speaking to Good Morning Britain this morning, celebrity chef Marco Pierre White called for the introduction of compulsory vaccine passports. Indoor dining resumes today along with the reopening of museums and cinemas.

On vaccine passports, Pierre White said:

“I think passports are very good actually, especially if you look at what’s happening in the news. I think to have a vaccine passport is really clever and it hasn’t been made compulsory yet, but I think it should be.”

The UK government has yet to show its hand on the introduction of vaccine passports or covid certification for domestic use. Cabinet secretary Michael Gove was tasked with leading a review into vaccine passports for international travel and for opening up the domestic economy.

Gove was due to have published his findings by now. There has been no explanation for the delay.

I am in no doubt that the government will introduce covid certification domestically. Pretty soon, you will not be able to book a restaurant, watch a film or attend a concert, unless you can prove that you have been vaccinated or passed a same-day covid test.

The government will inevitably use the threat of emerging variants, like the mythical Indian covid variant, to sell the scheme to the public. I say mythical, because I do not believe the Indian variant exists. I believe it is a scare tactic to convince vaccine sceptics in Asian communities to have a jab.

If the images of queues in Bolton are anything to go by, it’s working.

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Gene Hunt

And as for that vile little man Lloyd Webber…. Likening the unvaxed to drink drivers….. He can go to hell!!

Last edited 5 months ago by Gene Hunt

I don’t usually get personal, but I want him to show me a “Shower Passport” before he puts his hands near my food. He’s looked unwashed since the 90s


He can stick his shat back up his arse. Arrogant prick


Who are these meaningless pricks? He can cook a chicken so feels able to comment on a country’s bio-security. I smell nob head.


Tick. That’s another one off the list of whom I thought they might have a brain.


Never heard of this prick,who the fuck is he?On the subject of covid passports,yes they will be introduced at some point but not yet,the government will just ramp up the vaccination programme hugely targeting the unvaccinated with dire threats of ,no passport no pubs, no sporting events etc, they will basically just make life so vile that am affraid too say most will relent and obey orders from the scum and get the horrid untested jabs,i hope am wrong but i just get the feeling folk will give in.


Is Gove back in the UK – or is he still in Israel?


I wonder if S.P.E.C.T.R.E’s Mr White was based on Pierre?


He’s back the cowardly little whelk was never going to stick around in Tel Aviv now that all the trouble has flared up yet again.


Curious timing or unrelated coincidence?


Well fuck me if he thinks that I’m definitely in favour. Why didn’t they wheel him out earlier? Where he has been FFS? This is a total game changer for me. I’m fashioning my own passport right now.

Tom M

Doesn’t surprise me to be honest. After all, this is the same man who used to assault his head chef, regularly eject patrons from his restaurant if he took offence to their comments, and even made his protégé Gordon Ramsay break down in tears.

Vaccine passports or not, I personally wouldn’t give Pierre White the steam off my p*ss, let alone my custom in one of his overpriced restaurants.

Ronald Templeman

Any restaurant or pub that wants to see a vax passport from me, can stuff their business. I will never, never have a test or vax for any reason.


Totally agree with you, nor will I.

Darryl W

Glad I don’t have to watch that bile in the morning. Richie taking one for the team.

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