I think I've heard it all now. Oldswinford Church of England Primary School in Dudley, West Midlands, has removed toilet paper from school toilets and students must now put their hands up to ask their teacher for permission to take some toilet roll out of the classroom. One parent claimed that her son was left in tears after being asked by his teacher whether he was going to do number one or number two. He said number two whereupon the teacher counted off some sheets and handed them to him. The head-teacher said that the measure was introduced because toilets were being clogged up resulting in loo roll going to waste. Some parents told the UK's Daily Mail that their children are coming home from school uncomfortable because they are too embarrassed to put their hands up.

This sort of madness is not rare either. Last year Market Harborough C of E Academy in Leicestershire instructed children to walk with their hands behind their backs when moving between classes and navigating the corridors.  The head teacher said it would promote "safety" and help encourage a "calm" atmosphere. Children as young as four were encouraged to adopt the position when walking between classrooms and returning to the building after lunchtime break. In another school in Norfolk, a newly appointed head-teacher introduced a ten page code of conduct handbook and insisted that all parents download it. Incredibly, the rule book didn't just cover the time the children spent in school, it also insisted that the children be in bed by 9.30 PM! The manual also warned that children being rude to shopkeepers or behaving badly on public transport would face punishment at school! Councils across the country have introduced fines for parents whose children are a few minutes late. And I'm sure you know all about the problems some parents have encountered when taking their children out of school in term time. 

Primary schools now want to make sex education compulsory while introducing gender identity lessons too. A head teacher in Bristol has already introduced a gender-neutral uniform. It was bad enough when schools were simply indoctrination centres, churning out system obedient, tax-paying worker bees. They're a lot worse now. These days as well as being told to sit up straight, keep silent and only speak when spoken to, our children are being exposed to the psychological trauma of lessons on sexting, sexual harassment, revenge porn and gender identity. Nursery school kids are having stories read to them by cross-dressers who are self proclaimed "slags." Here's a thought. If you can afford it, take your child/children out of these nuthouses and home school them. It might turn out to be the best decision you ever make.


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