China To Let “Good People” Board Trains Faster – Social Crediting

Beijing is planning to use China’s Social Credit system to allow “good citizens” board trains and subway’s quicker than “bad citizens.” A good social credit score will give people access to a “fast pass” which will allow them to skip checks and go straight on.

Authorities in Beijing said that the city was developing a code of conduct that passengers must follow to receive and then keep the fast pass. Uncivilised behaviour such as eating on trains or carrying the wrong items will be punished.

Passengers with the pass can download it to their phones. Face-scanning technology will be used at station entrances too.

China introduced the social credit system eight years ago. It’s a national database which ranks every citizen according to their behaviour. It’s chillingly simple. Good citizens receive shop discounts and access to special events and services. Bad citizens are punished like being banned from travelling.

Other examples of bad behaviour include not paying bills, parking tickets and playing music too loudly in public. Critics have called it Orwellian. It is that and then some.

Over the years, The Richie Allen Show has featured men and women who have been warning that such a system will be rolled out in the UK and Ireland. The government here is considering whether it’s possible to introduce a so-called vaccine passport.

It has been proposed that proof of vaccination be required for entrance to all manner of venues. Israel is doing it right now. Without a Green Passport, Israeli’s can’t go to the Gym, meet up in hotels, or visit the theatre.

Cabinet Minister Michael Gove is looking into whether such a system can be introduced in the UK. It’s horrifying when you think about it. Good citizens who take the government’s medicine can have a life outside the home.

Bad citizens who refuse the medicine, must isolate from society until they see the error of their ways and roll up their sleeves.

These are worrying times for those who know that the vaccines are both unnecessary and potentially deadly, but may find that they have no choice but to take one. We all need to work to survive. Most of us need to travel overseas from time to time. There are tough times and very tough choices ahead.

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American sheep will eat this shit up.


Good and bad has nothing to do with it of course, it’s about obedient and non-obedient.

Tony K

Israel takes the lead.
Bibi comes out as the leader.
Proof is in the pudding.
Nuff said.

Jane Edmonds

We must resist, even in the smallest way. I don’t carry a phone, only on a long journey. we have no reception here in the countryside, lucky us but truly do as much as you can. Just sent the open letter to my local surgery asking for their comments…..small steps…

Marissa Oatley

Well I’m Fu*ked if this becomes a thing in the usa… lol I rather be a rebel then comply with being “normal” or “good little citizen”


Wow! Look at all those happy Chinese people. It’s almost like they’re checking their Experian credit report. Gets the old noggin joggin’….could be the softener for us western folks


Of course. With the high level of censorship in China, these kinds of images don’t get out unless the CCP wants them to. And when any government ever promotes things, you just know there is a scam in there somewhere.


Ooh don’t mention Experian aren’t they in a whole load of trouble over the misuse of data?


Of course it’s coming here, if the bookies were running a book on goves recommendation when he publishes his report I know where my money would go, aren’t the Irish government considering the same thing at the moment.


100% they are Martin!

The snakes will bide their time to get majority compliance first, but…

… Like the rest of the global snakes, they are “ACHING” to run this in!!!

Aching for it!!!


The elites may have to goto reducation camps to learn to be good citizens.


That doesn’t happen in China. Why would you think here would be any different?
Besides, do you think that China is crime free? That the system does not get abused? Of course it isn’t, and of course it does.


So good people benefit from being good and bad people don’t benefit….where as is our world bad people always benefit and the good get shat on. Sign me up.

Web Ferrett

lol – crazy upside-down world we all now live in, ain’t it


Bad people do not always benefit and the good do not always get ‘shat on’. Those are media driven illusions.
That said, the concept does seem, on the surface, to have appeal – and that is the carrot.
The problem is, who defines what constitutes ‘good and bad’? Do you think it will be ‘the people’ or the rulers? Maybe it will even be the billionaire funded ‘activists’?
In China, protestors are defined as ‘bad’: independent journalists who expose corrupt politicians are defined as ‘bad’; being unemployed is ‘bad’; criticising the CCP is ‘bad’: whereas, doing military service is ‘good’; holding down a stable job is ‘good’; not belonging to any rebellious sub-cultures is ‘good’; getting married to the right person is ‘good’; having children is ‘good’.
Personal preference and choice is irrelevant. Resistance is futile.


Listening to the BBG will definitely damage your social credit score and if you’ve donated or been a guest on the show then its in the rock bottom basement. No redemption.

Web Ferrett

“China To Let “Good People” Board Trains Faster”
Looks like the CCP won’t be going anywhere then, if only “good” people are allowed to travel – lol

Ronald Templeman

As I said in another post to make people have a vaccination passport they will first have to make them take part in a drug trial as the so called vaccination is on trial for at least another year and a half. As things stand one can not be forced to take part in a drug trial so the passport at this time is not possible.
I accept that this bunch of criminals in charge will stop at nothing if allowed to continue, so it’s about time some Courts and Judges wake up.

Web Ferrett

Agreed – Just shows how corrupt our media are in the UK in not reporting this obvious fact of vax trials and under Nuremberg code cannot be enforced for travel!
But hey, we all know what’s going on – has to ‘play’ out to wake everyone up, sadly.

Last edited 1 month ago by Web Ferrett

It’s like the journalists and Richie were talking about last night, it’s as if all the tv and print media have decided or when taking their judas money off the government been told they cannot talk about the jab in any negative way, deaths or really bad side effects.


Good point Martin… though rather than Judas money, it could be that the psychology of ‘brainwashing’ works on many different levels..
(Which serves as a feedback loop for them also — ie they love the smell of their own… 😉!)

But I wouldn’t rule out ‘technological influences’ here either…
(Such is the technological capability nowadays!!)

And I’m not just talking about mainstream feeds of relentless propaganda as a source either!!


Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry

If anything the events of the last year have proved without doubt the old saying ” the best way to control people is through fear ” intelligent smart people who if they stopped and thought about what was going on would in normal times suss it out in minutes, these people are talking about cases, 6 feet apart, putting the mask on, and basically think they are facing the biggest threat mankind has ever faced, I know a lot of these people, who I know are far smarter than me but they have fell for this hoax big time, I struggle to get my head round it, and the only thing I think has made them fall for it is fear, even though they dress it up as following the rules and saving lives, it’s the fear the governments have generated that has done the job.

Urban fox

Absolutely. I think fear as regards facing the truth as well though. They would rather stay in the Matrix.

Someone has said to me several times. ” it’s tough for everyone, but it will all pass” .If I could just make a comment on that. Firstly some are having a great time compared to others. How can you compare the billionaires who have seen a 27% increase in wealth or a top presenter on television. Able to mix with colleagues every day. And on half a million a year, or in Morgan’s case one million, before he left. Living in a gorgeous house in the country with a family. To someone tottaly isolated in a care home. Or single on benifits in a flat.? Their is no comparison. Then you have millions who fall in the middle of these extremes. Also it is a lot harder for those of us who are awake. As we know it’s not ment to end. Just get worse. And we are cast out from the blind herd. And attacked as lunatics. Or will be.
Finally yes all things pass. It’s a fundamental law of nature and the universe. But unless the people take back control soon, it may be a hundred years or a thousand according to some prophecys. Long after we are all gone.


Very well expressed Fox.. yes, if these programmes come in as planned.. it may very well be the end of the human species as we know it..

And, it will change dramatically..

In fact, I suspect they know this and a part of the ‘shock and awe’ tactics to try indoctrinate us into this system is related to it.

AI, machine learning and “brain computer interfacing’ is where this all leads… And IT’S COMING SOON!! (Oh yes!)

And it all commences with assigning digital ID to one and all through the implementation of “fear driven” renewable “fake vaccination” health passports!!

Watch this space..

.. as it shan’t be long now!!!!



100% fear Martin.. the whole conspiracy hinges on it.
But this is only the start of it..

Just look what they’ve achieved so far and the ease at which they accomplished it!!

It is mind blowing how many of the goons have fallen and continue to fall for it hook, line and sinker.. sorry.. these people are not intelligent, they might like to think they are, but they are blinded by their own egos and self preservation arrogance and cowardice .. and it’s this and ONLY THIS that makes them conform to their handlers demands..

They don’t care about anyone else except themselves…

This is not intelligence.

And it will be their undoing.



Sorry to say I have no faith in the courts in this country, just my opinion Ronald but I cant see us getting out of this through the courts. Although there have been encouraging decisions in countries like Germany, Portugal and in the U.S. where judges have ruled government measures to be un-constitutional in some states, but here in the U,K, hope i’m wrong but just cant see it.

Urban fox

Hi Martin, I remember a conversation I had with someone 20 years ago. I said that laws and rights are transitory. Loaned to us, by those in power. And can be removed in a second. And that the only rights we have, are to follow our own concouse. And do the best we can that is within our power. I still stand by that. And believe the events since last March have proven my point.Laws can be thrown away and new ones written in an afternoon. We can forget the law.
As long as the people keep believing and doing as they are told. Then the situation will only continue to get worse.Last March was only able to happen, because of 30 years of complacency. And because everyone excepted things.Fascism can only take place if people allow it. The only way out of this is for the people to stop complying. No one is coming to save us. We have to stand together and save ourselves.


Alright mate. Agree on the law, if we have to rely on that to get us out of this hole I wouldn’t hold out much hope, not impossible but unlikely, a good number of people catching on to what is really going on with a lot of people not complying would be our best chance, barring that riots and uprisings which would involve a lot of violence and death, would not be a pleasant path to go down and would most likely fail. If any high profile people in the media decided to break rank and expose the hoax that could have a positive effect, imagine Fiona Bruce at the end of the news said this will be the last time you see me, this whole covid 19 has been the biggest hoax played out on humanity in living memory, or something like that and it went out into the homes of a couple of million people that would have an effect, but what is the chance of that happening.


Aren’t they on time delays? Even if one of those newsreaders wanted to, which I doubt, they’d be shut down in a nanosecond.

Urban fox

Hi Kathy, how you. I’m watching matrix 3.


I’ve sent you a private message,

Urban fox

Thanks, will try figure it out.


I think your right Kathy, might only be a couple of minute delay, but as you say enough to block it, even if they tried in some other way, there must be some of these people that know it’s a hoax.

Urban fox

Can’t disagree with any of that. People may win the occasional court case, that slips through the net. But not enough to make a difference. Many of the judges, probably all the top ones are masons. They are part of the network that is behind this. So they are tottaly compromised.As Judge Dred says, ” I am the law” . Meaning whatever those with the power says is law. Is Law. Whether people choose to obey is another matter.


One of the things, even before this nonsense started you would hear from people was ” what are the government doing about this ” and that is where the problem is, people think our government is there to serve and protect, and they are correct they do, the problem is they do not serve and protect the very people who vote them into power, always has been and will always will be, up until now they threw us a few scraps, some breadcrumbs, but now have realised they do not need the vast majority of us, technology has caught up, and what has started playing out in the form of the fake virus is no more than a culling of the herd, what is the timeline, because they always work to a timeline, no idea, seen a guy say as we move into the age of the robots, amazon have said they will be able to take an order and deliver it without any humans involved in the transaction within a few years, but he said with A.I. there will be no need for teachers, a lot of lawyers, doctors and surgeons, this is what they are starting now with the school kids online learning, the thing is this guy said the best thing to get into would be blue collar work like construction and such, like plumbers and that, hey fox have you seen the (brothers) that wrote the matrix( a great film ) lately , pretty weird.

Urban fox

No not seen. 2030 i think, in line with agenda 30.




lol Fox!!

The Masons!!
(The outer snakes!! 🐍🦎🐍)

Hey in case you’re wondering… It was me who gave you the ‘third’ plus there Fox!!

So if there’s any MASONS tuning in here!!

It was ME yah durty sneaky snakes!!

And I’m looking right back at ya!!


Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry

Great article this and it highlights that the technology is there and it “works!”

But how do you go global with this… And quickly??

How do you bring it from a communist society to a fake democratic one and get the subservients to buy into it without resistance??
(Or very little as it currently seems!!)

Invent a pandemic…

Get them hooked into an artificial vaccinination programme that underpins their rights to freedom.

Terrorise them into believing their life’s at risk if they don’t get their “updates!”

Oh yes indeed… Very very tough times and dark days ahead.. and coming real soon.. (oh yes!)

Unless each & every one of us WAKE UP!!!


before the opportunity is lost forever.



Gerry the only way this is stopped in Ireland and the U.K. is if people stop complying, don’t even need any mass uprising or riots, if they threw the stupid mask away, if people opened their business, with a bit of coordination between them this could easily be done as was proved in Italy, that is our only chance, from the ground up, anyone here that thinks the courts are a way out of this, in the U.K. at least is clutching at a very small straw.


Yes Martin.. could be over in a few days if the brainwashed majority could be snapped out of the “delusion!!”

But they’re working tirelessly in the background to prevent this as I’m sure you’re fully aware of!!


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that China hasn’t been a communist state for some time. The CCP is simply an illusory brand, the same as most other large brands these days. Like everywhere else the pay gap between the top earners and everyone else is getting bigger and bigger (according to Forbes, China now has 389 billionaires), with the ‘bad’ citizens being reduced to near destitution.
No, not very communist at all.


Call it ‘fake’ communism then.
It’s definitely all an illusion.
And they’ve got their finger in many pies globally ‘at this time’, to further enhance this illusion.

However, if this technology does go on to enslave us as intended… It will feel very communistic all of a sudden, wouldn’t you say???

And just where is virtually everything made??


Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry

I’d call it Fascism. Or at least a flavour of such.
I’ve seen claims by Chinese people that they are lots and lots of different ethnicities in China living harmoniously, and while that is true it is also disingenuous. Many of those ethnicities are regional Chinese people (it would be like us calling Danes, Angles, Saxons, Normans, etc different ethnicities).
What they don’t advertise is that the Han are the biggest ‘ethnic’ group in China today, making up more than 91% of the population. They also make up more than 85% of the CCP.


Yes Craig.
And a good example would be the sinicization of the Uyghur Muslims in re-education “concentration” camps.

Very fascist indeed.

Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry

Call it what it is Gerry CONTROL of the people and the planet, all of these movements or ideas are, for the globalists and their friends just vehicles to get to the planned destination, communism, fascism and the newer kid on the block technocracy, look into who financed lenin the dodgy dealings between hitler and wall street, no different to going on holiday, whether you fly, drive or sail the intention is to get to the destination, the people behind this at the top if anything their choice of movement should be called control-ism, at the end of the day people like david rockefeller, gates and all the rest could not give a flying fig about all the isms, but they will use it, or more to the point in a lot of cases control it if they help them implement their one world regime.


Hear Hear Martin!

I can’t better that brother!



Modern day China is far more National Socialist then Communist. Its corporate enterprises in private hands but directed and controlled by the state. Its actually very similar to Nazi Germany.


It is indeed. For years we have been deliberately distracted with the ‘Communism vs Capitalism narrative; and all the while Fascism has been licking its wounds and regrouping. Antifa are right on that score, but they’ve been looking in all the wrong places (hardly surprising considering a lot of their funding – and education – comes from the very people they should be focussing on): and last year, in Berlin, they were, seemingly, marching against the anti-lockdown protestors, who they labelled as ‘Nazis’. Oh, the irony.

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