Chris Whitty Is A Liar & A Charlatan But He Should NEVER Be Attacked

A video is doing the rounds of social media this morning. It shows England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty being harangued by a pair of eejits in St. James Park, London. One of the men attempts to place him in a headlock.

Whitty was assaulted and the man who grabbed him around the neck can have no complaints if he is arrested. Nobody should lay hands on anybody unless they are defending themselves from an attack.

I know my stance won’t be popular. Whitty is a charlatan. He is a liar. I’ve called him a witchdoctor which is a bit silly. Some Witchdoctor’s are sincere in their beliefs, whereas I believe that Whitty knows the damage he and his SAGE mates are doing.

Whitty knows full well that covid is relatively harmless to the great majority of people who contract it. He has stated this at several Downing Street briefings.

He knows it’s harmless to children. He knows that lockdowns destroy lives and kill more people than they could ever save. He knows that lockdowns destroy the economy. He knows that facemasks are worthless. He said as much last year.

He knows that the virus is harmless to children. Whitty knows that the covid jabs are not only unnecessary, but also unproven and therefore unsafe.

None of that excuses the assault on him yesterday. Nor does it excuse the mob who surrounded his house at the weekend and terrified his family.

Scenes like those are counterproductive. Far more people than we realise, are waking up to the covid scam. It’s not easy for them. It’s life-changing.

I spoke to a man in Salford who is a recent convert to The Richie Allen Show. He’s a professional. Until last Winter, he’d never heard of the independent media. We chatted about where it’s all heading and he told me that his biggest concern was around the vacuum that would be left if the people eventually put the run on the authorities. Who or what would fill that vacuum?

Would it be filled by the thugs who jostled and chased Whitty or by the goons who shoulder barged, pushed and chased the Newsnight editor last week?

Violence and intimidation is unacceptable. In the end, those who engage in such behaviour become what they claim to despise. I want no part of them. The ONLY way out of this is non-violent civil disobedience.





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Do you not think witty looks like senator Palpatine from the animated star wars clone wars series


apparently one of the two men has now been fired from his job

this is utterly stupid, yes they were prats but the lockstep to ruin them is scary, this is a state that has knocked people down, radialized them and building them up in their images, question the narrative and we will ruin you, if this is not a warning to the present and future I am not sure what is for individual liberty.


Richie: Would one seriously swift kick in the arse count as violence, if only to let buggers like this know they are not beyond reach of the poor SOBs whose lives they have ruined?

Stephen Sampford

Everyone leaps in to be seen to ‘abhor violence of any kind’. But on the great scale on things this barely scrapes in as violence at all. This would be a normal greeting in any Rugby clubhouse.

Also, who are these guys anyway. Any reporters going to actually talk to them and find out how they came to be doing this? Probably not.

It is not beyond the wit of these foul Westminster tyrants – that now appear to rule over us – to stage such an event. It simply is a possibility; but nobody seems to be bothered to evaluate it a such, instead just being ‘triggered’ by it, at face value

Much can now be done off of the back of it; more money spent on protecting a much wider number of these, lower ranked, murderous bastards, for example

Last edited 1 year ago by Stephen Sampford
Marissa Oatley

I’m all for NO violence. Unless defending yourself then I get it. Being a bully will not get anyone anywhere in life…. Some just have to figure that out the hard way I guess…


This looks like a bit of harmless horseplay in the park with a few of the local rent boys.

Shoe Hurley

im sure he is a robot

or a cyborg

an evil robot cyborg



Like everyone in life,

Reap what you sow.

Shoe Hurley

i think he might be a robot


Dear Richie,
I appreciate your view concerning that Witty should not have been mobbed or dual-ed by the only men in the world with the worst camera phone on the planet.

Some may argue the clip was staged or even damage limitation for Hancock as nothing happens in politics by chance (Dennis Healy).

I’m sure that Witty knows the number for the thought police
and is within his faculties to report the incident.
Remember when there was a young lad that called Witty a liar when he was getting a coffee, the MSM were quick to denigrate the young lad.

I’ll even play devil’s advocate as the two men can claim that Witty started it. Two witnesses against one usually favours the majority in summary courts. (ie so and so’s word against someone else’s)

Defendant A : that Witty guy started it.

Witty : No I didn’t.

Defendant B : Yes he did.

Judge (ponders for a millisecond that two people corroborate their claims against one) : Defendants A and B are found not guilty. Case dismissed.

Granted the two men’s action were inexcusable, BUT when Witty and the brotherhood of doom (SAGE in association with B Gates Ltd) are largely responsible for the draconian measures (unless you live in China or an inmate of Guantanamo Bay) that have impacted and restrained unassailable, inalienable and indefeasible rights of everyone in the UK and they (SAGE (as well as CDC and WHO not the band) heavily influenced bribed by GAVI, Bill and recently divorced Melinda Gates foundation) unanswerable and unaccountable to no-one you can’t blame them or the general public for some blowback.

There’s millions of peeved off, impoverished, fearful, jobless, prospect-less people in the UK that have simply had their lives and livelihoods flushed down the toilet as they are not “covid” compliant and they have had endured or suffered enough of this CONVID fear-mongering in the UK.

Seeing the rich and famous party in Ascot (zero restrictions), the G7 having open air BBQs (free food that was binned that could have been sent to the homeless), UEFA VIPS not needing to quarantine (yet millions of Britons can’t book a cheap flight to Benidorm without jumping through hoops that curtail basic freedoms and spending a small fortune on utterly useless tests), Wimbledon stadiums open without the restrictions (as the virus is so intelligent it knows not to go there) and then Matt Hancock playing bed-knobs and broomsticks without his wife was the last £ucken straw for a lot of people (especially when he was the one that pontificating to the masses that we shouldn’t hug granny).

The Hancock footage may be considered as the “Let them eat cake” moment, the spark that will wake up and piss off a lot of people.

The tipping point was way past as countries and states didn’t follow this state sponsored madness of lockdowns. e.g. Sweden and Taiwan primarily then in the USA, Florida and Las Vegas.

The UK legacy media’s refusal (not failure) to cover any substantial lockdown protests and downright aggression and condescension to anyone that questions the validity of the mask efficacy, anti-social distancing (technically shunning or ostracising people) efficacy and the current jabs lethality and harm being caused to those that have been a victim of the constant barrage of propaganda is a damning indictment of the complicity of the MSM being the mouthpiece for government/deep state agendas.

BBC are on borrowed time and dwindling illegal licence fees.

As they say you can $hit on me but don’t rub it in.

The government has done a lot of rubbing.

It doesn’t take much to embarrass the Sage goons as you can ask questions such as (feel free to add at your leisure or desire)

Q. Why do the vaccine/Big Pharma companies not pay out for vaccine/drug therapy injury or even death?

Q. Why do we need a vaccine or highly experimental gene therapy for covid-19 when SAFE, CHEAP and thoroughly tested treatments already exist? ((I AM NOT A DOCTOR OR A NURSE but we have the ability to type words into a non google search engine and read, evaluate the information shown) Ivermectin, Azithromycin, Dexamethasone, Hydroxychloroquine with Zinc, Vitamin D and Zinc)

Q. Does SAGE and similar bodies have impunity or immunity from the Nuremberg Code and Helsinki Protocols/Declarations?

Q. Why doesn’t covid19 affect those at the G7, Ascot, Wimbledon or VIPs at UEFA?

Q. Where are the viral isolates for covid-19 and/or the artist formerly known as sars-cov-2?

Q. What are the amplification rates for the PCR tests for all of the labs that are using them in the UK?

Q. How often does Tony Bliar have to shave his horns or were they surgically removed at birth? (We’ll know that if he doesn’t opt out of the NHS/government data grab.)

Q. Has Neil Ferguson ever predicted guessed anything correctly?

Q. When is Bill Gates going to be indicted for crimes against humanity and/or genocide.

Q. Does Jonathan Van Tam know any funny dirty jokes apart from Matt Hancock?


l agree with everything you say. Very well put.


Very good. The trouble is they never have to answer these questions and there is absolutely no debate happening.

Terry Winter

Why the very poor video quality no camera in the world is this bad are they trying to hide something ?, this seems like a staged event to me


I don’t disagree with you Richie. God said that the violence is his job and ours was to preach the message of Jesus Christ. If you don’t believe in God or still aren’t sure how do you figure we ever get justice after the Global Reset or Agenda 2030? Explain to me how you think this ever stops, short of God destroying them? I am reasonable and I will listen but we are at a crossroads where our population will start disappearing. You know this is true. At what point do we save ourselves if you aren’t sure if you believe in God?


I’m afraid this looks like a staged set up to me. Plenty of police vans in the back ground, blurry just doesn’t ring true. As did the newsnight reporter of the other week another stage managed event to allow the media to cast aspersions on opposition to the government.

Terry Winter

Richie does not believe in staged events for some reason, there not all staged but some are if you look at the evidence

Gavin Ledermann

For the misery this psychopath has inflicted on the population he deserves a lot more than an attempted headlock from a couple of yobs.
Anyone that sees this lowlife out and about should perform a citizens arrest.
Adverse reactions and injection deaths ignored while the government of occupation keep promoting this covid fraud and the poison.
He should have the sense to stay of the streets. You reap what you sow.


this is my take, I do feel that this has been blown way way out of proportion to justify new laws, the two men looked drunk and as spiked online wrote an article also said “one of the men said, just one more photo please” I cannot post a direct link as last time the forum called it spam, but if you look on spiked online there is an article there.

I also feel the people that are condemning it have lost nothing, all kept their jobs, all have incomes, boris, dan hodges, the media etc etc, would they also feel that way if they lost their job, house and were for example going to a food bank or dying because the NHS refused the treat them?

Also witty has been privy to the tactics of totalitarianism that were admitted by someone in sage for amping up fear to the enth degree causing phycological abuse to certain sections of the populous, is that acceptable? is long NHS waiting lists where a percentage of people will die or have died without treatment, is that acceptable? is it acceptable to lock people in there homes and threaten them wiith massive fines and also leave frail people to suffer in care homes?

according to the state these things are acceptable, but, two drunk people seemenly wanting a photo op is “going to far” I bet if these two are arrested and the courts rule differently, the media won’t be giving it the same level of coverage.

yes the two men should not have touched witty, but, this is being represented as a vicious assault which it did not look like it was at all, i fear the media is using this as propaganda to divide and also the state is using this to prepare for new liberties being taken away by saying “look what happens when the public has x y and z”.


Quite right Richie, people should be left unmolested and be allowed to ‘hang themselves with their lies’. Besides, who’d want to actually touch this unattractive reptile? YUK….

Jon the Paranoid.

Was that a police van in the background? Terrible video quality as well. Quite likely a staged event to bring in tighter controls online to trace unapproved content or justify greater security.

Hermione Granger

This comment is currently unavailable

Terry Winter

I cannot understand why Allen cannot see it’s not staged because no camera in the world is that bad so they must be trying to hide something

Last edited 1 year ago by Terry Winter

Well said. This stinks to high heaven, we should expect an announcement soon. The planners are starting to slip up.


Yes indeed it was, schoolboy error. Twitty didn’t need to do a scared face as it looks just like his usual one, I don’t condone violence but equally I don’t accept attempted murder or murder. The politicians and scientists have blood on their hands.

Terry Winter

I cannot understand why Allen cannot see it’s not staged because no camera in the world is that bad so they must be trying to hide something

Mama Ibeji (Linda)

Whilst I am in agreement with your stance in relation to ‘do unto others as you would have them to unto you’, i.e., afford them dignity, freedom, etc, Richie – and concur with your position on peaceful non-compliance, I have a strange feeling about this scenario.

I’m pretty certain the Mr Whitty has the protection and security as per his status within the governing hierarchy, and also has the good sense to avoid situations that could bring him into harms way. Given that we did not see the events that led up to this ‘altercation’, or how it ended, there are gaps in our knowledge, since we do not know how or why it unfolded.

The first I heard about it was after having seen a tweet about it pop up from the UK comic Lee Hurst, and the resulting histrionic ‘dog pile’ reaction to it. In light of the imminent implementation of the ‘Online Safety Bill’ (published in draft form on 12th May of this year), and the speed at which our liberties are being snatched away, I would suggest that perhaps this may be yet another set piece in the ‘problem,reaction, solution’ style that those running this (worldwide) joint are so very fond of………….


Well said.


The government will use this to bring in new anti tar and feathering legislation.

Hermione Granger

This comment is currently unavailable


Just a bit off topic, there is a supposed leaked document purporting to have come from Imperial College and addressed to various individuals and organisations containing extreme measures that are being planned which I’m pretty certain is fake. The language is just not right and while I’ve no doubt at all that behind closed doors they are planning more horrors I don’t think that they would list them in a widely distributed document. I think we need to be careful not to be as gullible on our side of the fence as those who swallow everything that governments and the media tell them.


I don’t agree with violence against these lying technocrats like Whitty, BUT, confronting them assertively and loudly is perfectly acceptable. Johnson, Whitty , Valance, Hancock etc are criminals, liars and murderers committing crimes against humanity on an industrial scale. Nothing wrong at all with surrounding their houses and openly shaming them.


They are – but their children are not. Surely you are not advocating for the intimidation and harranguing (read ‘abuse’) of children?
Or perhaps you are suggesting that the politician’s/medical advisor’s families are guilty by association (another atrocious idea)?
What next? That these families should be broken up as per the cultural Marxist’s desires?

Hermione Granger

This comment is currently unavailable

Last edited 1 year ago by Hermione Granger

So far their threats have only had as much authority and impact as people wish to give them. After all, the jabs are not mandatory – and if everyone had refused to pay attention, the ‘rules’ of lockdown couldn’t have worked.

Hermione Granger

This comment is currently unavailable

Last edited 1 year ago by Hermione Granger
Tony K

I take it that NEVER is code for

“Every single time the traitorous cvnt steps outside his front door”


Whether you (or anyone else) likes it or not, Whitty has a right to freedom of movement without harassment.
To not respect this is to behave no different from the politicians who seek to strip us of those same rights.
‘Do as we say, not as we do’ should not be excusable under any circumstances.


I agree with most of what you say Craig but if you walked past Whitty in the street or on the park surely you would stop him and ask why he is a party to the lies that are actually killing people? Odds on he would just ignore you, but is it then harassment to demand that he engages with you and at least gives some kind of answer? How can he be party to such a disaster and then expect to be able to walk around in a bubble of superiority?

Tony K


He’s responsible for untold suicides.

If you steal my breakfast I’ll fight you.

If you are part of something that aims to cull the population, I’ll cut your fucking head off.

Fix up, or fuck off Craig


What a pleasant person you are.


Oh, and I don’t respond well to demands. It seems you wish to tackle aggressive authoritarianism with much of the same.

Welsh Gregg

yeah its the wrong way to go about it , but these goons kind of have it coming. I must confess, I often dream of knocking dr shillary jones out.


Is it happening in China?


A child abusing Dr Mengele type lunatic gets a little stick from a couple of people he has had a hand in literally jailing over the last 15 months and they are to blame !

Maybe they should have debated with the goon, I’m sure he would be swayed by their argument.


That’s a bad analogy. Mengele practiced hands-on work. Whitty doesn’t.
Whitty is nothing more than an administrator who has been given power and authority by a compliant public.
If instead of marching and protesting (and harassing) the public simply got on with their lives as normal, the government would have been almost powerless.
So the current situation is a symbiotic one of government overreach and compliant populus.


I disagree, I think the analogy is spot on.
Mengele was a cnut, same as Whitty !

The idea he has right to freedom of movement is up there with Rolf Harris having the right to work with children.

Caroline Fealy

I totally agree with Richie harassing people like this is not the way. This will just justify these new laws they are trying to bring in. People need to be calm and think before actions.

Will McGregor

Im with you on this Richie. Stuff like this just gives more Power to the people that are going along with this.


When you go to war with 60 million people can you expect to walk about the streets unprotected…Okay,most of those 60 million might not realise the fact, but perhaps 10 million of us do! The best one was the yoof calling Whitty out for the liar He is, He just stood there swivelling those big tortoise eyes.
Maybe, it will give some food for thought to the lower level minions in the NHS for example, you know the ones fiddling the death certificates and signing the DNR orders.
I do not advocate violence, that could be counter productive. The timing does seem to be a little bit convenient following Whitty’s home being desieged…
I’m quite happy to leave it to God and let murderers like Whitty burn in Hell.


Besides you wouldn’t want to risk covid jabbed blood on your hands!!


Whitty would’ve been jabbed with saline.


Hopefully someone switched the vial – that would really rub salt in his wounds!!


It looks incredibly staged. Regardless, who’s to say these were people against Chris Whitty’s message anyway? Seems more like idiots who just recognised him.


This comment is currently unavailable


I agree with the Matt Handjob comment. Maybe they needed an excuse to get rid of him and chose the obvious. They realised that he wasn’t doing them any favours as he’s so unlikeable. Savage Javid will be no better me thinks.

K J Dixon

It will be interesting to see the legal follow up. It’s had more coverage on SKY news that the million solidarity rally got at the weekend. Very possibly a set up with actors or baited low IQ targets


Our government and its officials are nothing more than regional representatives of the UN. They are messengers.
Anyone who intimidates or assaults them are doing so from a position of low morality and personal responsibility (they are also behaving like the over emotional ‘woke’ brigade). Free thinking rational people who have properly informed themselves would have ceased listening to the government long ago and would not now be subject to frustration.
The awakening mob are like angry teenagers who have just realised that their coddled existence has not been for their benefit.


I have always said that I would withdraw my support for any group that resorts to violence to get its way. This is no different.
Any movement that will use violence to make a point or achieve its goals will most likely continue said tactics once they gain positions of power and influence. It is how things have always, in the main, worked.
This is not progress or progressive. It is a Neanderthal with a club.


Not a fan of the French Resistance then Craig?

Last edited 1 year ago by Lato

The wholesale slaughter of people deemed guilty by association? Not really.


He’s single Jacob. I wouldn’t be surprised if he lives alone unless his mum is still washing his pants!


This comment is currently unavailable

Urban fox

There is a difference between an illusionist,which is what your refering to and a magician. The definition was changed by entertainment industry. A real magician causes change to occure by using natural magnetic type energies. The words,magician,sage,mage and magnetic are all connected in origin. Whitty is an illusionist.


This comment is currently unavailable

Urban fox

sometimes called the law of attraction. Like attracts like on a thought level. By useing controlled thought by the application of things like vissualization,ritual or prayer. Thought vibrations are sent out. And attract things back,that correspond to the nature of Those thoughts.All oçcultists Including our enemies know this. Look up hermetic principles and a film called the secret. Should be on youtube. Also the lecture the strangest secret. By earl nightingale.

Urban fox

Magnetic rocks were first found in a town called Mage .Mag in magician ( magnet) Mage also means wise ,like the word sage. They called wise men who appeared to attract like magnets magicians.


This comment is currently unavailable

Urban fox
Urban fox 7 Hermetic Principles for Self-Mastery 1 The,law not … 7 The Principle of Gender%3A

Not same thing. Set of principles that are foundation of how universe works. Foundation of the other philosophys.Principles 3/ related to what was saying most. Other link was mistake

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