Climate Change Committee Warns Govt Must Go Further To Limit Warming

The UK government’s official advisers on climate change have warned that much more needs to be done to persuade people to fly less and eat less meat in order to meet climate targets.

The Climate Change Committee (CCC) says that unless policies are radically improved, the UK won’t achieve its target to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

According to The BBC:

The committee is an independent body advising on climate policy. This report is an annual review of progress to MPs.

It does praise ministers on two issues: it says the government’s renewable energy programme will save people £125 a year on bills by 2030.

And it congratulates ministers on promoting electric cars – even though it says more charge points and more electric vans are needed…

The committee agrees that carbon-cutting policies are now in place for most sectors of the economy – but it says there’s “scant evidence” that these goals will be delivered.

And it warns that ministers need a back-up plan, including measures they may prefer to avoid such as asking the public to change behaviour by eating less meat and flying less.

The chairman, Lord Deben, told BBC News that recent climate extremes were “very, very worrying”. He continued: “The public should be proud of the UK setting best targets but I’m very worried that there’s no convincing programme for delivering policies.

“I’m seriously worried that we are not moving fast enough to avert real catastrophe.”

Legendary Australian Geologist Ian Plimer has just published a new book entitled “Green Murder.” I’ve just finished reading it. I wish every man, woman and child on Earth had a copy to hand.

In the book, Professor Plimer forensically annihilates the claim that man-made Co2 is responsible for global warming.

He warns us that ludicrous net zero policies will result in ruined economies, the destruction of the global food chain, permanent travel restrictions, the death of civil liberties and worldwide unemployment.

Each and every claim in his book is backed up by peer-reviewed evidence, yet you’ll never hear Ian Plimer on the BBC.


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What exactly is the danger we are facing? we are supposed to be on a spnning water covered ball that has been hit my this and that and its mother, and has been roasted by the sun and all manner of other suprises over billions of years, and suddenly the Earths in danger? man made or otherwise all this climate change bollocks is a waste of time and effort. For me its all a distraction from us actually realising we know sod all about Earth, how many of us can say we have explored this world? which is what our ancestors were doing, not sitting in front of screens talking bollocls.


Richie, on yesterday’s show you asked the question: what would the response be from the man-made climate change mob if we tumble into a cooling trend (as has likely already started) – would they hold to their rhetoric?
Of course they would. Indeed, the film ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ addresses exactly that ‘gotcha’ argument. That man made global warming could trigger an ice age.
Predictive programming.

That the complex natural system of events that caused the last ice age are not entirely understood is irrelevant.
That the ice began to melt as the planet naturally warmed up without causing devastating flooding goes largely unnoticed.
That a catastrophic meteor or comet strike some 12,000 plus years ago caused a series of natural disasters, including a mass melting of the ice far greater than humans can achieve, thereby causing water levels to rise hundreds of metres in a relatively short time to submerge many landmasses while also significantly increasing the most prolific greenhouse gas known as H2O to suddenly drive down temperatures again is yet another piece of uncovered history that political discourse tries to ignore.

Of course, this could all be a complete fiction and the real truth lays with the Flat Earthers.
But if that’s the case, then we must also accept that we are encased in a near solid dome where there is no giant thermonuclear reactor in the heavens.
And if that’s the case, then our planet can only be warming up through human activity.
Which is a rather convenient alignment, really, between the Flat Earthers and the proponents of man-made climate change – given, that at their core, both believe in antiquated superstition and mysticism.


I’m increasingly coming to believe that what we see as solid is an illusion. Everything is vibration and energy.

David Moore

Everything is consciousness and vibrational energy – we experience a virtual reality.


Tune – Climate change by payday monsanto


And another tune by payday monsanto lithium and fluoride water 👍


Puts me in mind of the predictive programming (or warning) of Hollywood films. Specifically, I’m thinking of the film ‘Serenity’ with its orderly, but ultimately evil, Alliance that trials a drug on one of their planets by putting it into the water supply and air recycling systems. A drug that is meant to make the population less aggressive, but ends up causing most of the population to lose the will to live – while turning about 10% of the population hyper violent.
Similar trends, while not quite so extreme, do seem to be playing out around us.


‘The committee is an independent body…’
I wonder how many people question that word ‘independent’?
I know that, until fairly recently, I didn’t. Which is why I took the time to find out once I noticed the dubious trends.

Independent in political (and probably legal) terms simply means a body that is not directly owned or controlled by a government.
What it doesn’t mean is independent from power, profit, or business interests. And it certainly doesn’t mean non-partisan, honesty, or principled.
It’s a neat little trick in plain sight.


Ask yourself this question. Do you KNOW the Earth is a globe, or do you BELIEVE earth to be a globe because thats what you were told?

Last edited 1 month ago by GazBob

Nope. I don’t know that the Earth is a globe. But neither do I know that it is flat.
What I do know is that other people, in different camps, want to tell me what shape it is.


Good answer and if course you are 100% correct, I’m the same except as a direct realist I will go with what I experience this world as everyday of my life, level.


Everyone throughout the four corners of the world knows that the world is flat, as it has four corners – so it is true to say that this view is a global belief, by everyone who knows the world is not a globe……….er…………hang on a minute……..let me pause for reflection for a second…..


It’s all the difference between literal interpretations – which has always been the governing systems to control the plebs – and symbolic interpretations.

But to concede the point, a shape can be simultaneously 2D and 3D (flat and spherical in this case).


On the other hand we could just be living in an illusion. Many spiritual traditions and indeed scientists believe this and from what I understand about quantum physics (which to be honest is not a great deal) they say a lot of things only make sense if we are living in a hologram.


Its all belief though like any religion.

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