Climate Change Nutter – “Give Up Pets To Save The Planet!”

Appearing on Good Morning Britain this morning, environmentalist Donnachadh McCarthy said that “owning pets is selfish” and that we shouldn’t replace our existing pets when they die because of their carbon footprint.

Bat-shit crazy McCarthy was debating Countryfile host Julie Bradbury. McCarthy insisted that most of us do not need pets and that by keeping cats and dogs in city homes and apartments, we are giving them a “horrendous life.”

He went on to claim that emissions from the average dog is equivalent to two households of electricity in a year. He obviously has no sense of irony. Bullshit emanating from his gob is equivalent to the emissions of a thousand Texan steers.

McCarthy suggested that in order to head off the coming climate apocalypse, we need to divest ourselves of things that are convenient but not essential.

“Like everything else, cars are convenient, flights are convenient, pets are nice to have – but we have to think of the consequences behind them,” he said.

He went on to say that unless your pet is essential for your health, you should “consider not replacing them when they pass away.”

“What we need to do is think in an emergency. We have to look at essential needs and essential requirements.”

They live among us eh?

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Rob Phillips

I think we should help the “environment” by eradicating the idiots from society . This turnip of a man can be one of the first batch . Maybe Simon Cowell can make a programme about it …….how thrilling .


I said to my dog, “If they come for you, go for the ankles” (he’s a little fella) “And I’ll smack ’em in the face” I swear blind he gave me a knowing nod.

Marissa Oatley

Wow….. lol some people really are just crazy and full of it… who would of thought?? 😆


Throw that satanic piece of garbage to the dogs !!, eco friendly, who have not been fed for a while.


From this you can step into every imaginable dangerous situation. First the pets, next it’s us. Would they simply stop at pets? How many species’ extinction are we responsible for? I have four cats and feed twenty more. I am very willing to use force to protect not only my pets but my liberty also. My cats are in fact my family now. Almost everyone else has died off. Is this not prophecy come to life?


now I know why they wanted to license cats


Covid fear & CO2 fear are from the same source … common objectives same agenda.
They plan on only having 3 airports in the UK .. Covid shut them all down !

More from environmentalist Donnachadh McCarthy November 2019
The second most important conclusion we can draw from this list is that slashing our personal carbon footprints does not really require much effort, or any complicated calculations. Many families are already radically reducing their meat intake, so choosing a vegetarian or flexitarian diet with reduced meat would be straightforward. Holidaying at home, or by train in Europe, can eliminate the flight emissions entirely. Already half of Britons don’t take a flight each year; how difficult is it for the rest to follow suit?


Some info on the fake meat industry with “Kill” Bill Gates having his “finger in the pie.”
Bill Gates: Let Them Eat Fake Meat!

Bill Gates thinks everyone should eat “100% synthetic beef” as a way to fight climate change — but a look at his investment portfolio suggests he has an alternative agenda that is anything but eco-friendly.

Last edited 12 days ago by Jacob

the food supply is their back up plan, if they need it, they will use it, not only gates, bezos has bought plenty of farmland, they have to go, or we go, the way it’s looking ?, we are going !

Judith Leopold

Oh Gosh – ‘God’ has big-big Zoo. Donnachadh McCarthy and his type of idiots should be in ‘Mental Institutions’ – locked down for Good. Probably – with his MINUS 50-100 IQ – he’s also a cheap (b)ill gates whore. (b)ill gates is working on getting rid of ‘Cows’, also covering the Sun, etc. Day-by-day more and more proof comes to surface that one has to be a Mindless, Soulless psychopath – with minimum MINUS 50-100 IQ – to get into ‘leading offices’ around the World, just look at degenerate fake ‘fauci’, ‘netanyahu’, etc. as the list is way-way too looooooooong.


Eco Bokshevik Donnachadh McCarthy @DonnachadhMc gets a huge soap box here on the KGB owned “Independent” dozens of his extremist revolutiobary articles.Net Zero = do what the Eco Soviet regime run by evil nutters tells you.
Mr Lebedev’s wealth comes from his father Alexander, a former KGB agent who owns a bank in Moscow.

Kelly Maher

OH FFS this is where they want to take this. Covid cats and now this.

Alex Romero

We can laugh and ridicule cretins like him but they are serious. I believe the term for them is ‘change agents’ and worryingly they are now firmly rooted in local councils, community groups and of course corporate businesses. People need to know about them because they are UN trained and in my view more of a threat to our human rights than politicians.


I’d rather face the coming tribulations with my dogs by my side, one a herder and another a beater, than this numpty. I suspect he’s vegan if he’s moaning about dogs eating meat. If so, then where will he get his protein from if the UK has to go self sufficient? Most vegan protein sources need hot climates. He’ll be begging for some of my pheasants and rabbits.


The elites will have access to organic fed free range Cows, Chickens etc and only the plebs/useless eaters will eat this type of toxic product.


environmentalist Donnachadh McCarthy is an idiot pushing pseudoscientific nonsense. There is no “climate crisis” and CO2 is not a pollutant! Climate change activism is a despicable anti human, anti life death cult.


He’d scare pets with that face so must assume he doesn’t have any.




I would like to see him debate this , in the Ring , with a Devil Dog or two

Zac Baled

If its carbon foot print he wants to talk about should this human waste of a man not be talking about the wmd’s that are being used across the world right now as your reading this?

A soulless arrogant nobody who can do us all a favour (mr hangman) He wont me missed. Fu*#in cretin.

As if theyve not made enough people suffer with their bombarding wars they now turn their deprivation towards animals?

Fu*k the NWO!


So it is the Dog who is turning on the kettle, TV, central Heating, Toaster, Iron, Lights, Radio etc
Must also be charging their smart phone, tablet, PC as well!

This is Agenda 30 newspeak waffle.

ian heaver

Surely even the fast asleep sheep will wake up and take action if/when they come for our pets. There will be full on war. I’d like to see and them try and take my dog !


How very English. We allow people to be smacked in the head by the thugs of the Metropolitan Police; yet come for our pets, and its war.


I am no expert on this, although is that not a rather antiquated bong situated behind Donnachadh? Possibly been having a good toke followed by a few shrooms prior to interview.


My two cats are essential. This tosser however, is not! Away with you!! Prick.


How about all these billionaires being an example to us all and giving up most of what they own and living a modest lifestyle?


Yes, quite! 😄


How about they all FO and die!!



Just when you think you have seen/heard every nutjob this world has to offer along comes this fruitcake to let you know he has just won the title of ‘king of the nutjobs, on world nutjob day’. This creature has nothing in the eyes, lock him in a darkened room and throw away the key. Nothing to do with ‘you can catch covid from/give it to your pets’ nonsense being touted this week is it? Oh it is?


These people are playing the long game; using the ‘slow drip, drip, drip of water torture’ takes time…and they have all the time in the world.


And those of us that know this can stay one step in front, knowledge is power as they say.


This really is comedy gold I had to check the date to make sure it wasn’t April fools day and that this wasn’t a TV show wind up 😂😂😂😂
They should have asked him how many dogs or cats are equal to ownership of a V8 Cadillac Escalade as driven by that great example setting environmentalist Prince Harry.
As for pets having a horrendous life try telling that to our two cats who lounge around all day, have free access in and out of the cat flap into the garden and my wife spoils them rotten with the most expensive cat food (the fussy buggers wont lower themselves eat anything like Whiskas). They also unlike me have private health insurance. They are currently having a terrible miserable day basking in the afternoon sunshine whilst birdwatching.
Donnachadh McCarthy is a complete clown.


Yeh….my two have an horrific life too! 😉

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