Climate Zealot On Hunger Strike “Prepared To Die” To Save Planet

I told you that some of the climate change evangelicals were seriously unwell. I wasn’t joking. Nor was I hitting below the belt. I meant what I said.

Yesterday, an Extinction Rebellion activist announced that she was beginning a hunger strike and was prepared to die if the government didn’t address the demands of her group.

According to The Mail Online:

Laura Amherst, 31, filmed herself demanding action from the Prime Minister, telling him that she does not believe the government is doing enough to stop the ‘climate emergency’.

The mum-of-one from Brighton said that she felt it was important to do more for her child’s future, and that she was even ‘prepared to die’ for the cause. Taking the appeal a step further, Laura declared she wouldn’t eat anything more until the government acts on a letter she had sent to 10 Downing Street.

‘I have been thinking about this for a couple of weeks,’ said Laura. 

‘Basically I have made the decision to not eat anymore food until Boris Johnson actually addresses this letter and XR’s demands.

“Now I known this is going to be extremely dangerous for me, I’m scared and nervous for myself but I have to do all that I can and I have been thinking about this for a couple of weeks.

This is going to sound so dramatic but I’m prepared to die for this.”

I bet she believes every word of it. I said in a previous article that I believe this is a form of hyperreligiosity. She really does believe that the end of the world is nigh. Nothing will convince her otherwise.

She also told The Mail Online:

“I need this to go viral because it is one of the most important videos of our time with the most important information in it. It affects all of us and if we don’t do something, we are going to become extinct. We really need to do this. I’m risking my life to get this out there and get Boris to take it seriously.”

She needs help.


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Does she think she’s Bobby Sands?


She is hungry…for her fifteen minutes of fame. You are right Richie – she needs help. She will be watched by social services no doubt.

Wiley e Coyote

Attention seeker. Never a thought that her kids would have no mum as a consequence


With a mother like that; perhaps their upbringing would be better placed in mre stable hands.


Let’s put aside what this woman has actually said and take a look at her.
1] She does not have the willowy, almost pinched, look of someone who has spent a lifetime eating only what their body needs.
2] From her peroxide blond hair to the significant amount of cosmetics on her face, we see a woman who clearly does not give a rat’s arse for the environment.
3] She is clearly getting her ’15 minutes of fame’.

She is an illusion. A glamour. Designed to beguile and deceive. Nothing more.


‘She needs help’. How many horrors have been perpetrated against people, throughout history, based on variations of that phrase?


A few quick points.
1] Just because this woman has said she will do this thing does not mean she will actually go through with it.
2] If this woman does goes through with her threat, she is acting on her beliefs rather than just talking about them: and in the process freeing up food for someone else – like her children.
3] I have heard many on this site claim that they would rather die than take the jab. Is that not a ‘fanatical’ approach in defence of one’s belief?
4] I have heard many speak of a revolution to address the current tyranny. That kind of action deliberately puts the individual, and others, in harm’s way. Is that not far worse than simply putting oneself in harm’s way?

Years ago, I knew someone who had been sectioned because of her anorexia. I knew her afterwards when she was dosed up to the gills on various pills to ‘stop a relapse’. She was a zombified door mouse with little spark remaining. But at least her anorexia had been ‘sorted’.
Very often, Section Orders are not put in place for that individual’s benefit: they are put in place to make other people feel better.


Seen a photo of her in the paper and she is a big unit so evidently likes her food,her hunger strike will not last believe me maybe a few days then she will be back on the pizzas and other shit.

Harry Derriere



The mum-of-one from Brighton said that she felt it was important to do more for her child’s future, and that she was even ‘prepared to die’ for the cause. Taking the appeal a step further, Laura declared she wouldn’t eat anything more until the government acts on a letter she had sent to 10 Downing Street.

Going on an hunger strike will really help her child’s future if it makes her sick or even worse kills her.
Hypochondriacs will lap up the Climate End Of The World waffle.


“This is going to sound so dramatic but I’m prepared to die for this”

so its a cult then?, also, as a pure observation, if this lady carries out her threat and does in her words “die” then “climate change” won’t mean a lot to her in this scenario. its troubling that the MSM is brainwashing people into the climate change cause to such an extent that this lady would consider going on a hunger strike as it seems she believes the world is coming to an end in a few yrs time.

Last edited 8 months ago by Patrice

They told us all the same stuff in the 1970s as they are saying now and we are still here. I wonder if this young woman is aware of that.

Aldo Bennedetti

She said “eat” not drink or consume so one could be juicing.


Exposing droopy boobies have always reduced atmospheric carbon dioxide…


Indirectly, she’ll be placing a great many onlookers on a crash diet as they lose their lunches.

Last edited 8 months ago by Backbeat

If she wishes to go on a hunger strike, that is her choice. Or are people now advocating that we take away someone’s right to chose?
Be very, very careful. For some time now, the mainstream have been rolling out psychologists who have been saying that ‘conspiracy theorists’ are mentally unwell and that their opinions hurt others. It is also being claimed that ‘vaccine’ refusers are a threat to others. Being deemed a significant threat to others is covered under the Mental Health Act and could, technically, justify a section order.
So far, Insulate Britain have not directly harmed anyone, but the emotional response to them is high, and I would suggest, clouding people’s judgement and forward thinking.

I smell a trap here. I suggest everyone calm down and don’t walk into it.

Alex Romero

Insulate Britain are as wide open to the label ‘conspiracy theorists’ as anyone else. She’s a single mother, threatening self harm, which is reason enough for sectioning under the mental health act. If you understand the pyramid you can see who is being played and in whose interests. Time to get off the fence and choose your side.


Choose a side, huh? You mean do exactly what we are programmed to do, which is fight one another. Nothing serves the depopulation agenda better than that. Genius.

Not having the jab is being touted as harmful to others. An action that can be deemed harmful to others is a legitimate reason for being sectioned. That you or I disagree is irrelevant.

During the Troubles, many IRA and Sinn Fein representatives went on hunger strikes. There was much outcry and gnashing of teeth when many of them were force fed (perfectly legitimate actions under the Mental Health Act).
Last year, Maajid Nawaz went on hunger strike in protest against the treatment of Uighurs in China. There was no demand that he be sectioned.

I raise these as just a few examples of how we are all happy to accept certain behaviours when they support our world view; and then more than happy to condemn them when they don’t conform to our world view.
Pretty fickle, really.


I do wish James O’ Brien would go on hunger strike.

Alex Romero

You’re happy for a single mother to have the right to self harm/suicide and respect her decision to do so. Thanks for the lecture.


Happy? No – far from it.


Maajid Nawaz – 5 days is NOT a hunger strike !


Yes it is. If you are hungry and you refuse to give in to the hunger, that is a hunger strike.
Five days might not be long term, committed strike but it is still a strike.


Nicely put.

Urban Fox

What you say is true, and as i said previously. The only people who should be locked up against there will, are people who have committed a serious crime. And been found guilty by a jury. Iv always believed this, and will not be moved on this stance ever. A law that can be used against one person, can be used against another. People have already been sectioned for speaking out against the covid scam. This is exactly the reason the authorities love to have this tool. Regarding this woman, i doubt she will be locked up. Because she fits the agenda perfectly. I always think it laughable that these protesters think they are setting policy. When they are the ones that are being led by the propaganda. The puppet masters must be dieting of laughter.

Alex Romero

The vacant stare. Is she even there for her child?


A shame… Pretty lady bless her.

Drinking too much fluorinated tap water perhaps??
(Ref : The Fluoride Stare 😳!)



She has an OnlyFans site if your interested Gerry. In her pictures she doesn’t look very insulated 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Gimme the link brother!!!

The link.. the link … THE LINK!!!



Calm down Son!


It’s my duty Jake!


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