CNN Reporter Fires Nanny For Refusing Covid Jab

CNN correspondent Brian Stelter has revealed that he fired his children’s nanny because she wouldn’t have a covid jab. FOX News presenter Tucker Carlson obtained an audiotape where Stelter explains his thinking.

On the tape Stelter can be heard saying:

“Me and my wife both work full-time, we both make enough money to have a nanny during the day in New York. And our nanny refuses to get vaccinated and so we are parting ways with her.

And it was very, very sad. We thought after six months of seeing the vaccines are all good and everyone is fine that she would come around.”

FOX anchor Tucker Carlson pulled no punches in his condemnation of Stelter, saying:

“The headline here is that CNN’s media critic dismissed, blithely dismissed his little non-White servant because she didn’t obey and that was quote very, very sad.

Well, how sad? How sad was he, exactly? Did he pay for health insurance until she finds a new job? What is she doing to eat and pay her rent now that she’s been dismissed CNN’s ‘very sad’ media critic. We really don’t care what happens to our servants when they disobey.”


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So Cuomo has been ‘indefinitely suspended’?
More word trickery. Most of us are used to thinking that indefinitely means a long period, but is simply means a non defined period. So they need only wait a few weeks for the furor to calm down and then bring him back.


Tucker playing CNN at their own game by invoking the race card.
At least, that’s one perspective.
The illusion of democracy always needs some form of controlled opposition.

Then again, perhaps I am feeling a tad cynical today.

Last edited 1 month ago by Craig

Agreed. The networks are controlled and they, in turn, define the coverage permitted by their talking heads.

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