Communist Professor Wants Facemasks & Distancing To Stay Forever

Speaking to Channel 5 News last night, government adviser Susan Michie suggested that face masks and social distancing should continue forever.

Michie was responding to recent comments by UN Covid-19 envoy David Nabarro. He told SKY News earlier this week, that people will have to adapt their lifestyles to fight Covid-19 and future pandemics. Michie, a long-time member of the Communist Party said:

“That is the behaviour of social distancing, of when you’re indoors, making sure there’s good ventilation or if it’s not, wearing face masks, of hands and surface hygiene. We will need to keep this going in the long term and that will be good not only for Covid, but also to reduce others diseases.”

When the presenter inquired as to how long we should live with these measures Michie replied: “I think forever, to some extent.”

She went on to say:

“I think there’s lots of different behaviours we’ve changed in our lives. We now routinely wear seat belts, we didn’t use to. We now routinely pick up dog poo in the parks, we didn’t use to.

When people see that there is a threat and there is something they can do to reduce that… [to] themselves, their loved ones and their communities, what we see now over this last year is people do that.”

Yet again, there was no pushback from the hapless presenter. She found it amusing.

Listeners to The Richie Allen Show tell me that they are looking forward to the launch of GB News. Andrew Neil’s channel will begin broadcasting programmes on Sunday evening.

They’ll be disappointed. GB News will be no more than Talk Radio on television. It will feature most of Talk Radio’s guests. It will be endless culture wars. It’ll be wall to wall historic statues and union jacks, woke wars and gender identity blah blah blah.

It will not discuss vaccine safety or efficacy. No chance. You need only browse the Twitter accounts of the GB News line-up. They’re fully onboard with the vaccine agenda.




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Shoe Hurley

in the immortal words of Sandor Clegane:



A judge has just ruled that the only beliefs not protected by law are those that are based in Nazism and totalitarianism.
This woman is a Communist (so definitely totalitarian) advocating totalitarian views. Perhaps she needs to be very careful. Especially as she fairly recently supported the motion to declare a Communist group she had subscibed to as an extremist group – thereby outlawing said group. Her ex-comrades are not happy.


This is for those with ears to hear, and eyes to see. Thank you.


This image is self explanatory.


Similar to Stockholm Syndrome.
The Government passed a domestic abuse bill on coercive control – the very irony of it!!


For once I agree with her – in part anyway! This lot should be smothered with masking tape, then bound up in the stuff like mummies and all subjected to social distancing of the SpaceX kind and rocketed off into the stratosphere – destination Mars – on the green travel restriction list and on arrival this will be automatically be subject to red (planet) status. Then have to self-isolate on the moon with daily PCR testing for the next millenia and jabbed to the hilt on re-entry.
Dream on!!


As i have said before on here michie is an evil bitch ,millionaire. communist garbage who is enjoying herself hugely at the expense of the long suffering public.May i suggest 12 bore.


A 12-bore? No. Empty her bank account, assign her a new identity, and send her to North Korea. She wants to be a Communist, let her live with them.


Why is there a picture of Rosa Klebb on this article? 😂🤪 I’d be happy if this specimen masked up permanently 😷


Because this is a rarity- what you see is what you get – a bare-faced liar!!


This is a translation of Dr Stefan Lanka’s experiments on viruses. Very well explained.



Excellent video.


It is very good. There has been hardly any research opposed to germ theory because the pharmaceutical companies have made literally trillions of dollars out of it.


On vivisection:

Exposes the excruciating cruelty of futile practices. Even if it produced any valid results- no justification. Rarely does, especially as extreme stress in any species automatically produces distorted results.
What type of depraved individual would apply for such a position?

Tony K

I agree with her. As long as it’s only her that has to do it.

“Listeners to the show tell me”

Yeah .. you blew up son, for all the right reasons, side effect being you have all sorts of new listeners. 😄

Bob Marley once said, “Total destruction, the only solution”

I think the time has come.


And from the ashes we can all Build Back Better?


“In Harm’s Way”

The latest Del Bigtree presentation.

This one takes over three hours from start to finish, but just simply keeps getting better and better with each passing minute.

The Texas governor has now outlawed the vaccine passports.
(That’s two now — Florida being the first!)

A Utah family (The Romney’s) have had two members react to the mRNA vaccines by way of blood clotting — one seriously (‘Everest Romney’ a *6 ft 9 inch* healthy athletic boy aged “”17″” — Note: there’s a suggestion that the vaccine reaction was triggered by the fact that the two people concerned had been exposed to the Sars Cov 2 virus — so, do the maths!!🤔)

And Dr. Mike Yeadon gives a very defining talk for the second half.
(It’s outstanding!)

An absolute treasure trove of data that cannot be underestimated.

And thanks to Jacob for posting the link/prompt to this one yesterday!!


Oh and the nutty Commie professor referenced in the header…




She is a nutter and must be a member of the one world government clan.


Oh without doubt Jacob.
Fully fledged and passed with honours!!

Oh and as an afterthought…

Upon reflection, I wouldn’t let her anywhere near my butt!!

No sir!!

F*** that!!





They should be sent to an island or some other place where they can live the way they want. It will never happen because the agenda is to kill us off, period.


It certainly looks that way at this juncture Kevin!
No doubts.


I think we know which country will be the last to get rid of restrictions don’t we Gerry? It will be the poster child for the globalists, Ireland with its bought and paid for government.


100% Jennie.
It’s mind blowing to see the levels they’ve been operating at over here…

On that note, here’s a quick one I’ve recently watched on this exact topic.

While I agree with Ben Scallan’s thoughts, I’m very suspicious about the boys jumping on the taxi’s!!

Agent provocateurs earning some overtime if ever I seen it!!

Think about it… Who in their right mind would dare jump ‘on top’ of a taxi??



Brilliant, isn’t it wonderful to hear so much commonsense? I was speaking to a friend in Britain on the phone and there they don’t have to wear a mask sitting at cafe tables but they do have to wear them if they go to the toilet. So the virus doesn’t affect people sitting at tables but the minute they stand up it does. It’s the absolute insanity of it all that drives me crazy.

Just to add about the taxis, I’ve never in my life seen anyone jump up and down on a taxi, very strange.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jennie

The folk who operate Taxi’s wouldn’t let that happen.
Not in a million years.

And the boys jumping up and down on them , weren’t exactly teenagers.. 🤔

So… Staged for the cameras!!

Just like rocket man on Grafton street!!



And another one for reference purposes Jennie.

I’m kind of stuck for words with this..

Ireland getting booed in Hungary for taking the knee…

What next!!

A rainbow coloured away strip??



Well I’d think about moving to Hungary but I think there are other things there I wouldn’t like and it’s the hardest language in the world to learn because of the grammar structure.

This virtue signalling is nauseating, all it needs is for us to treat each other in a reasonable manner and to treat everyone the same.


It’s akin to the mask Jennie.

Take the knee slaves because we require you to be good little Agenda subservients to further the narrative that some lives seem to matter more than others these days??? 🤔

I’m all for respect between fellow human beings… But don’t brainwash me relentlessly on the subject.

Top marks to the Hungarian fans for noticing and highlighting it.

It’s all bullshit!!

All of it.


Only thing Mike doesn’t get, I’d say deliberately so, is there is no frigging virus !!!


So what do you reckon causes seasonal colds and flus vivisection??

Just for starters.


I have a friend who was in hospital for a few weeks with so called covid.
He was really ill and had to be oxygenated very heavily so he could get air in his lungs. Thank God that they did not put him on a ventilator or he would more than likely be dead now.
I am thinking that he probably had very low levels of Vit D hence him being admitted to hospital.
There was definitely something that attacked peoples immune and respiratory system.
My opinion is that it was a gain of function Bio Weapon which was intended to lead to the so called cure which is the so called vaccines which are also bio weapons.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jacob

Most definitely Jacob.

The 4hr 30 min presentation by Dr. Richard Fleming from last week clears all that up with diagrams, video footage and ‘peer reviewed’ data for reference purposes.

To include an electron microscope view of a coronavirus itself.
(Gain of function engineered ‘Sars Cov 2’ I believe!)

Here’s the link again for anyone who may still not have watched it.


Ditto. I’m retired – keeping it that way.
My brother-in-law, a retired NHS consultant anaesthetist, now has long covid after returning, by request, to a major teaching hospital to assist. Believe the constant stress and distress of the working environment and additional PPE/masking and working excessive hours led to his vulnerability.
He’s very sincere and coming to terms with the futility and the enforced limitations placed on his practice. Only when off sick, time to think, came the realisation he has been a pawn in this charade. The scientific hype had overridden conventional wisdom and medical protocols. The erroneous interventions were already established that he was forced to adopt. Many practitioners are reported as being guilt-ridden. Some nursing staff I encounter as they end their night shift – I’m out walking, report that while there are some callous attitudes, many are having internal struggles. Would love to resign but families are totally reliant on their income.


Hi Brenda!
Can I interject and ask if your brother in law described his symptoms re what he believes was ‘long Covid’.

Reason I ask is that I have a theory that both long and cold varieties of the ‘bug/virus/bio weapon or whatever it is/was’ are not exactly a direct consequence of the same thing.

I believe the symptoms people have in most cases are simple cold/flu reactions (which they are!), however, I think ‘long covid’ is an intentionally engineered tweak to the original strain in order to deliver similar results only over a prolonged period of time.

Acting almost in slow motion as it were!

My thinking being that if the genetic markers are similar, it will show up on a pcr, thus giving the validation required for our Agenda scientists/psychopaths and handlers to classify it as ‘Sars Cov 2’ and in turn providing the requisite excuse to prolong the delusion indefinitely.
(Convenient wouldn’t you say and a design which is also working very well it must be said!! 🤔)

Speaking from current experience, I’ve now had a ‘long cold’ for circa three months which commenced sometime in March.
It bore many of the usual cold/flu symptom hallmarks (to include an irritating cough!) only it seemed to work in ultra slow motion!

I’ll never know for certain what it is as they won’t be getting to stick the ‘Schwab’ through my blood brain barrier to find out, but I’m curious none the less in case I’m onto something and that long covid is more akin to a cold/flu working in slow motion…. Which is relatively common as it’s something I’ve had before (though rarely it must be stated! — it also seems to finally be breaking as the symptoms are fading now thank God!)

I also believe I had the original variety too, as at the time it triggered in March/April 2020, I came down with a dose which ticked all the boxes our mainstream handlers described from A to Z.
(Really weird as aside from the blatant rise in body temperature at the onset, it behaved exactly like a cold/flu only with absolutely no sinus congestion whatsoever — and that was a first for me, which further aroused my suspicions that there was something very ‘unnatural and designer like’ about the whole thing!!)

That particular dose was over and done with in circa three or four weeks, so I’ll call it the short/regular variety in my experience.
(But ultimately just a dose like any other dose!!)

What do you think Brenda??

Could this be the smoking gun perhaps??

It also arouses more curiosities on just what the variants/new seasonal coronaviruses/flu cold bugs etc will do and in particular to the many who are now forever modified to express just one protein versus their natural life long immunity from before.
(Which is effectively ‘overridden’ from as far as I can tell?)


Not good I would say..

Not good at all.



Yesterdays HighWire must be watched.
Dr Michael Yeadon who is acting without fear and with real concern for the people gave an excellent interview. It is a long watch but essential viewing.



You beat me to it Jacob!!

But deservedly so!!

Thanks for the prompt yesterday, as had it not been for you I might have missed it!!

An amazing presentation this!!

Yet another must see from Del Bigtree’s camp!!




I just noticed that but you added some commentary on the content, so excellent work thanks.
It was very informative from Dr Yeadon.
I hope that it will wake more people up if they watch it.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jacob

That and Dr. Richard Fleming’s from last week are a must see..
(Also on Del Bigtree’s site!!)

It will take over seven hours combined such is the amount of data involved..

But hey… Rome wasn’t built in a day and let’s face it…

The cause is just!


Here’s the other link for prosperity!


7 hours watching and becoming educated is a fair swap compared to becoming injured or even killed by the toxic “Experimental Gene Therapy”


You better believe it mate!!!

Thus far and when considering all information I’ve researched and processed over the last year and a half…

I reckon I’ve now surpassed all other education and study combined, such is the extent of effort required to keep pace with all of this.

But it’s worth every damn second of it!!!

And I won’t be backing off either!!

“”They’re going to court!!”””

By hook or by crook!!!



God willing


Tonight at 17.00 is Tony Gosling’s radio show which is worth a listen. (A regular guest on the RIchie Allen Show)

Not The BCfm Politics Show.

Live at 17.00, repeated at 23.00 hours and available as a podcast a few hours after the live show. Is around 3 hours long but covers some great topics.


Yes.. Tony’s excellent too.

A fantastic speaker.

Top shelf!



Waiting for Tony’s show to start.
Saying there is a delay and no reply from my text to him to ask him when starting so listening to the cool dub music playing on his channel.
He just texted me and says it will be starting soon.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jacob

Missed it Jacob.

Looking at site now.



Probably on till 21.00 or 21.30.





Surprising how many are in the club.


I thought you were having a laugh..


Wish I was…


I’ll be keeping an “👁️” on them!!



I will be watching you doing that 😁




Have shared with non – medical friends and they were able to follow the logic of Dr Michael Yeadon’s humble account.

Hermione Granger

Get busy refusing it all – the muzzles the spacing – all these davos programmed muppets


I’d actually rather be dead than to live like this permanently.


Agree, the woman’s another psychopath.

Kelly Maher

I find it so depressing how many people in this world – want to enslave us.


This guy didn’t and took action.

Aurora pharmacist arrested after Grafton police say he sabotaged more than 500 COVID-19 vaccine doses.
A pharmacist accused of tampering with over 500 doses of COVID-19 vaccine at Aurora Medical Center in Grafton was arrested Thursday.

Grafton police said the pharmacist, a Grafton resident, removed 57 vials from a refrigerator and left them out overnight last week. They said the man knew this would render the vaccines “useless” and make people who received them believe they were vaccinated when they were not.

Each vial contained about 10 doses of vaccine. Aurora discarded more than 500 doses and Thursday said it has determined 57 people were given less-effective or ineffective vaccines.

Police recommended felony charges of recklessly endangering safety, adulterating a prescription drug, and criminal damage to property. They estimated the cost of ruined vaccine at $8,000 to $11,000.

Police said they are still investigating the man’s motive and did not release his name. He is being held at the Ozaukee County Jail…….


Based on recent articles, should the headline not read

White Female Professor Wants Facemasks & Distancing To Stay Forever ?

Last edited 1 month ago by angelseal
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