Companies In Latvia Can Now Fire Unvaccinated Employees

The Latvian government has decreed that employers can fire staff who haven’t had a covid jab. Companies can place unvaccinated employees on three months of “unpaid involuntary vacation” before firing them with only a month’s salary as compensation, if they still refuse to have the jabs.

Latvian Health Minister Daniels Pavluts said today:

“We have managed to avoid the looming catastrophe in hospitals and we are having more success with vaccinations but the battle is far from over. The number of lung infection patients in Latvia’s hospitals is three times higher than the health system is designed for.”

60 per cent of Latvian adults are fully-jabbed. Unvaccinated people will also not be allowed into shopping malls larger than 1,500 square metres.

Politicians without a vaccination passport will be banned from parliament.

Latvia’s Law And Order Party says it will challenge the constitutionality of the law. Latvia is a member of the EU, joining in 2004. Brussels has yet to comment on the country’s decision to allow firms to sack the un-jabbed.

It’ll happen here too. Give it time. I reckon at first, they’ll recommend that the un-jabbed work from home where they can, while giving them a deadline to be injected or fired.

And it’s still only Monday….



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MIND-BLOWING!!! Dr. David Martin Exposes the “The Great Reset / COVID-19 Vaccines” Agenda. Found on Brand New Tube.
When people wake up, they are going to be very angry. That’s if the have not had a immune over reaction by then and be too sick to do anything.


Never mind the mask wearing in the car, I have seen people on their own by a bus stop.How is this even real? Where fear dwells, Logic doesn’t, that is the only explanation. I might start wearing a mask more,protect myself from the vaccinated, Even with my own two eyes, just in my workplace alone more people are off sick since being vaccinated.It’s a simple number problem really, more vaccinated,increased cases. Pre vaccine hardly anyone was off and yet everyone clings to the Holy grail of masks.
Keep going on about cases rising,Bojo prepping us for another lockdown and yet another “jab”The economy must not be fully destroyed yet.

Last edited 21 days ago by Eire

No don’t wear a mask, they won’t protect you from anything but they are harmful to you. Very true about the businesses, the big corporations want to run everything and to keep all the profits to themselves.

Aldo Bennedetti

2022 is going to be totally phuckin’ BANANAS.

Once our overlords give us Christmas and box that off its going to get serious messy in Jan 2022.


It’s worldwide this scam. Wonder how Belarus is getting on, they must be doing alright, if they weren’t it would be all over the msm.


There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call

….”The Twilight Zone”

Touch down!!


Last edited 21 days ago by Gerry

Hard to tell what is real these days. Just in, a guy just drove by me in a car himself, windows fully up and he had a mask on. Mental.


Two years on and they can’t take them off!!

Oh we’re there Martin!!

Man.. we are there!!!

And every day it’s getting weirder!!

Honest mate, there’s times I genuinely think I’m dead and stuck in some limbo!!



That was the second one Gerry in a couple of days. Seems to be more maskers in the shops lately, cases must be rising lol. I watched James Delingpole interviewing the American woman who had a fling with a while back, some interesting stuff in it, not that great to be honest, but she has some insights on johnson and why he is going along with the plan.


Cheers Martin.

I’ll have a look first chance I get.

It’ll be interesting to hear what she has to say!!

Re the masks.

I haven’t seen a goon in a car in recent times, but the winter is here and they’re vamping up the fear porn once more.. so it won’t be long before I do!!!

Oh and I recently spoke to a long since double Pfizer jabbed mate who’s just receoverd from….. (Drum roll) … Covid!!

He now reckons the jabs are useless and pointless..

So… Here’s hoping there’s many more just like him and that long awaited awakening is finally kicking off!!

Cos….if it doesn’t…



God willing Gerry.


Some might realise what a waste of time the Jab is, more likely others will line up for number 3.


Absolutely bonkers M.


Seen Gerry taking a bit of flack for the nonsense which went on yesterday, with the rcmd shill,As Twain said ” it is easier to fool people, than to convince them they have been fooled ” people ( you know who you are ” should take that on bored.


Cheers Gerry. Never knew Dougie composed that piece, had a look through the comments seen people saying Dougie was putting on free concerts last year, so respect to him. Funny you should post that, Dougie wrote one of my favourite tunes Caledonia, a great tune which should be our national anthem.


You’re welcome Martin.
I love that little clip… It shows the sheer class of the man and his music.
I’ve heard Caledonia.. the unofficial Scottish national anthem no doubts!!

‘The Gael’ is one of my favourite pieces of all time.





Brill. Seeing him with a cigarette has reminded me of the new addiction…Vapes. I suppose this could be used as a causality for respiratory issues instead of blaming our shiny new gene therapy drug.






That’s why that series was so scary because it was so true.


Oh we’re living in it now Jennie!

Without any shadow of lingering doubt.


You are 100% right about that. Did you see where Bill Gates wants to put graphene in food? If he had no money he would be looked on as a complete nutter but because through bribery and blackmail he has become incredibly rich the establishment hangs on his every word.


I think I’ve heard him mention it somewhere alright (copious amounts of data going through my little overloaded brain this weather!!).

For my money, Gates is the high priest or chief ‘Luciferian’ (Light giver with Satanist undertones!!) and oversees them all now.. (eg. The Freemasons and all associated satanic/luciferian occultist practicioners!)

He’s all over this transhumanist agenda (and every other agenda!!) like a toxic rash and there’s no stopping the psychopath.

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