Deceased Auschwitz survivors are now persona non grata according to Jeremy Corbyn. Jezza apologised today, for attending a Holocaust Memorial Event in 2010, where one of the key speakers was Auschwitz survivor Hajo Meyer. Meyer was an outspoken critic of Israel and claimed that Israel used the Holocaust to justify crimes against the Palestinians. The Campaign Against Antisemitism (vacuous muppets to a man) reported Corbyn's attendance to the Equality And Human Rights commission. Laughable isn't it? The CAA goons are spending their days poring over conference guest lists from days of yore and reporting their targets for the high crime of being in the same place as someone they deem to be an antisemite or a self-hating Jew.

And of course Corbyn capitulated. Here's the apology:

"The main speaker at this Holocaust Memorial Day meeting, part of a tour entitled 'never again - for anyone', was a Jewish Auschwitz survivor. Views were expressed at the meeting which I do not accept or condone. In the past, in pursuit of justice for the Palestinian people and peace in Israel/Palestine, I have on occasion appeared on platforms with people whose views I completely reject. I apologise for the concerns and anxiety that this has caused."

What?!? You're apologising for meeting an Auschwitz survivor at a Holocaust memorial event, a man who personally witnessed genocidal racism and unimaginable brutality? You're sorry for meeting a man who having suffered that, was then disgusted that Israel was doing to the Palestinians that which had been done to Jews? I'm curious Jeremy, which of Hajo Meyer's views do you completely reject and why do you reject them today? Did you applaud his address back in 2010? You know Jeremy, you're worse than the mutated fungi of the CAA, wretched and all as they are. God hates a coward. You know damn well that there is absolutely no difference between the Nazi's and the Zionist thugs who guard the Gaza concentration camp and torture and murder Palestinians at will. The comparison stands up. But your testicles are missing in action.

In his grovelling apology, Corbyn strongly implies that it is now unacceptable to appear with people whose views have been declared unedifying. Do I have to say again, that this is beyond dangerous, is totally undemocratic and is an affront to the idea of free speech and freedom of thought? What message is that sending to future generations? Well simply stated, it's programming our children to believe that you can traverse life on your own terms and never have to deal with anything or anyone that challenges you, offends you, or contradicts your world view. You need only call it hateful or hate speech, close your eyes and ears, call for the banning of that which offends you and move on. Future generations? What am I saying, of course it is here already and here to stay. We live in a post-fact world, something I have been saying for five years now. Liars like the CAA and the other Zionist lobbyists in the UK can say what they want and when they want, in the knowledge that they'll never be challenged by the utterly impotent media.

So long as I have a microphone and breath in my lungs, I'll provide a platform for the counter-narrative to this lunacy. Of course my door is always open for the political Zionists. As I mentioned last night while in conversation with Gilad Atzmon, there was a time when they would come on with me and we'd thunder away at one another for 45 minutes or an hour. Nowadays however, they avoid programmes like mine like the plague. Rather than face my questions and question me back, they use their get out of jail card and say they can't appear on my show because of the men and women I have hosted in the past. How convenient for them.

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