He just can't do right for doing wrong! Following a week of dealing with one accusation of antisemitism after another Jeremy Corbyn has finally met with a Jewish group but they're the wrong Jews!! What a schlemiel the bearded fecker is! Jezza went to a Passover event hosted by a group called Jewdas. There's your problem right there. According to The Guardian newspaper: Jewdas is a collective that describes itself as “radical voices for the alternative diaspora”, says its members are “synagogue-going Jews, most with either paid or voluntary positions within our communities”. The group has been highly critical of the Israeli government, but has also published pamphlets for pro-Palestinian demonstrations advising activists how to avoid antisemitism in campaigning.

Ahh I see. They're Jews that are openly critical of Zionism, got you. During Operation Protective Edge in 2014 (should have been called Operation Mass Murder) Jewdas protested at pro-Israel events too. I like the sound of these guys don't you? So Jeremy went along to the Passover event and even brought some horseradish from his allotment (Jesus, exciting isn't he?) too. The virtue signallers are screaming! Some of it is side splittingly funny though. Corbyn critic John Woodcock MP ranted that Jewdas is “extreme” and that their Judaism is "not OK." Wait for it....he's not Jewish! And today Jonathan Arkush, the Chair of the Board of Jewish Deputies, declared Jewdas a “source of virulent antisemitism” and “a group that puts out racism”, this despite the fact they’re a Jewish group of committed anti-fascists. Arkush is one odious dude.

Angela Smith MP also reckons that by attending Corbyn showed “a blatant dismissal” of the need to tackle antisemitism. Ah go and fuck off Angela you daft bint. Surely a Jew is a Jew right? But of course not and this goes right to the heart of the matter. Jews, like Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Hindus come in all shapes and sizes. There are Jews who identify as Zionist, support the rape and pillage of Palestine, the detention of Palestinian children and all the rest of it and then there are Jews who are disgusted by that and openly oppose it. Those Jews are legion but you're not supposed to know about them right? As leader of the opposition you certainly shouldn't be breaking bread with them! If this is a stunt pulled off by Corbyn's team, it is genius because it has given his critics nowhere to go. They told him to go and meet Jews for God's sake and by golly he did! It just happened that the Jews he met are as repulsed by Israel's crimes as the rest of us are. Maybe there's hope for Jezza.....or maybe not. On day one of this antisemitism hoax, he should have channelled his inner George Carlin and told the UK's Zionist lobby to go play hide-and-go-fuck-yourselves.


Edit: Since publishing this, I've learned that Jewdas picketed a Gilad Atzmon gig last year calling him an anti-Semite and Holocaust denier. They're not too clever nor as radical as the UK press would have us believe eh?

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