Court Martial For US Soldiers Who Refuse Covid Jabs

US soldiers who have not taken up the offer of a covid jab face a possible court martial. The deadline for navy and marine corps personnel to be jabbed passed yesterday.

According to the BBC:

According to data from the beginning of November, of the 1.3 million active-duty US personnel, 97% had received at least one vaccine dose. The data shows that 88% of active-duty troops are fully vaccinated.

With reservist and national guard personnel included, however, the proportion of fully vaccinated troops falls to 69%.

Vaccination levels, however, vary widely between the services, ranging from nearly 100% of the US Navy’s 349,600 active-duty sailors who have received one dose to only 47% of the Marine Corp’s approximately 38,500 reservists who have had the same.

The vaccination rate in the Marines – the lowest of all the services – will leave up to 10,000 Marines not vaccinated by the deadline.

In early November, vaccine hesitancy in the Marine Corps, the smallest of the services, prompted a video message from Commandant David Berger warning that the force’s mission readiness could suffer unless “every single Marine” is vaccinated.

“We don’t have extra Marines. We’re a pretty small force,” he said. “We have to make sure that everybody on the team is ready to go all the time. That’s our job.”

A letter was sent to marines in October, warning that those who refused and hadn’t received an exemption would be “processed for administrative separation.”

According to Victor Hansen, a former Army Judge Advocate General and professor at New England Law:

“The harshest punishments are likely to be reserved for personnel who are more blatant in their disobedience, such as lobbying other troops to refuse the vaccine.

That’s undermining good order and discipline by encouraging other soldiers to disobey the order. That gets at the heart of military organisation. I can imagine a command might take a strict response to that to send a message to others.”


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More shallow threats.

And even if they did carry them out, as a person whose been court marshalled and given 18 months civilian nick, what’s the worse they can do ?!


This is anecdotal, but it comes from a Navy medic. Since the jab rollout there have been around 1000 cases of myocarditis among the Australian Navy, (predominantly fit and healthy young men). Prior to this year there had been fewer than 40 cases of myocarditis diagnosed ever. If this is correct that means (allowing for two jabs) 1 in 30 get myocarditis after the jabs.

Michael B

“There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time as come” Victor Hugo


anyone who joins the military expects to be shot at, but nobody expects the shot to come from their own country( friendly fire ? ) and when said person refuses the shot they are portrayed as a a traitor, satanic.


Not content with sending young, fit people to fight in insane wars based on lies they are now threatening them to take their poisonous jabs. One possibility though is that while they still need actual people to fight their illicit wars for them they may give them placebos but they need to make them take them as a show of power and control.


I heard from Children’s Health Defence that the percentage of military not taking the ‘Jab’ is higher than what the BBC article has stated..

Robert Klinck

The infection and death numbers have been falsified all along, so why wouldn’t these alleged “vax” take-up rates be? They want to create a group mentality: the notion that “everybody’s doing it”. If, say, 60% were refusing, the military brass could hardly reveal this, because then the hive mind phenomenon would begin to operate in the opposite sense. We are constantly being subjected to attempts at psychological manipulation.


This is nothing new. In 1942, all military personnel received typhoid, smallpox, and tetanus vaccines, and soldiers who refused vaccination were subject to court-martials—a military legal principle originating in World War I and continuing to this day.


i bet chinas laughing their asses off if the US and potentially other nations has a shrinking armed forces


97% have already taken the globalist bankers poison!!

Jeezus that’s terrifying in itself!!

Hardcore US soldiers rolling over for a senile cabalist puppet to take an experimental useless therapeutic..

Even worse, the evidence backed with proof is suggesting it’s a damn bio weapon.

That would be the virus, the variants and the injections themselves!!

All intentionally released bio weapons!!
(Think about this.. “Eugenics”.. people dropping like flies now and it seems to be escalating as predicted by many experts — only it’s the poison dart that’s now doing it and not the original lab engineered bio weapon!)

So and assuming they actually got a ‘live round’ and not a saline placebo, then these highly trained soldiers are all ‘potentially’ participating in their own death by way of taking yet another bio weapon to counteract an American funded Chinese manufactured bio weapon!!!

You couldn’t make it up!!

You couldn’t!!!

And here’s yet another medical expert describing what he believes is going on for those who might still be doubting this possibility:

Dr. Shankara Chetty this time:


cheers gerry, seen this guy somewhere before, straight talking and to point.


Absolutely Martin.
He’s as clear as day in his thoughts and describes it perfectly.
And it only takes ten minutes to say it in full.. (the entire clip is 11 mins long!!)

Everyone needs to pay close attention to this one, as there is now a tonne of evidence to support his claims.

Eg. Sports people collapsing all over the place worldwide. Cancer rates going through the roof.. children having “””STROKES”” and on and on.

It’s a global cull mate!!

Along with a spot of liability free experimentation while they’re at it!!

And still they keep going back for more!!

All for the sake of going out for a gargle or eating junk in a restaurant.. or going on holidays to do exactly the same!!

Dummies… The lot of them.

The hidden hands behind all of this must be on the floor laughing at how dumb the masses are and how easy it is to get them to do whatever they want!!

Laughing their satanic heads off while rolling around the floor in hysterics!!


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