Covid-19 Has NOT Killed 100,000 People In The UK. It’s A Massive Lie!

Boris Johnson has been taking acting lessons, judging by his performance at yesterday’s Downing Street Covid briefing. Angst-ridden, grief-stricken, hand-wringing, it was a masterful performance by the Prime Minister. He was there to discuss the news that the UK has allegedly  registered more than 100,000 Covid deaths, the first European country to reach that landmark. A dreadful business.

Johnson said that he took “full responsibility” for the government’s actions, saying: “We truly did everything we could. I’m deeply sorry for every life lost.” He went on to say that it was “hard to compute the sorrow contained in this grim statistic” and reserved his “deepest condolences” for those who had lost loved ones, including “fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, and the many grandparents who’ve been taken”. It was gripping.

Except that it is monumental bollocks of course. It’s not so much a Whopper as it is a Double Whooper with bacon and cheese, onion rings and an extra large Coke. It’s pure undiluted bullshit. Why are so many falling for it? I can only conclude that goldfish have longer memories than the average UK citizen. Remember, the government counts a coronavirus death, if someone dies within 28 days of testing positive.

Last Summer, Oxford University revealed that as many as one third of recorded coronavirus deaths, were people who died of “primarily other conditions.” This meant that for example victims of heart attack, stroke, brain haemorrhage, murder and traffic accidents were added to the Covid death toll if they had previously tested positive for the virus. And wait for it, Oxford found that this wasn’t just the case if they’d died within 28 days of the positive test. If someone tested positive last April and then got hit by a bus in July, they were listed as having died “with coronavirus” and added to the statistics.

Early last year, The World Health Organisation strongly advised that even if coronavirus appeared on the death certificate as a “significant condition”, the death should NOT be included in the figures. WHO guidelines state that such deaths “are NOT due to Covid-19 and should not be classified as such.” Last September Dr Jason Oke, from the Centre of Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford, told The Telegraph that many people had been dying “with” coronavirus but NOT “from” it. He issued a warning that the over-counting would get worse as more and more people contracted coronavirus. How prophetic of him.

Ten days ago the WHO advised that when any asymptomatic person tests positive after a PCR test, they should be retested. The WHO is very concerned at the false positive rate. It also warned testers not to amplify the swab samples too many times. The official advice is not to cycle more than 30 times. The NHS threshold is 40. The PCR test is not fit for purpose. It is preposterous to claim that more than 100,000 people have lost their lives to Coronavirus. There is absolutely no evidence to support such a claim. The real number is far far lower. Let’s call it what it is, fraud. This is not poor science or bad policy, it is fraud.

Every newsroom in the country is in possession of the information I have discussed here. If only they’d use it they could put an end to this tyranny in a matter of hours. I’m not holding my breath though.


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If you go by average death toll over 5 year there is still over 50000 extra deaths by covid

Kathryn King

Always a relief to read some common sense. It’s strange to feel like a revolutionary when stating the blindingly obvious.


Ahhh, but according to that knob on GMB, this 100k is actually an UNDERESTIMATE.




Hell will freeze over before the Zio Puppet Trump will return to save anyone.
He played his part perfectly.
Max Egan on last nights RAS explained perfectly Trumps role in this ongoing takeover.
The only ones to stop this are the people themselves.


Hey fellow free thinkers.

This morning I was sitting smoking, a woman walked passed so I smiled and waived. She smiled and waived back. Then pulled up her face mask. Gutted, I thought oh no I didnt mean to oppress her.
2 of my friends and lots of my father’s neighbours have had the vaccine. I’m really worried about them. I said I’m not having it and my friends laughed and said they would tell ‘them’ where I am. Then they got offended when I said don’t I have the right to make decisions about my own body? But really the human rights are being erroded.

I’m in Spain. When I try to access the form it says my account is blocked for spam and will never be reinstated. I’ve only just joined. I’m not sending spam. How do I fix this?

I wondered if anyone can recommend any non mainstream press in Spain. (Preferably in Spainish) or any non Facebook/ Twitter/instergram groups?

Thanks, all you guys keep me sane. I thought I was going mad in lockdown as I seemed to be the only one that thought the virus was a scam. Thankfully I have now found Ritchie, James Corbett, David Icke and others and realised I’m not mad the world is. However I really need some analysis of the facts here is Spain.

Loads of hugs and kisses.


Jacqueline jackson

Thank you. Most helpful, have sent it all on to my son who has 3 kids here and won’t have anything to do with vaccinations. Im very grateful for this

Liz Doman

Try U.K. Column on the internet. It’s on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 13.00 UK time but able to download any time.

Jacqueline jackson

I’m also in Spain and seeing the entire population wearing masks has made me realise how the TV controls the world, its terrifying to see how people have forgotten how to think for themselves and just accept the enslavement like its nothing. God help us all.

Urban fox

P LEASE read this ,anyone who cares about life, liberty and basic human decency. Or if you are still doubting what is happening. As a result of a pandemic, which does not hold up, when you look at the real numbers and statistics.
Today I went out in this ” brave New world ” Everyone I walked past was wearing a mask and looking miserable and fearful. Jumping out of my way on the pavement. I dared to ask permission to go into my bank after standing outside half an hour in the cold.. And was asked did I have my mask. I explained i was exempt and found out they are now passing on everyones details to the NHS track and trace, as a condition of entering. How long befor every business premises and shops are doing the same and demanding to see health passports?
Next stop Lidel supermarket , Lee High Rd, London, 14.20 Jan 27th. A man collapsed near the checkout and appeared to be having some kind of fit. About a dozen people stood around him at the government approved safe distance. The man cried out “help me please” but no one did. I lost my temper at this stage , and asked for an ambulance to be called. And shouted ” why are you all standing around, at least take his bloody mask off! so he can breath” I was told by a staff member , ” You know what its like, we can’t touch him, he may have it” Eventually a member of the public who heard me, put something under his head and pulled his mask down. I suggested they put him in the recovery position. But a member of staff then forced everyone back. I was then told. “It’s alright sir we are going to call an ambulance “. (until this point no one had botherd.)
I’m not easily upset and have experienced and seen some terrible things in my life. But these cowards, standing around coldly looking at a fellow human suffering. Terrified of touching him, in case they caught the plague. Is one of the most sickening things I’ve ever experienced. I’M still shaken by it now. This is the level of fear, Boris and his Brown shirt Gates puppets , have instilled in people. So terrified that they are prepared to let a man die, because of a risk of catching and dieing from Covid. When the official figures, show over a 99% survival rate. And that’s if by some miracle, a person were to genuinely catch it in the first place. And that’s if people trust the PCR test, which has been proven to be worse than usuless. Because this test, is the basis of everything we are being told. For without the test, what are we left with.? We are left with people dieing from respiratory illnesses, like they always have done. Until now that is. Because by some miracle, every other cause of death has vanished or appears to be disappearing rapidly.
Even if this was a genuine plague, the things that are happening now,both in this country and around the world, can never be justified except by facists. And it’s only going to get worse if we allow it.
Please anyone who is able to see the truth, speak out and spread the word in anyway possible. Even if its just reposting what I’ve written. Or telling the truth to one other person before it’s to late.

As David Icke said ” we need to come together as one human family, and say No more! We will not comply with our own enslavement. Humanity get off your knees! “

Anthony Porter

Very well put Urban fox. It’s always reassuring to read comments like that, proving that not everyone’s a gullible fool and incapable of rational thought based upon their own simple common sense. The way most people used to think and act until a couple of decades ago. It’s almost illegal to think now, unless it’s the oppressive state’s approved group think, which the majority of the sleepwalking and compliant masked zombies have been indoctrinated to believe, via their TVs and radios is ‘the science’ they must believe and accept, no matter how inconvenient it seems. They don’t even (want to) question it let alone show any kind of resistance, just blindly believe and obey..
“Stay apart to stay together”; “Stay apart to save lives”; Stay home to protect the NHS”; etc, etc…. Excuse me while I 🤮

Urban fox

Thanks for your reply. Take care.


Well said….and if I hear “hands,face,space” one more time….

Janice Bowden

Amen its a travesty . And they know it themselves i dont know how they do it

Wes Baker

All of you know what’s coming next, don’t ya? If you don’t believe the official figure, you will be labeled – officially – as a ‘denier’ or ‘truther’ (note the irony in the contradictory accusations). You will be lumped into the groups including, Holocaust denier, anti-semetic, racist (naturally lower vitamin D levels in darker skinned folks, but zero official recommendations to counter this situation), you name the group.

No discussion: no appeal.

So, just as an exercise, flip the script. Announce your joy to others that the West has finally beaten influenza and pneumonia. Little to no cases this year. Imagine!

Hallelujah. Praise the Lord, pass the potatoes and get back in your f*ckin’ houses. If we imprison ourselves for another decade, we’ll kick the Grim Reaper’s ass.

Last edited 6 months ago by Wes Baker
Anthony Porter

I like that! Almost missed your whole deft and paradoxical plan at first. But that’s bloody brilliant mate!

Wes Baker

If only Sir Swayne had simply pointed out how we’ve brilliantly beaten the flu and pneumonia…

Seriously, these believers are not going to engage with any facts. We have to go full Monty Python on them.


Plus these figures, which aren’t covid19 anyway, are a tiny proportion of the population and are mainly elderly people who are at an age where they are susceptible to die of something anyway.

If you are going to put death figures for anything on the news every single day you are going to terrify people. In the United States a large number of people, including a lot of young people, die every year from prescription drugs but you don’t see that on that on the news with dire warnings do you.

Wes Baker


I’m from the US. Deep South. We don’t have any of these silly ‘lockdowns’ down here, but I read where they are – California, New York, New England, Michigan, Wisconsin – the suicide rates are through the bleedin’ roof. To say nothing of all kinds of substance, spousal and child abuse.


Thank you for this excellent article, just wish it was getting to whome and where we need it.. I live in hope

Same here in Ireland, state propaganda states 3000 death, real numbers 300

Last edited 6 months ago by Breas

And even that is flu and pneumonia. The Irish government has not been able to provide any proof of the existence of covid19 which is true of many other governments too.


Does anyone have another link to listen live, at the Listen LIVE! box on the right, I clicked ‘HERE’ and all I got was “404 – The file you requested could not be found”
…………..Edwinas Revenge ?

Last edited 6 months ago by sven
Tuatha Dé Danann. Bres

Same here, could not hear Richie today, I was wondering has it anything got to do with Curry and her exit over marks?


He did leave a message on Twitter. It’s a technical streaming problem. I think he said he’ll still do a show you can listen to later.


Thanks for the replies




They’re claiming this high death rate, the highest in Europe and they’re also claiming they’re the ones in Europe who are giving out the most vaccines. Mmmm, hold on, what does that tell you ???


I spoke to a bloke yesterday that works at St Marys Hospital, Newport, Isle of Wight. A 90 yr old Patient who had stomach cancer and Pneumonia tested NEGATIVE for Sars Cov-2. So what, you’re thinking……they stuck the patient into a covid ward.
Now, I have a question, ‘What constitutes Manslaughter ?’ because I do not see the difference between tying a man to the railway tracks and leaving a knife beside him and the above, both are deliberately putting the victim directly in harms way.

Last edited 6 months ago by sven

I know of a 69 Yr old man who was re admitted to hospital after cancer returned following sometime clear. For whatever reason he ended up on CV ward. Died a couple of weeks back with CV….


He died from cancer but what they probably did was give him one of the fake tests and then put covid on the death certificate. If he did have an infection it was almost certainly pneumonia. Every year many people with diminished immunity get pneumonia, it has happened a time or two in my family, but no-one is getting it anymore, only covid.

Neil Jackson Parish

Well I couldnt belive what I heard on the radio this morning on Devon news. They have reported that there was 416 covid related deaths in Devon since April 2020 so I wondered what that is as a percentage of the total population of Devon. So when I got home I googled that population of Devon and it is just shy of 800 thousand which means we are in lockdown for 0.52% of the population. If this isn’t government over reaction to close business and make people stay home I don’t know what is. Wake up ffs people.

Richard Dobson

I’m in total agreement with the sentiment, but I think your maths maybe out or a typo. On the figures you’ve quoted I believe the percentage is 0.052%.


Correct – what a feckin disgrace!

Fred Crellin

FYI… the cycle threshold at the NHS is 45, not 40. I have link documents to published NHS user guidelines that confirm this. Second, it is worth pointing out that each year over 100,000 people die within 28 days (for any reason) after getting a haircut. Puts things in perspective!

Yvonne Dias

I absolutely agree with you Richie. When Doris made the announcement I was screaming at the tv ( mind you it was turned to silent and I only read the strap lines for quick information purposes)…”you stupid man…it’s WITH not FROM!!” But we the awake already know this. And as for the PCR tests…say no more.

Charlie Stevenson

The sheer fact that at the Press Conferences they don’t have a slide with all cause mortality rates, for perspective, says it all.

Brian Luty

Approximately 165000 people die in the UK every year from cancer. Thousands of them are children and young adults. Yet we are supposed to wail and weep for 100000 eighty to ninety year olds who have in the main had a good life and most of whom were on the way out anyway. Sheer sanctimonious, virtue signalling tosh.

grahame Linton

Where is our billionaire to get the truth out there and save us ?

Melanie Howd

Why the insistence on indemnity when the poison dart “it’s 100% safe and effective”…perhaps they’re referring to their investments. The information is all hidden in plain sight…it’s in the inversion.

Therapist and vaccine.jpg

We all know that the standard government approach (regardless of nation or Party) is, ” why tell the truth when a lie will do”.
The only truly bizarre thing is that so many people seem to have quickly forgotten this.

dan king

“so many people” seem to quickly forget many things. Hence a Tory Government!!!!!

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