Delete The NHS App, Stop Getting Tested & Tell The Govt To Fuck Off

I am surrounded by the stupidest motherfuckers alive. OK, I’ve not left the country in three years, so it might be worse elsewhere, but I do wonder. I burst out laughing while reading The Telegraph this morning. In an exclusive, the paper claims that:

Neighbours are being told to self-isolate because the NHS Test and Trace App is pinging people through walls, it has emerged. The Telegraph has learned that some people are being forced to self-isolate for 10 days despite never having come into face-to-face contact with a positive Covid case.

According to sources close to the Test and Trace app team, the Bluetooth signal used is known to be strong enough to penetrate walls. It means people are being forced into isolation because a neighbour whose home they share a wall with has fallen ill.

And just when you thought that it couldn’t get any more ridiculous. It really is Vaudeville. But the folks just keep bending over and presenting their hairy arses. What will it take for them to tell this government and its phony doctors to fuck right off?

Honestly, you’d get more resistance from an amoeba. If you’re staying at home because an app told you to, in spite of the fact that you are perfectly healthy, you really are a waste of oxygen.

If you’re doing it because you were pinged through the wall from the house next door, you are a world champion dipstick. Emasculate yourself. Don’t pollute the gene pool any more than you already have.

The solution to this is pretty simple. Burn your mask, delete the NHS app, do not have any more covid tests and tell the government to fuck off. I did that a long time ago, but I’m on my own. I am surrounded by the stupidest motherfuckers alive.



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I think this is natural selection in progress- those who have fallen for this, and will die within the next 4 years (if the numerous scientists are to b believed).. They will also inject their children when told to do so- hence reducing the gene pool further. What will be left will be those who think and once the population is lower, easier to control.


I know of some people who, after getting the injection, are causing phones nearby to search for Bluetooth… and coming up with their ‘batch number’. Wonder if anyone else had heard of this?

Jennifer Walters



Well, well, well, this evening I received a text message from my GP Practice Informing all patients that nothing is changing as of Monday “Freedom Day” lol. Only I will now be unable to wait for my GP appointment in the waiting room, as I will not, and cannot wear a mask or any face coverings, I suffer from Thrombocytopenia a blood disorder I have suffered for 30 years, it was once very rare, but now is quite prevalent among the Vaxxed. I now have to wait in the Car park around the back of the surgery and wait outside, until the GP is ready to see me, and go in the back way.
Here we are 1930s Nazi Germany.
I am raging to say the least.


That’s outrageous! I was finally offered a long over due (cancelled for covid) minor mental health appointment finally over some trivial stuff. They said I’d have to wear a mask. I explained I’m a medical scientist and if they want me to wear the mask, its them that needs the mental health appointment! 😉


that is outrageous but not unexpected, people need to start saying to the state, “well if your not going to offer me any services, i want my taxes back for paying into the NHS.”

Alex Romero

Computer says no.

Marty Hopkirk

And thanks to this ‘app’, various industries are now suffering from staff shortages left right and centre, which will inevitably lead to shortages of vital products and services further down the line.

And to think many of these workers who are being told to self isolate by this ‘app’ are probably perfectly healthy people who pose little or no risk to the health and well-being of their fellow workers and clients. It’s madness.

Proud to say I have never downloaded nor used this app right from day one (even when we were being endlessly bombarded by public information ads on the TV, Radio and Newspaper front pages to download it), and I’ve absolutely no intention of using it for the foreseeable.


Don’t have a smart-phone. Haven’t been jabbed nor intend to be, will wait 30-40 years to witness the culling off the gullible or cull-able. If I have to stay in a ghetto a la pre WW2 at least I’ll be in good company of people that haven’t fallen for the biggest medical experiment/fraud EVER committed against the public.
Fauci, Gates, Witty, Vallance, Van Tam (not JCVDamme the one with actual charisma and is paid to act and not scare people with propaganda), Michie, Ferguson and the rest of the paid agents of democide (not the ending of demonstrations but that will come to tyranny via a dumbocracy near you), genocide and/or mass murder will all be held to account for their crimes against humanity. (Spike Protein Depopulation Patents Since 2002!)
Dr. David Martin gives a deposition to Reiner Fuellmich after combing thousands of patents since the early 2000’s for the SarsCov spike protein injections. Names all of the companies, Universities and major players involved, DARPA and government connections, etc.

What astonishes me is the sheer scale, depth, length and enormity that the powers that be who really control your life have went to in order to commit this most heinous crime on the public. It is a combination of the German T4 programme mixed with the Chinese Authoritarian Credit System, Big Tech Manipulation (Big Brother with computer assist) and the Rockefeller Lockstep Scenario (Agenda 21) all rolled into one.

You can pick holes* in the covid narrative all day long but the constant barrage on Legacy media cheerleading this hoax is simply astounding. I still feel sorry for all the people that have fell for this hoax because it is easy to write people off yet as Dr Vernon Coleman states, once people wake up they NEVER fall asleep again. (apologies if I have misquoted him)

  • Flaws/holes in the covid narrative. PCR “tests”, mask efficacy, claimed jab efficacy, removal of double blind placebo testing, inflation of “covid” deaths (flu A and B MIA, RIP), the myth of asymptomatic transmission, anti social distancing which does not work, wilful suppression and lack of debate with the unaccountable SAGE/big pharma shills, alternative safe and cheap treatments such as Azithromycin, Hydroxychloroquin with Zinc, Ivermectin, Vitamin C and D not being discussed, Midazolam and the elderly being culled.

You know where this is going right? Winter is coming and the vaccines are going to cause untold carnage. It’s going to be a variant and we’ll be blamed as apparently we’re variant factories. Personally I’ve taken to psychedelics. Everything makes more sense there. The total lack of logic scares me in the “real world”.


This is what has happened in Australia- blamed on Delta variant. But only after PM came back from G7 and had his orders to ramp up the injection program. Deaths from injection jumper from 303 to 377 in three weeks, and continues to do so. But the push back is strong; uptake of the injection is only from those ‘educated’ people who don’t think and are busy in their normal lives. Its winter here you see; Funnily enough flu back again…


Early in the year I heard from someone I know that they had been pinged. They were alone in their car at the time, stuck in traffic. The ping had originated from a nearby car.
I’m pretty sure they deleted the app after that.


Not that we need it but this is simply more evidence of a fucked country. And evidence of a population filled with the dumbest motherfuckers alive.
18 months later I’m still trying to adapt to this new reality in which I have put on the ‘They Live’ glasses and see this place for what it is.
The best thing that could is an alien fuckin’ invasion. Wipe us out!


The ‘alien invasion’ won’t be to wipe us out; it will be to unite the global population behind a One World Government. And it would work.


“I am surrounded by the stupidest motherfuckers alive. OK, I’ve not left the country in three years, so it might be worse elsewhere”

i think its about the same to be honest.

also, doesn’t this seem odd, an app developed by a foreign firm can order parts of industry to either struggle or grind to a halt?

Last edited 1 year ago by Patrice

Spotted this ruse from the outset!! Was able to identify those among people I know who live on the mainland that I assessed would be susceptible to brainwashing – they were the keenest and fasted to download it. Also proved to be the ones that now have the jab. So many tech and provider difficulties in Northern Ireland over its development, it hasn’t been in use for ages. However, the same as above applied for the limited time it was operational.


I’m surprised they’re not blaming all these Orangemen marches for spreading the virus around the province. I suppose its only a matter of time.


Don’t get this fine sunny weather that often, so at the moment they haven’t a chance of many turning up for a test.
The authorities will wait until the traditional holiday period over – then start beating that drum !!


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