Doc: “Nobody Can Explain How The Unjabbed Pose A Threat To The Jabbed”

Ros Jones is a retired paediatrician. She’s a regular contributor to Talk Radio’s programmes. She’s a bit of a heroine. Throughout the past 12 months, Dr. Jones has vehemently opposed mask mandates (especially for children), vaccinating children and compulsory vaccination.

Appearing on Kevin O’Sullivan’s show last evening, she said:

“Nobody who is baying for mandatory vaccination can explain to me how the unvaccinated are posing this threat to the vaccinated.”

She went on to say that we all know people who have been double-jabbed and yet still caught covid from other people who have been double-jabbed. She even said that covid is more a disease of the vaccinated than the unvaccinated.

She then said:

“Therefore it’s completely irrational to blame the unvaccinated. And if you ask people why, you’ll find that most of the people who are unvaccinated a) they’re younger, so they’ve made a very sensible decision in my view. I wouldn’t try and dissuade them at all. 

If I was 25, I would be thinking I’m otherwise healthy. I am extremely low-risk. Do I really want to take a drug that is still in the trial phase with no long-term safety data and it’s not licensed? 

The idea of mandating a vaccine that’s not yet licensed is quite bizarre.”

You can see why Dr. Ros Jones, though obviously bright and very articulate, has never been invited on a BBC or SKY News programme.

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A friend of mine had a positive test result earlier this week for work.
They felt fine so they took another test which came back negative.

They then took *another* test – just so that they could be sure, as they couldn’t rely on their own integrity to tell them whether or not they were ill. They thought that the ‘best of three’ would give them their answer. It came back negative.


They are now holed up in bed, feeling rough after getting their booster 🤦
They got the booster *after* the balls up of the testing.

Every day I live up to this username more and more…

I’m getting to the end of my rope. I truly am Surrounded By Morons 😢


Yep! I spoke to a colleague at work. Into vaccines from the start. We were discussing how the truth of its efficacy was completely exaggerated. I thought to myself, finally someone who was a convert finally realising it was all hype. I asked would they have a 4th booster? they said YES! There are no words.


I hear this rhetoric all the time. It’s baffling. I don’t understand your colleague. They acknowledged the failure but still would participate?? I worry about how dumbed down people have become.

For me, the saga continues…

The friend I mentioned earlier was talking to someone else about their bad experience with jab #3.

Someone else piped up with “ooh – that’ll be the microchip [lol]” in a nudge, nudge, wink, wink tone. They and another person chuckled. But kind of breathlessly at the end?!

This is doublespeak – total and complete cognitive dissonance us action. They are subconsciously aware of the danger, but write it off 🤦

The person in my story would absolutely go for the fourth booster if told to. It doesn’t occur to them that the *booster follows the first two which clearly need help to “work” after only 7 months of them getting them. To top it off, they’d been hospitalised for covid two months prior. So they would have had antibodies anyway?

My friend, like your colleague, is happy to participate in this farce.

I think I’m gonna end up losing it and screaming at some point!

Surrounded By Morons! I’m gonna have to change my name on here, I can’t take this anymore!!!!

Last edited 1 month ago by surroundedbymorons

the ineffectiveness of a drug being blamed on those who didnt take it ……heard this and find it extremely apt


Thanks to the efforts of a group called Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency, we now have smoking gun confidential documents that show Pfizer and the FDA knew in early 2021 that pfizer’s mRNA vaccines were killing thousands of people and causing spontaneous abortions while damaging three times more women than men.
One confidential document in particular was part of a court-ordered release of FDA files that the FDA fought by claiming the agency should have 55 years to release this information. A court judge disagreed and ordered the release of 500 documents per month, and the very first batch of documents contained this bombshell entitled, “Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Event Reports.”
The document reveals that within just 90 days after the EUA release of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine, the company was already aware of voluntary adverse reaction reports that revealed 1,223 deathsand over 42,000 adverse reports describing a total of 158,893 adverse reactions. The reports originated from numerous countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain and other nations.
Aside from “general disorders,” the No. 1 most frequently reported category of mRNA vaccine adverse reactions was Nervous system disorders, clocking in at 25,957 reports.
comment image
Pfizer has withheld the total number of doses released across the world, citing corporate trade secrets. This is indicated by “(b) (4)” in the document, where specific numbers and facts are redacted.
Even these numbers — already quite shocking, given the FDA’s insistence that mRNA vaccines are “safe and effective” — barely scratch the surface of the damage and deaths caused by these vaccines. “Reports are submitted voluntarily, and the magnitude of underreporting is unknown,” says Pfizer on page 5.
Three times as many women damaged, compared to menShockingly, the document reveals that more than three times as many women were damaged by the Pfizer vaccine, compared to men. There were 29,914 adverse events recorded in women, with just 9,182 recorded in men. It is not known whether the same number of men and women took the vaccine, but this number exposes the very real possibility of a gender-specific vaccine damage risk that the FDA went to great lengths to cover up.
Anecdotally, most of the neurological damage we’ve seen in people who have been damaged by the vaccine — convulsions, numbness, pain, etc. — has been depicted in women, not men. It looks like the FDA knows the mRNA vaccine exhibits a disproportionate, gender-specific damage profile that also affects women in terms of spontaneous abortions (also covered in the report).
comment image
Pfizer told the FDA its mRNA covid vaccines can cause “enhanced disease” by making covid worseAlso to the shock of many observers who are just now digging into this smoking gun document, Pfizer told the FDA under “Safety concerns” (section 3.1.2) that its mRNA injection could cause, “Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease (VAED), including Vaccine-associated Enhanced Respiratory Disease (VAERD).”
This means the FDA knew the vaccine could sicken and kill patients who were later infected with covid.
Under the label of “missing information,” Pfizer also told the FDA that it has no information about “Use in Pregnancy and lactation” nor covering “Use in Paediatric Individuals < 12 Years of Age.”
“Vaccine Effectiveness” was also listead as “Missing information” by Pfizer.
In other words, Pfizer told the FDA its vaccines could kill people and that it had no information about vaccine effectiveness, yet the FDA fraudulently pushed the vaccine as “safe and effective” anyway. Pfizer even told the FDA that it had no safety information about use in pregnant women, yet the FDA (and Fauci, the CDC, etc.) all pushed the vaccine for pregnant women, despite the utter lack of safety information.
Based on this document, it appears that the FDA itself has been neck-deep in a criminal conspiracy to hide the truth about vaccine injuries and deaths while granting usage approvals to the very same corporations that openly told the FDA its products were killing people.
Note, too, that the entire corporate media complex has lied from day one, falsely claiming the vaccine has killed no one. They are, of course, complicit in this vaccine holocaust.
Spontaneous abortions, neonatal death and other effects on pregnant womenIn the section labeled, “Use in Pregnancy and lactation,” the report discusses reports of the mRNA vaccine being linked to:
spontaneous abortion (23), outcome pending (5), premature birth with neonatal death, spontaneous abortion with intrauterine death (2 each), spontaneous abortion with neonatal death, and normal outcome (1 each).
Notice that “spontaneous abortion” represents by far the highest number in these reports. In other words, the FDA knew this vaccine would kill unborn babies, but they pushed it on pregnant women anyway.
All mRNA vaccines must be immediately halted, and FDA bureaucrats must be indicted and arrestedThis confidential document — just the first of thousands yet to be released — reveals two critical things:
1) The FDA committed criminal fraud and misrepresentation in approving mRNA vaccines as “safe and effective.” This means top FDA decision makers must now face arrest and criminal prosecution.
2) The mRNA vaccine was known by Pfizer to be deadly even in its first three months of emergency use. This means Pfizer is also complicit in the continued deaths of innocent victims, as Pfizer itself should have pulled its deadly vaccine and halted all sales and distribution.

Christina Glancy

I love this lady – she speaks a whole lot of sense.


She is correct of course,on a side note was having a look at the government website ,Sage,my lord iam unshockable but i counted over 90 of the scum and headed by that old rogue Patrick Valance ,its a list of Professors ,Behavioral Scientists ,these scum ,bear in mind are running the country.


Many of those in Sage As said are behavioural psychologists and know nothing about viruses. At least one is a Commie party member, Michie, and many have un declared conflicts of financial interests to Big Pharma the same companies producing the poisonous arm spears, and Gates of course, is in that circle. The same goes for the MHRA corrupted by Big pharma again and the #SCUMedia too.they have been bought too Jabbit is another who has a conflict of interest Sheep farm studios have done several in depth videos on many of these vile bastards the videos are called meet the flockers and are a series on different well known politicians

Last edited 1 month ago by toney

Spot on Toney. The JCVI minutes of a meeting in draft, makes interesting reading. I downloaded one of them. A high proportion of this involved are receiving funding from the very same Pharma companies who have created this poison.
It’s all about the words these days they don’t get PAID they get FUNDING, in fact one of the JCVI finest is involved with Public Health Wales! how in Gods name can these individuals be unbiased? They are the worst kind of criminals, Wolves in Sheep’s clothing.


Richie I recommended to someone yesterday that they listen to your show only to find that they’ve already discovered you and listen every day. And guess what they aren’t swallowing any of this now. So please don’t say that you don’t actually do anything, you are doing a great job.

Urban Fox

Very true. By the way all 4 series of the untouchables are on No download necessary. I said it was good site. Iv just checked for you.


Thanks a lot for looking for me, I’ll check that out.

Urban Fox

Morning Jennie, anytime.


Found it, thank you. They have all the episodes too.


I had a very good friend, a Christian sister that I met nearly 30 years ago, Her husband is a nurse. last April, when the ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’ shutdown came, she and her husband both gave their honest informed opinion on Covid- that it was a media beat up, that the stats bared that out, and the real numbers were also being suppressed-again, I stress that he is a nurse with Queensland health here in Australia and was at the forefront. She was a person on the admin team for the development of a COVID vax by one of our top universities.
Shortly after the clinical trials, this vaccine was shut down by Oz government as some of the patients were .developing HIV.
Now, nearly a year later, she and her husband have done a quick turn around.
She has labelled me as a conspiracy theorist and chooses to post the government scare campaign on social media, as well as posting an article written by her former boss stating that the current vaccines are ‘100% safe’.
I challenged her on this; I showed her some of the new Nuremberg trials videos of recipients vaccine damaged, info from the WHO and Aust government showing that nothing is 100% safe especially as it is blanketed given to the entire population. I also stated that her former boss is highly open to being sued, if a person takes this advice from him and gets injured by one of these injections, if they took it based upon their trust in him as a scientist.
She shut me down. Got very angry.
Now I think that either (a) she has been completely brain washed by her husband- as a nurse he must also have been given the direction by QLD health to never dispute the safety of the injection. He works on phone triage so he must be fielding calls every day. Both of them state that they have been double jabbed and willing to take a 3rd.
(b)She is seeking to try and get others to take this injection in order to do what she can to bring the injected rate up , as she believes what government says- that life will go back to normal, that all freedoms restored and that they can TRAVEL- they used to take 4 overseas holidays a year and they are really feeling this loss. They have a holiday booked in France next October.

So this is my observation- do not believe the numbers government are telling you- the push is on now here in QLD to get the rate up bringing in a mandate to lock people out of the economy this Friday. Businesses who believe the numbers are going to get a nasty shock if they follow the government on this one. Their businesses will be ruined especially at this busy time of the year..


They are using brainwashing techniques developed years ago by the intelligence services and the military based on constant fear, constant repitition, saying one thing one day and the exact opposite the next and turning logic on its head in order to totally befuddle people. The msm of course is totally controlled as well. I’ve had discussions with people who can see through all this both online and off and we’ve been saying we can’t understand why some of us seem to be immune to brainwashing and others just fall for it.

I do sympathise with you because my friends and family have been falling like skittles over to the brainwashed side.


and they get so angry if you have a counter narrative!! so sad to not be able to talk to people in a rational way about this. Well unless they are already aware of the concerning facts


Thanks for posting that info, Oh my God, the level of psychological warfare going on is off the scale, the success of this brain washing on vast amounts of people is insane. It doesn’t work on everyone though, that is us, the free thinkers, who constantly question everything lol, that could very well be their downfall 🙂


It is interesting how a few of us can see the game so clearly. I like truth the ultimate truth as soon as I sniff inconsistencies,I become suspicious and start looking outside of what is being said. Is it strong intuition? or just being naturally suspicious until convinced otherwise?
Funnily enough I nearly always see the plot of a film before I am ten mins in and nearly always know the culprit(s) straight away. It does make watching programmes or films boring but in real life is a great advantage.


people think the most washed part of the body in 2021 was the hands when it was really the brain


Hi Jennifer. Sorry to hear the dynamics of your friendship have changed. This awakening seems to be separating us into polar opposites.
Research PCR testing from an unbiased source. It’s all about the cycle threshold the WHO dictates to labs. The higher the CT the higher the cases because it is picking old viral genomes, when jab uptake is high, miraculously case numbers drop, obviously nothing to do with a decrease in the CT dictated by the WHO. The WHO who get no funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. ha ha.


UPDATE: Since the mandate here in QLD from 17th December, businesses are suffering. Some are not complying and we even have some whole shire councils who are not complying. Restaurants are empty, even McDonalds, where the food courts are packed- because a vaccine is not required. Premier here also put a vaccine mandate for admission to all cinemas, indoor clubs and pubs, a;; attractions such as indoor ice skating rinks, trips to the reef, even wildlife parks.


I do not think they want to realise the extent of the evil that is happening so its easier to just follow what the gov tells them. My husbands parents are the same, they deny evertthing we tell them. They deny even scriptures like John 8:44 about satan being the current god of this world. Dr Mattias Desmat calls this massformation, a form of psychosis.


Dr Ros Jones is bloody fantastic, we need to hear more from her than that vile Dr Shillary, aww God he is awful. This lady comes across as very truthful and very sincere, what she says actually makes sense unlike these ‘covid cult’ doctors that spout off the scale BS, that makes O sense.


So apparently these two poor boys didn’t have the covid19 vaccine, but they did have the flu shot. I wouldn’t trust either, children don’t need any of these jabs, and they said the flu shot was made more robust this year what ever the hell that means. Two young boys dead, but hey nothing to see here, just another ‘coincidence” Two St John Fisher College pupils died after catching Covid within a WEEK of each other | Daily Mail Online


This is an excellent presentation on the Flu Shots which is essential viewing. Please share.

As mainstream media pushes “Twin-demic” panic, claiming the only answer is the flu shot, Dr. Jim Meehan, MD, sits down with Del to thoroughly look at science behind the flu shot’s effectiveness and safety, providing everything you need to know to make an informed decision on whether to inject yourself and your kids this winter.


Very interesting video, thank you for sharing. Another doctor who I’m sure isn’t allowed on the msm as he speaks the truth and has integrity.


Dr Jim Meehan is a great doctor and he is a Martial Arts Hall Of Famer in the US so not afraid to tell the truth.


You are welcome Jennie 😁


Is there any symptom now that covid doesn’t cause? Absolutely everything is being attributed to it.


Lack of critical thinking?


I read on the news today, a young boy collapsed on his way to School. Died in hospital no suspicious circumstances. Children DO NOT NEED FLU or COVID JABS.
These Scientists are so arrogant the way they play God. The justification: So the NHS does not get over run. Spend money on the NHS rather than putting it into the pockets of poisonous pharma products. Tons of hospitals and training could have been paid for.


Here’s Why Most of the Jabbed Will Die Early.

Dr Vernon Coleman.


Thanks for the link, Dr. Vernon Coleman is a legend x


You are welcome. He is indeed. 😁

Marty Hopkirk

Nice to see presenters such as Kevin O’Sullivan giving airtime to the likes of Dr Ros Jones and allowing them the chance to put their views across, even if they go completely against the MSM / Government narrative.

The utterly dreadful James Whale would have probably given her dogs abuse and kicked her off the airwaves after 10 seconds.


The best way to get rid of covid is for people to stop taking these fake tests. The more they test the more ‘cases’ they have. Flu, which kills many people every year usually those who are elderly or frail, seems not to be being mentioned again, nor pneumonia. Everything is this wretched made up virus based entirely on computer modelling just like the CO2 causes climate change hoax.


Well said Jeannie, Flu has been eradicated by Covid.The Co2 hoax will destroy mankind if the jabs don’t.


Exactly, spot on, without these ridiculous tests, the whole convid scam would eventually fall apart.

Urban Fox

Did anyone see the channel 4 documentary last Tuesday attacking as right wing extremists, conspiracy theorists and anti jabbers.? The propaganda and the demonizing of the unplugged is clearly picking up pace.

I was appalled at the clips Richie played last week , of the TV call in shows. Where the public were basically discussing with the host what was to be done about us extremists. Without a single bit of opposition or different point of view being aired. Totally unashamed propaganda at its worst.

What is more concerning though is the subliminal covert hypnosis techniques that are being used to program people ,below the level of there conscious awareness.

I was back to my soap watch this last week, and it was both interesting and sickening to notice, they appear to be getting back to there psychological tricks again. Which i have spoken to Richie about a couple of times over this last year. This last week, they have done exactly what Hollyoaks have been doing. By targeting so called conspiracy theorists and anti Jabbers. About 7 times different characters speaking about incidents non covid, dropped into the conversation, the words ‘Fake news’ and ‘conspiracy theory’. Then later someone was told, ‘ I bet your one of those crazy conspiracy theorists aren’t you, and are an anti Vaxer as well.’ By repeating those phrases, but not in a covid context, they are picked up subliminally. Then when the line about anti vaxers is dropped in, the mind connects the 2 things. Iv said it before, the writers must be getting instructions by the goverment programming agents to do this. There is no way the writers, would or could no how to do this by themselves.

This is an absolute appalling abuse of public trust, by not just the goverment. But by the makers of these programs and the actors themselves. Manipulating the public in this manner without there awareness is little more than legalized mind rape.


I think the situation is going to get far worse. The conspirators have now crossed their Rubicon and there is now no turning back. They either have to continue forward and win or lose and go to prison for their crimes. They have not yet achieved victory by a long way and are now getting ever more desperate. The mask is now slipping and even the most asleep individuals are now beginning to realise something is very wrong. 2022 really is going to be a pivotal year for a free world.


Truer words never spoken Mark. I think 2022 will be the most pivotal year for that potentiality of a free world indeed.
And just imagine how good it might be if we can rip these elitest, globalist 🤬rs right off their thrones of authoritarian dictatorship and control once and for all.
Fox’s thoughts make me think of the Milgram experiment and the psychology behind mind manipulation and how easy it is to make people do irrational things.
But people are growing ever more aware of these mind games now and piece by piece they’re starting to assemble the puzzle and work out exactly how the whole con is being managed.

And If this can be turned, there will be no hiding places for anyone who’s been involved in promoting this lie.
(Every last one of them, and we know and won’t forget who they are!!)

Now wouldn’t that be something special and worth waiting for!!


Evening Gerry, I was just thinking about you then came across your post.
2022 will defo be interesting but a full lockdown as the cracks are showing may take the wind out a lot of people’s sails?


Good evening Jake!
Oh no doubts the next full lockdown is imminent… but here’s the thing, if enough really begin to awaken, will trying to initiate yet another lockdown have the desired affect on the masses that previous lockdowns have achieved??

Many more are starting to realise they’ve been had now and are starting to look for other sources of information about just wtf is ‘actually’ going on here.

Think Christmas and ‘snowball effects’ Jake!!

There’s only so many ‘injections’ a man/woman can take before they start to realise thats ‘something’s not quite right here!!’ 🤔

If enough start to truly awaken, then real resistance to lockdowns might just gain momentum…

If that day comes, then those responsible for bringing us to where we are now, had better hope there’s plenty of wind in their sails!!!



Two people I know who were strong against this have now fallen. It does feel a bit like The Invasion of the Body Snatchers.


I know plenty too Jennie. But, how long can they keep taking the knee before questioning why??

That’s our only hope now I feel.


Hi Gerry. It males me giggle to think that cheese and wine may be their ultimate undoing ha ha.


Glad you enjoyed that one Eire!!

Urban Fox

Hi Jake, how’s things


All good thanks Fox..
How are you this evening

Last edited 1 month ago by Jake
Urban Fox

Same as usual Jake. Just building up to email one of my sisters. As they have been trying to contact me for months. One wants to see mew at Xmas, and I’m not sure, as it wont be easy.


Hopefully they will have softened their stance on the Scamdemic.
I hope well for you. 👍🏼👍🏼

Urban Fox

Hi Gerry


Good evenin Mr. Fox!

Urban Fox

Blessed evening Gerry, and thanks for using my little icon. I’m just making a brew and got some horror film on. Though if there’s no scary film on, i only have to have a look outside in stead.


Mornin Fox!!
(Only seeing this one now circa 9.55am!!)

It’s melodies time!!

So… Hopefully that’ll keep the zombies at bay for an hour or two at least!!

By his hand oh Foxy one!!

By his hand!


Under his 👁️!

Urban Fox

Praise be big G


Hi Gerry, watched 2012 last night – pretty naff film but there was something eerily resonating the truth in me about those standing on the arks knowing a new life was ahead of them. Need to look forward with a positive outlook the former societal system feels long gone now


Never saw it Clare, but I think a positive outlook is worth maintaining if at all possible.
It has a tendency to create more and at the very least, you’ll feel better about things.

If not, why not!

Urban Fox

Hi Mark, I have counted about 5 previous mask wearers who i regularly see on my shopping runs , who are not wearing them. A small thing, but noticeable. I was pleased to notice that the young woman in the chemist where i went to photocopy something was mask less. Her 4 colleagues all were wearing masks and gloves believe it or not. They were giving flue and covid shots as well.( One woman coming out with a stupid grin on her face). It was great that she recognized me, and came over to serve me, rather than her mask freak friends.

Incidentally after my operation couple years ago, when i was on antibiotics. One of my prescriptions was for a double dose. 2 different ones instead of one. And i had no intention of taking both. When i gave her the prescription, she questioned it, and said she wasn’t happy about giving me both, and said it was totally unnecessary. She said she should speak to the Dr. And went as far as phoning the surgery. She was told not to question the Drs and just dispense the drugs. This woman told me that even though she is a qualified chemist, could she give me both lots, even if i dont take them. As if the Dr found out about our conversation and that i had not taken both she could lose her job. I told her not to worry and i was only going to take one lot. Which was the ones i had taken in hospital. This shows the power and the arrogance of Drs, and the culture of keeping quite in the medical profession for fear of repercussions. And the attitude of dispensing drugs like chocolates. But how wonderful that one person still has ethics like this, and that she happens to be the only one without mask and gloves as well in the covid times. Would be interesting to know what she thinks of all this.


That’s shocking that a qualified person cannot query something because doctors can and do make mistakes. Good for her for putting the patient first.

Urban Fox

It is indeed Jennie, Even more so that it was no mistake. The Dr told me and the chemist to take the two different brands together. Its exceptionally rare for me to take anything, so i wouldn’t have taken both. I dont even take pain killers , and iv been in agonizing pain. When i was in hospital they noticed that i didn’t need as many pain killers as most people. They said i had an extremely high pain threshold as a result of having almost no drug history. I was already aware of this, because of the phenomenon known as ‘Tolerance’. What that means is every drug a person takes in there life time, means that the body builds up tolerance to that drug. And needs more the next time. Eventfully the drug having no effect because of the tolerance the body builds up. This works collectively as well. So the less drugs a person has taken in there lifetime, the more effective drugs will be. The more drugs a person has taken, the less effective they will be.


Good Morning Mr Fox and thank you for your reply. Interesting story you tell and I assume (if not exempt) you would also have had to pay for both prescriptions costing you twice as much. There is a video going around of a lady recently prescribed antibiotics (in the UK) who found that the tablets were showing signs of magnetism. When she placed one in hot water and melted the case inside and left floating in the water was very small metallic strands which look suspiciously like our old friend Graphene Oxide. She was really shocked and left wondering if this is now being surreptitiously added to prescription drugs.

Urban Fox

Hi Mark, Nothing would surprise me anymore. It was there fault that i kept having to go back on the antibiotics as well. My dressing was meant to be changed by someone every 2 days. But i struggled to get appointments. On one occasion i was sent to accident and emergency because the Drs couldn’t do it, and they refused to treat me there as well. I went up to the ward where i had stayed and insisted that they do it there. They were pissed off , but i got seen in the end. My after care when i came out of hospital was zero.


Yes I agree, well said. The more threats and fear they push, I mean it is full on now, the more pathetically desperate they are clearly becoming, and desperate people make mistakes 🙂

Urban Fox

Corronation Street was the program was talking about by the way, This weeks omnibus, silly of me not to mention, thanks guys.


Only the aware can see the Hynosis happening. It will only get worse if a referendum is used to decide our fate. People making judgements with no research to support their sheeple beliefs.It is only law or nature that is owing to stop this mass formation madness.

Urban Fox

Hi Eire, thanks for reply. The most aware can not spot this unless they have good knowledge of the subject, and then you have to be looking. Hollyoaks are at it now. I’m talking Derran Brown type stuff here. Its beyond disgusting. The characters are protesting about Xmas lights saying they are bad for the environment and should be switched off. The slogan is ‘ be bright turn off the lights.’ But throughout the program there is a poster on a building site that says ‘ Building for a bright future‘. It is unlikely that someone will consciously notice the building site poster. And if they do, they will just think it is referring to the house build, which it is. But the subconscious groups things together that are similar. And this then effects the conscious mind. So it leaves a hypnotic suggestion that says ‘ Be bright turn off the lights to build a bright future’. Every single thing seen , even from the corner of the eye is permanently recorded, as is every sound or words heard.


Hi Fox, it’s so strange that this psychological brain washing doesn’t work on everybody, some of us can see right through it but with others it works a treat, I would love to know what the deal is lol.

Urban Fox

Hi Layla, it will still have some effect. Because the basic mechanism of the mind works the same way for everyone. But in the above example, if someone saw it who already had strong apposing views to the contrary, because of there already strong beliefs or information they have been exposed to. That would tend to neutralize the unconscious suggestion. Thats because we filter information consciously depending on our previous information and beliefs. These are known as perception filters. But you would still receive the instruction ‘ Be bright turn off the lights to build a better future.’ Unless you have studied this subject in depth as i have. Or unless a specific example is pointed out, as i have just done. For you would be unlikely to notice the poster or make a connection if you did, just passing it off as coincidence. But if you watch the episode now, i have given the game away. So now you will see it consciously. Everything we dont notice consciously go’s deep into the subconscious and effects behaviors and beliefs. But in your own case, you have a different perception filter. So the unconscious suggestion will be at odds with the conscious suggestion. However if someone is sitting on the fence as regards there views on the climate change scam. Or if like the majority of the population they went into 2020, already seeing the world in a certain way, as i said because of there perception filters. Then regular exposure to this kind of thing will strongly effect them and keep them from waking up to things. As what they are seeing is confirming what they already see as true. I hope that makes some kind of sense, as its not easy for me to explain clearly. But as i think you can see from what i said. It is totally implausible that this is not being coordinated between the goverment and the production company’s and writers. They must be complicit, as this is all very carefully coordinated and deliberate.


Be aware of the ‘frequency following response’ too Fox.

It’s how the entire music industry works..
(And why songs keep replaying over and over in your brain!)

But they’ve gone a lot deeper with it now.

And are also using it ‘remotely’ for targeting purposes..


Best defence is not to overly think about it and to be aware of it..

And reinforce those thoughts in your mind to break the cycle.

Similar in a sense to seeing the covid scam for what it is and constantly reminding yourself that we are being ‘manipulated’.

Shields UP!



Exactly, spot on!!!! When the ‘omicron variant’ first came out, I just laughed and laughed, it’s like they are getting so desperate now, as it’s so blatantly fake, it’s hilarious, ahh the convid fairy tale lol 🙂


They’ll snap out of it eventually Layla… It may take a while yet. But I believe it will happen.


It makes prefect sense, thanks Fox.

Urban Fox

Thanks Layla, Thank goodness for that. Iv just spent nearly 8 hours writing a letter to my sister. That i am going to copy to everyone i know. I think after reading they will finally be convinced i have lost it. But i feel i cannot keep quite any longer. As iv had enough now. I wont be expecting any Xmas invites.


Johnny Bitcoin

(We ain’t buying this no more!!)

Let’s go Brandon!



Dr Shillary Jones will be absolutely appalled with this and will be jolly cross when he gets back onto the Good Morning Britain sofa on Monday morning 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Covid is more of a disease of the vaccinated because what they are suffering from is the result of the vaccine (which is not really a vaccine) not some virus which has never been proved to exist. There are no physical samples of it anywhere in the world and a German doctor, Stefan Lanka, has been able to replicate the computer model of this supposed virus without there being any virus present. I’m afraid I haven’t got a link to hand but do seek out his presentation of how he did this, brilliant work.

Urban Fox

All very true.


Nobody who is baying for mandatory vaccination can explain to me how the unvaccinated are posing this threat to the vaccinated.”

stating the bleeding obvious which every other broadcast media is ignoring


It’s refreshing to have doctors who tell the truth and are not afraid to speak out. Although it’s easier for Doctor Jones to give her opinion as she’s retired, well done Dr Jones.

Tony K

I like the cut of her jib.

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