Doctors Tell Government To Trigger Plan B NOW

The British Medical Association has accused the government of being “wilfully negligent” in its response to rising covid cases and that restrictions should be imposed immediately. The BMA wants the government to trigger so called Plan B.

Last month, the Health Secretary laid out the government’s plans to deal with Covid-19 over the Winter. There are two approaches, Plan A and Plan B.

The strategy currently in operation is Plan A which involves offering booster jabs to about 30 million people and offering a single vaccine dose to healthy 12 to 15-year-olds.

Plan B if triggered, would see mask wearing mandated, working from home again and introducing a vaccine passport scheme. The government has stated that Plan B would only be triggered if the NHS comes under “unsustainable pressure.”

Dr. Chaand Nagpaul, the chair of the BMA, believes that time is now. According to the BBC this morning:

He (Nagpaul) stressed that case numbers were comparable to March, when England was in lockdown, and were “unheard of in similar European nations”.

“It is therefore incredibly concerning that [Mr Javid] is not willing to take immediate action to save lives and to protect the NHS,” he said.

Dr Nagpaul said the government had “taken its foot off the brake, giving the impression that the pandemic is behind us and that life has returned to normal”.

He said: “It is wilfully negligent of the Westminster government not to be taking any further action to reduce the spread of infection”, adding that compulsory face coverings, physical distancing and ventilation requirements in “high-risk settings” were “the norm in many other nations”.

Yesterday, the Health Secretary Sajid Javid threatened those who haven’t yet received their booster jab and those who haven’t yet had a single jab, that they would lose their freedoms if they didn’t come forward.

Look, it’s pretty straightforward. It doesn’t matter how many people roll up their sleeves for a jab, they will lock the country down again this Winter. I’d bet the farm on it, if I had one.

To date, 96 million jabs have been administered in this country. That’s a truly staggering number. I warned earlier this year, that they would use the threat of new variants to push booster jabs. I predicted that no matter how many jabs were given, they would lock down again this Winter.

There is no pandemic. There is a casedemic, which is driven by the testing regime. If people refused to be tested, this would all be over in a heartbeat.

The NHS will be overwhelmed. It is overwhelmed every single Winter. As I have said time and again, the number of UK hospital beds has HALVED in the past thirty years, while the population has grown exponentially.

It gets worse. They took away more hospital beds last year to cope with covid patients. Read that again. We don’t talk about it often enough. For the purposes of social distancing, they reduced bed capacity even further. These people are lunatics.

The hospital crisis is inevitable. It’ll be worse this year because the NHS is missing tens of thousands of doctors and nurses. Don’t forget the inevitable bed-blocking crisis which looms large.

Tens of thousands of social care workers are leaving the profession because of the covid jab mandate. As a result, it’s going to be more difficult to discharge seniors from hospital if they can’t be cared for at home, or sent to a nursing home. It’s a perfect storm.

So Javid, the Nazi thug, is lying when he says we should be jabbed in return for our freedoms. We could take ten jabs each between now and Christmas and they’d still lock down.

This was never about a virus. If folks can’t see that now, they’ll never see it.




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I never thought this was going to apart of the plan, but now i think they are trying to start a world war i really do.


It still makes me facepalm when so many are arguing over the more recent developments when they still haven’t proven that SARS-CoV2 actually ever existed in the wild.

They have only ever displayed computer generated images or artist renderings to the public and nothing to professionals. Surely, with so many ‘cases’ they must have had ample samples and opportunities to satisfy them?

Once that single point is discredited the whole agenda will come apart.


So agree with you. Dr Stefan Lanka has proved that the computer evidence they claim can be generated without there being any virus present and there are no actual physical samples existing anywhere.


“He (Nagpaul) stressed that case numbers were comparable to March, when England was in lockdown, and were “unheard of in similar European nations”.

So why is that? you hear the word “case numbers” so how many of these case numbers are resulting in deaths? if there has been supposedly 96 million jabs given out, and its apparently comparable to March, sounds like they do not prevent hospitalization and or its a bit of both where people are in hospital because of the jab and also there because the NHS packed up any treatment for all other illnesses last yr and are now facing the consequences.

I also don’t believe its “unheard of in similar European nations”. the UK is not that special and if the same jabs have been given out,either all countries are the same or none are.

Last edited 9 months ago by Patrice
Caroline Fealy

Its all a crock of shit. Really am beginning to get very pissed off with lies after lies. I sorry but i blame the public who keep complying to this scamdemic. They will scare people with the so called plan C so when they say oh will do plan b people will be greatful. Sorry but it fucking sad.
Sorry to swear but i am so pissed off now.


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Tim in Brazil

The BMA is just another QUANGO.

Ronald Templeman

I said yesterday about the vote to continue the covid bill. Lets see now, it is such a major health issue to this country, hardly any MPs turned up to debate and vote on extending the bill. Those that did turn up had a big laugh and let the Speaker say the bill is passed.

Well very sorry government and MPs if you lot do not think it important enough to show up in the house for a bill and it’s conditions that is to control a so called pandemic and that it’s a laughing matter then you are taking the mickey out of us all.

What was shown in parliament on the 19th was total contempt for the people of this country and proof that this is a PLANDEMIC, there was no vote to extend the bill so in my book the bill is dead.

Last edited 9 months ago by Ronald Templeman

that was really appalling to not even vote for it, they may find the public are not so happy with the optics of that.


They did the same here in Ireland where a lot didn’t turn up for the vote. I think they want to say to their constituents ‘see we didn’t support it’ but to their government overlords ‘see we didn’t vote against it’. They want to have it both ways.


‘Plan B’ implies a back-up plan; but if that were the case, why have so many of us been telling people for most of the year that we would be in lockdown this winter?

Hopefully, all those people we have told will start kicking their brains into gear; will start to wonder, ‘how did they know?’; will start to think for themselves; will turn away from the blinding false light of the MSM.
Most probably won’t, but some, I think, will.

I doubt it will be enough for the immediate future, but it might – just, might – provide a solid foundation to build upon.


Maybe I’m just odd. I read about this in another article this morning and it had me in stitches. It took quite a while for the laughter to die down.
Doctors – carefully selected pro-vaccine doctors – are asking the government to do their job of attending the people’s health.
The notion should be ludicrous to everyone.

But then, that mentality is endemic throughout the country.
It is not parent’s responsibility to educate their children – it is the state’s (education system).
It is not our responsibility to police ourselves – it is the state’s (the police).
It is not our responsibility to be civil and polite to one another – it is the state’s (censorship bills).
It is not a family’s responsibility to look after elderly members – it is the state’s (care homes, etc).
It is not our responsibility to heat and light our homes – it is the state’s (utility companies).

The examples go on and on. And we are all guilty of it in some fashion.

The ludicrousness of our collective gullibility is worth laughing at.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

The *Crown* and the *City of London* 2nd/3rd-level wannabes:

Chaand Nagpaul:
-“He was awarded the CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) in the 2015 Queen’s Birthday Honours List for his services to Primary Care. He is the Chair of the General Practitioners Committee for the British Medical Association in London, England.”
-“Chaand Nagpaul at a glance. Born in north London, attended Christ’s College grammar school, Finchley. Qualified from Barts Hospital medical school in 1985. Senior partner in GP practice in Stanmore, north London. Joined GPC in 1996, became a negotiator in 2007, and was elected chair in 2013. Awarded CBE for services to primary care in 2015.”

Sajid Javid:
-“he joined the Conservative Party. Working in banking, he rose to become a Managing Director at Deutsche Bank…” – “.

Yeah. they always use the wannabe ’cause “wannabeez always try to please their Bosses”.


We have over a million more ‘cases’ now than we did this time last year with no jabs whatsoever. They don’t work.

Mama Ibeji (Linda)

I’ve literally just watched Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley interviewing the health minister on GMB regarding this. I have to say – it was an absolute horror show – witnessing two supposed ‘journalists’ literally begging for mask mandates and the ratcheting up of tighter restrictions – saying the ‘system is broken’, that people are unable to book their ‘crucial’ booster (even if they want to), demanding a vaccine ‘Tzar’. Then straight to a fluffy ‘fun’ piece about Britains best known lock- down dogs….. Unbelievable yet inevitable and infuriating.

Alex Romero

Pathetic innit


A horror show, you say? Well, it is coming up to Halloween.

Mama Ibeji (Linda)

Ha ha – perfect timing, eh? Reid, Madely et al are pumpkin-heads, that’s for sure…

Urban Fox

Hi all very true. I haven’t watched or listened to any main stream for over a year. As i am not able to cope with it. So you are braver than me. I hope you got the information i sent you on private message. Speak soon, Fox

Alex Romero

People lack critical thinking skills. Let them do what they want as long as there’s kareoke and plenty of ale is the attitude.

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