Doctors – “Too Many Deaths Are Being Blamed On Coronavirus.”

In a moving piece in last Saturday’s Daily Mail, journalist Bel Mooney revealed that the death of her father was recorded as coronavirus. The 99 year-old gentleman had been suffering with dementia and chronic pulmonary obstructive disease. Covid did not kill him.

Understandably, Bel Mooney wanted to know what was going on and how often it was happening. More than 100 Daily Mail readers got in touch, along with doctors, scientists and MP’s. They’re demanding an inquiry. A funeral director told The Mail, that the over-counting of coronavirus deaths is a “national scandal.”

Eight of the families who wrote to the The Mail managed to persuade their doctors to change causes of death that had previously been recorded as Covid-19.

Conservative MP Paul Bristow said:

“It’s almost certain that a number of deaths have been wrongly attributed to Covid-19. Not only has this skewed figures when data has been so important in deciding how we respond to the pandemic, it has caused distress and anxiety for relatives. Whether we have received the most appropriate figures should definitely be considered in any future inquiry.”

Lib Dem MP Layla Moran, who chairs the all-party parliamentary group on coronavirus, said:

“The Government should call a public inquiry into the handling of the pandemic immediately with an interim investigation into all Covid deaths that should report as soon as possible.”

According to today’s Daily Mail:

A funeral director in the North West told the Mail: ‘The way Covid has been recorded and reported is a national scandal and a thorough enquiry should be opened immediately.’

Medical experts have cited pressure on doctors to include Covid-19 as a cause of death because it was last year ruled a ‘notifiable disease’, meaning any case needs to be reported officially.

Professor Clare Gerada, former chairman of the Royal College of GPs, said: ‘When this all comes out in the wash, we will find out we have over-recorded Covid-19 as a cause of death.’

Richard Vautrey, who chairs the British Medical Association’s GP committee, said the toll may have been overstated at the beginning of the pandemic when testing was not widely available and ‘cause of death would have been based on best judgement of clinical symptoms’.

The government is standing firm though. A spokesperson for the Department of Health told The Mail:

“We are confident the death statistics are robust and provide an accurate picture of those who have sadly died from the virus. The guidance to doctors completing a medical certificate of cause of death explains they are expected to state cause of death to the best of their medical knowledge and belief.”

It is a stone cold fact that coronavirus deaths have been greatly exaggerated. Anyone dying within 28 days of a positive test, is listed as having died of the virus. It’s not just a national scandal, it is unimaginably wicked. I urge you reading this article, to share it with anyone you know, who lost a loved one in the last year and were told the cause of death was coronavirus.

The pandemic hoax narrative hangs by a thread. If the broadcast media supports The Mail and goes for Hancock, Whitty and that goon Jonathan Van Tam, this could be all over by Tuesday. It really is that simple.




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How come these mainstream people are only just waking up to things quite a lot of us could have told them months ago and that Richie and others in the independent media have been talking about in programme after programme and been smeared for doing so?


Still say it, look at the state of that fucking creep, and ask yourself why

Urban fox

Nothing is likely to change here. This story first came to light many months ago. Possibly beginning of summer. I heard it break live, on BBC radio London, when I still listened to it. I used to have the talk stations on all day. A Dr called the show live and admitted , they had all been instructed in the 28 days policy, which had originally been 60. And also told when in doubt always put covid on certificates. Shortly after he was called a liar and attacked for what he said. Even though others came forward confirming his statement. And non had any reason to lie. Weeks later the authorities quietly , officially admitted the policy. But no apologies were given to those DRs who had ,there carears trashed.

From the very beginning, “best practice” was to lie and fraudulently falsify death numbers and death certificates.

This should have ended everything at the time. But incredibly they just carried on , and as a token gesture kicked a few hundred off the total. Which was big of them. And the public, just went along believing the scam and never batted an eyelid. This Should have ended everything at the time. But it wasn’t because of the facts not being made known, but because of wilful ignorance of the masses. Who were unable or unwilling to face the truth. As it was easier to believe in a phantom plague, than to face the horror of what was really happening.

And now in present day, the numbers by themselves speak the truth. Where are all the excess deaths In 2020 when compared to death stats from all causes in previous years. And where did flue go?

If people are still unwilling or unable to see the truth even now, I don’t know what more it will take. Because everything should already be Crystal clear. And unless people pull their heads out the sand very soon, then all is lost. Because this massive worldwide hoax ,should have been blown out of the proverbial water months ago, based on the evidence now available.

” They listen, but do not hear, they look but do not see”

From the new testament.


Hi fox, 100% mate I remember that last year they got caught inflating the death count, as you say it was mentioned but the criminal media for the most part ignored it.

Urban fox

Thanks Martin. Just watching horror film and gonna exercise a bit. As I’ve been a right lazey fox,, Speak later.


Just this last week they have struck off 22 doctors here in Ireland, with others pending, just for daring to use their knowledge and expertise to tell the truth.


I was just thinking with that face, his mother must have dropped him as a baby.




From a high riser, before anyone leaves this page scroll back up to the top of the page look at the picture and ask yourself ” what the feck have we done to be subjected to this muppet, look at the f—ing state of him.


Lol. He looks like he needs a good wash too, the sweaty git. I was going to say something really cruel and un pc but I’ll keep my bad thoughts to myself in case I offend anyone.


Who is he? I’m not in Britain and I’m not familiar with him.


A face like a well skelpt erse.

Nick Lewis

It astounding how those that watch or read the msm, cannot recall things that the goons said via their daily briefings. Such as Valence saying that ” it’s highly likely that the roni will have little or no effect on people under 70 “, last April he said that. This is why I believe the majority were put under some hypnotic trance, by the fear porn the goons bombarded them with. Not looking or listening to the propaganda for a few days is the key to breaking the trance, thus the mind is able to start critical thinking.


It will never catch on, l live amongst these people lol.


the attention to this was called last year. by so many of us. Alas.


MP (Ministorial Puppet) Moran is just another opportunistic, vacuous mouthpiece. The inflation of ‘Covid deaths’ was raised by some of the media last year and then, with a simple distraction from government, that important story went away.
Now that it has returned, I fully expect it to get the same treatment.
Of course, it does provide the government with an excellent opportunity, in the near future, to blame the NHS for the panic with its poor recording of vital information. And the genuflecting masses, confronted with this seeming deception from their new church and priesthood, will turn on the NHS with a fury.


Isn’t it strange, I was only thinking the other day the liberals are quiet. We had Jo Swinson (dictator in the making) the other year over Brexit, now we’ve got gob on legs Moron (deliberate typo) shouting her mouth off about covid. She’s obviously missing the limelight.


Kathy have you seen the footage of nicola krankie when the news came in that swinson had lost her seat to the snp candidate, she was about to do a interview it was caught on film, the wee bint went mental, near enough jumping about punching the air, fair to say she was pleased.


I don’t recall that. Will have to try and find it. I heard in Scotland they her the wee burnie and there are comedy sketches that are hilarious.


meant they call her.

Ronald Templeman

As I understand the facts and if I am wrong please let me know,
1) The government admits it can not prove covid 19 exists as it has never been compared to a gold standard, Koch’s postulates, (isolated).
2) If (1) is correct then the PCR test can not find covid 19 but only corona virus (cold flu etc) and that is after cycling it above the recommended number of times.
3) Anybody who dies can be tested and more than likely they were false positives re corona virus, but as no autopsies are carried out who knows if covid 19 was ever involved.

We all know that the lunatics running this show want the figures as bad as possible to keep the masses in total fear and sadly with a lot out there they have achieved it.


Scientists in the US did further testing on 1500 people who had flu-like symptoms and had tested positive for covid19. Every single one of them actually had the flu. That’s what covid19 is, flu, pneumonia and out and out lying.

My dad works for an ambulance company – EVERYONE they pick up will be registered as a “corona case” UNLESS they have tested negative within three days of them being picked up by the ambulance. Read about the Covid-19 hoax here: The Most Dangerous Book Ever Published: Deadly Deception Exposed!: Korsgaard, Søren Roest, Roberts, Dr, Corbett, James: 9788793987142: Books

Definitely worth looking at, thanks for the info about your dad. I won’t be using Amazon though, they are far, far too dominant.

The pandemic is an obvious hoax to completely transform human rights and civil rights into government authority. The latest is that concentration camps are being set up in Germany, US, Canada, and many other places: The Fake Covid “Pandemic” Is the Excuse for Concentration Camps –


Last year a close sister-in-law to my mum died. She was in hospital with a brain aneurism, kidney failure and sepsis. And she was refusing her meds. Because of a positive PCR test, her cause of death was recorded as Covid 19. My mum accepted this without question and when I tried to point out the absurdity (as gently as possible) she got angry and defensive.
You see, with people like my mum the fear programming has been complete and effective. Getting through to them simply is not possible.
They’ll probably have a name for it in a few years: Covid (or corona) phobia.


This is where we’re at Craig. The masses will not accept they’re being lied to but they will look at us as liars when in fact we’re trying to protect them. The government and media have sure done a good job if they’ve got this many people falling for it. Hopefully some more will wake up in light of this latest news, news that the likes us were already aware of.


It’s not our responsibiliy to protect others.


I know your right but I think initially that was how I felt with family and friends. They’ve chosen their path so I’ve let it go.


As hard as it can be, there is no other way. We can offer them a different perspective, but cannot force them to see the world as we do. As the old saying goes, ‘you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink’. Our friends and family are not horses (mostly), but they are also not children. Even if they preach to us or try to bully us to their point of view, it is no reason for us to behave in the same fashion.
Now, I just have to listen to my own advice…


To be honest it’s mostly always these people that bring the subject up after watching the news etc, so I was reacting which has caused some disagreements. Now I’m keeping quiet when they talk about their jabs etc until they change the subject. I’ve told my husband that if he mentions anything that he hears on the telly, which I think is bollocks, l will talk about my views.


That is only reasonable. I’ve just has a chat with my mum, who is very much pro-vaccine (though she believes it should be individual choice) and I had to approach the subject with all the calm and reason of a seasoned diplomat.


My aunt is 85 and calls me a silly girl. Let’s just say I’ve learnt a lot of diplomacy this past year lol


I know what you mean about listening to your own advice. I keep saying that I won’t try and wake anyone else but then I succumb. I have to find a way to stop doing it, whatever the provocation.


I think it’s Stockholm syndrome, identifying with your oppressors


I think Stockholm Syndrome applies more to the vaccine believers.

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