Domestic Vaccine Passports “Under Consideration” – Foreign Secretary

UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab was on LBC radio this morning. The presenter Tom Swarbrick asked him about domestic vaccine passports. They’d been discussing vaccine passports for tourists. Swarbrick said “So domestically it won’t be needed will it…showing a passport to get into a supermarket or something like that?”

Raab replied: “Well it’s something that hasn’t been ruled out and it’s under consideration, but of course you’ve got to make it workable. You’ve got to know that the document you’ve been presented with is reliable….we’ll look at all the options.” You got that? Raab isn’t horrified at the prospect of insisting that someone is vaccinated before being allowed into a shop. He’s more concerned as to whether the technology is there yet.

Of course they haven’t ruled it out. I told you that Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi was lying through his teeth when he said that the UK “wasn’t the type of country” to impose such tyranny on its citizens. This was always going to come to pass. If it continues to go unchecked, guys like me will never see the inside of a shop, a pub, a restaurant, a cinema, a concert or a football match again.

It will not matter that there’s nothing wrong with me, that I don’t have a runny nose, a temperature or a cough. I won’t have had the mark of the beast you see and if your name’s not on the door, you ain’t getting in.

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I heard this on LBC today and it has upset me all day. Even Israel have the idea but will still allow the unvaccinated into supermarkets and pharmacies ( well, so far ). This is absolute blackmail and it’s murder, they would let people and pets starve to death. I made a comment some time ago on social media regarding the population reduction shown on where I said the vaccinated would die from the vaccine and the unvaccinated would die by being blackmailed into starvation.

Gene Hunt

Does anyone seriously think the government hasn’t already made their mind up about the vax passport already! They’re just patronising us. Pretending that it’s up for discussion & debate, when in reality it was more than likely decided months (if not years) ago!

ian heaver

There is a lot of money to be made here for anyone that could provide a ‘Vaccine Passport’ available on the ‘black market’. It wouldn’t be easy for them but I would pay a small fortune for one as there is no way I will ever take the poisoned jab!

Tom M

And here I present to you the state of ‘journalism’ in 2021 courtesy of Piers Morgan. Championing the idea of poison jab passports for all public places, and dismissing all those with genuine concerns as ‘anti-vaxxers’ and ‘loonies’, rather than challenging and scrutinising the idea like any responsible journalist should. What an utterly repulsive excuse for a human being Morgan is, but then again what do you expect from the likes of him?


He must be being paid well 🙄 the tosspot.

ian heaver

Piers Moron yes what an utterly vile ‘human being’ . He is totally despicable – always has been !


I remember Morgan’s interview wirh Ben Shapiro a few years ago, in which he sneered at the idea that Western governments could become tyrannical to the point that citizens would need to be armed to protect themselves from such a State. And here we are.

Urban fox

Absolutely! I can’t believe I used to respect this man. Always liked the way when he was an editor. He stuck his neck out, printing story’s others didn’t. Yeah I know, but he did, and even resigned over this. What the hell happened. !!!!???. Used to enjoy watching the breakfast and talk shows. I haven’t watched any of them in months. Can’t bear to. IF it wasn’t for Richie, David Icke, Vernon, etc, would have no news. The main stream media and most of their presenters have betrayed us all. I will never feel the same again. Beyond disgusted.


They can go f*ck themselves. It’s still a no from me.

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