I invited a self styled radical feminist on the show to talk about the madness of men who identify as women being put up for women only roles, the lunacy of men who identify as women being offered smear tests and all the rest of it. I'd been chatting cordially with the feminist on Twitter. I called her this morning. "Hey there, it's about time you came on the show" I said. "Oh I've been advised against coming on your show" she gushed, "because of David Icke's anti-feminism stance." I abruptly said goodbye and hung up. I'm a busy lad. I'm also cursed with having absolutely no patience when it comes to dealing with muppets.
I mean the fucking madness of that. Has she or any other snowflake ever contemplated self censorship and how insidious and destructive that is? It is preposterous and utterly redundant, to say, "Oh I can't talk to you, because your mate thinks this or that." I mean really? You can't comfortably chat with a radio presenter and lay out your position, your concerns, your thesis, because the presenter has an association with someone you disagree with?? The fucking irony of that. Ah well. It's of no consequence to me. Feminists have been on before and will be again in the future.
Identity politics rears its head again eh? These identitarians are boxing themselves in, creating narrower and narrower frames of reference for themselves and ultimately rendering themselves incapable of living with opinions that differ from theirs. I can't emphasise how dangerous that is, in a time when free speech is being destroyed as it is. There are more than enough censors working day and night to marginalise those who are challenging the status quo. Don't fucking join them!
Engage those you disagree with. Talk to them, have a cuppa with them. Ask them why they believe what it is they believe. In response, tell them why you think as you do. Didn't it used to be like that once? I remember those times. How exciting it once was, to have a frank exchange of opinions with those who thought differently, an exchange that didn't result in one or both parties melting down and running for a safe space! Come on people get over yourselves. For Heavens sake, don't gag yourself, there's a growing queue of others who will gladly do it for you. 

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