Door-To-Door Vaccines To Boost Uptake In Leicester

Vaccinators could go door-to-door in Leicester, to persuade people to have a coronavirus vaccine. Covid cases are high in some parts of the city where vaccine uptake has been slow.

Health officials in the city told the BBC that they are looking at “innovative” ways to reach more people. Persuaders and vaccinators might be deployed to wards where vaccination rates are lowest.

Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland City Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said while 430,000 vaccinations have been carried out, they are seriously concerned about low rates in some areas. According to The BBC:

The CCG said that while they would not be going door-to-door targeting whole streets, they would be visiting households where they know there has been vaccine hesitancy and where they could cover eligible patients belonging to different generations.

Other options include “pop-up clinics” outside factories and at shopping centres, opening later to allow those observing Ramadan to visit after fasting and women-only vaccination centres in mosques.

GP’s in Leicester have been phoning people who have declined the jab in order to persuade them to change their minds. Leicester has a large BAME population. This demographic is most likely to refuse a jab.

The next time you open the door, it might well be to a man or a woman who wants to vaccinate you there and then. Declining your vaccine is not an option. They will not take no for an answer. Welcome to the new normal.



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Linda Rose

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The potential with this is endless…>>>>>>


In the criminal fraternity a ‘persuader’ is synonymous with ‘ENFORCER’ , just saying.

Web Ferrett

You could have a lot of fun with this – As the jab is only released for emergency use and is experimental and still in trials till 2023, then ask them for the consent form that you sign to consent to being part of their clinical trials (obviously they won’t have one – lol)
And ask about what compensation you could expect if anything went wrong – I don’t think they would hang around too long – hahaha

Last edited 8 months ago by Web Ferrett
Ronald Templeman

As you said Richie I will be waiting for the knock on the door, I just hope who ever it is, is wearing a jock strap otherwise he wont be knocking on any other doors.


Put a notice on the door :- No Junk Mail, No Pedlars, No Covid Vaccine Persuaders !!!


Katie Hopkins discusses a guidance document from the NHS on how to sell the vaccine the public. Essentially a script designed to pressure joe public using psycological techniques utalising fear and coercion…First seen by me on The Slog.
Katie Hopkins: Why you are feeling pressured into having the vaccine

Last edited 8 months ago by Jay

I’ve seen this one BNT, and feel disgusted at the fact they think so little of the electorate in this country. This being said, the overriding feeling is one of despair at the fact that WE the general public have virtually given them permission to condescend to us. There are people who swallow ‘hook line and sinker’ anything spewed out of the Biased Bull$£it Company, the Daily Snail. the Financial Slimes etc. The one high point here is that their desperation is showing with this door to door stunt. It’s clear that not enough people are volunteering for the poisonous cocktail. I have personally received 3 text messages.


As someone who is strong in their belief that this isn’t a safe option to take, no one could change my mind. Unfortunately not everyone is like that and some people waiver and could possibly feel intimidated. I’ve had two letters that I’ve binned and four texts that I’ve deleted. I just wish they would call, put me on the decline list and stop bothering me.


Vaccine Persuaders


The video has been muted.


Sorry no it hasn’t been muted, it always helps if you plug in your headphones.


😂 😂 😂 😂


A vax is supposed to prevent people from dying all around me…Do I need ‘persuaded’ to see what is not there? Obviously, the weak minded is their target, not frequenters of this forum…
But, Could be an opertunity to persuade the “vax persuader” of some of the facts they might not be aware of…

Last edited 8 months ago by Jay
Urban fox

Did anyone see, those hundreds of porter cabin type things, with NHS logo on the sides? A truck driver found them in the middle of no where, and made a film ,photos etc. Wonder what happened to them. It was likely these were jab huts, to go in car park of super markets etc. Surprised not seen them in use yet. Shopping list for today,

Loaf of bread
Tins of Beans
Tom sauce
One regular covid oxford jab
One mutant variant, finest range.

Jane Edmonds

I’d like to see them turn up here and try that on, we’ll be ready for them….


Yes with a bucket of dirty water 😆


Two Rottweilers “Pebbles & Snowy!”

A pitchfork….

And an Axe!


Tom Phillips

after what “martin” did, we hope they rugby tackle him and shove a jab right up his arse




A sign on the door that reads, ‘Dear vaccine persuader. Please bugger off or expect to be met with hostility’ might help.
It will, at least, give them fair warning and might even deter them.
Because they will be met with hostility on my doorstep.

Caroline Fealy

It will still be a no. I don’t open my door unless i know who is at it.

Urban fox

Hi again, how you,? Yeah I never answer door either.

Caroline Fealy

HI there. Yeah all good thank you. How are you?

Urban fox

Nice to hear from you. Are you another one, who stays up all night🌙. ? I’m about to cook!
I’m about the same as every day last 12 months I suppose. One day blends into the next. Thanks for asking though. Good to know others are out their, who have been unplugged. ( matrix annalogy)
Take care U.F

Caroline Fealy

Ah well i do get up at stupid o’clock every morning. I am past staying up all night ha ha ha. Yes i get the blending day’s but you have to do some things different change routines and all that. I have never been plugged in to be honest. Not much if anything can shock me now getting past that. Worry too is out the window. Just trying to keep a smile and doing mostly stuff we usually do. Bit miffed about gigs and pubs, but i have me vinyl and beer is cheaper from the shops. Miss the atmo though. Not backing down. Good to hear you cook best to know whats going in ya food :).. I like to cook make my dishes for the tribe, they seem to enjoy it. Thank you for the message speak again 🙂 take it easy 🙂

Urban fox

Hi, can’t disagree with any of that. Very right about changing routines. Going to take that advice.

I love 💘my food, and am half decent cook. Just had a lovely coffee and choc chip shortbread biscuit whilst listening to Richie. Pot of fresh coffee or tea with something sweet whilst listening to show, is my latest habit.

Caroline Fealy

Sounds delicious 🙂


This is getting more Orwellian by the day. The vaccinators are coming to town. If you’re really lucky you could even get BBC TV Licensing at the same time.
We have noticed that you’ve been watching BBC1 without a licence and you don’t appear to have a Covid vaccination certificate. Credit card please and roll up your right sleeve immediately.


Ist photo i have seen of NHS Nurses not TikTok dancing, flag looks much better than the “Rainbow” one, ok maybe not better perhaps more appropriate though – NHS = Nazi Holocaust Service


A Nurse with 2 burly Robocop types with her scaring the shit out of people into having the shot !


If they come to my door, I’ll be reminding them that they’re trespassing. I might even swear profusely.


could be a really hot looking nurse, how could you resist ?


Iron will?

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