Dorries Says Elite Women’s Sport Should Be Reserved For Biological Females

The Culture Secretary has said that transgenders should be banned from competing in elite women’s sport. Nadine Dorries said yesterday that asking women and teenage girls to compete against someone who was biologically born a male is inherently unfair.

According to the BBC:

Dorries met representatives from 15 sports including football, cricket, rugby, tennis and athletics plus UK Sport and Sport England bosses.

Swimming’s world governing body Fina recently voted to stop transgender athletes from competing in women’s elite events if they have gone through any part of the male puberty process.

Britain’s Olympic diving champion Tom Daley has said he is “furious” at Fina’s decision.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in April he did not believe transgender women should compete in female sporting events.

Dorries urged the governing bodies “to adopt the government’s unequivocal view” on transgender athletes competing in women’s sports…

“Sport is for everyone, no matter where you’ve come from in life. It allows people to come together and perform on a level playing field, based upon basic fairness and the integrity of competition,” said Dorries.

“The government has the utmost compassion for people born into a body they don’t recognise. But we can’t pretend that sex doesn’t have a direct impact on a person’s athletic performance.

Asking women and teenage girls to compete against someone who was biologically born a male is inherently unfair.

“I recognise that this is a complex and emotionally charged issue, so I welcome the support of our domestic governing bodies to protect and show compassion to all athletes. In the interests of sporting integrity, we must bring clarity to protect the future interests of sport around the world.”

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Is there nothing sacred any longer? I kept trying to write sacred but I kept typing scared instead. Maybe that’s the truth. I am scared of a population of my own species who can tell themselves that anal sex can somehow equate to producing children and propagating our species. If you’re just horny, I understand. Any port in a storm right? Whatever it takes and damn the consequences.

The consequences are people who don’t know up from down because they’ve been threatened for speaking truth. Welcome to your future. There is only one solution and I won’t say it here because it won’t be discussed by Richie. It isn’t pleasant. The people who are pushing us to the edge have already picked out their favorite island or locale where they plan to live out their lives with
their children and grand children while we are denied procreation and freedom. Likely even the right to life.
Does this sound like wild propaganda? Listen to the favorite brain child of Klaus Schwab. herr Yuval Herari

If you don’t believe in God then there is only one hope for mankind. Otherwise, I am waiting for the second presence of Jesus because it’s better than anything I’m hearing out of the rest of you lot.

The simple truth is that a boy’s body becomes a man’s body. A girl’s body becomes a woman’s body. Even for people who Identify as the opposite of the body they were born into, this is the Biological Fact.


I once identified as a world class footballer, but was very soon bought down to earth in trial for a mid level non league outfit. Patricia, you’re right, thinking it, does NOT make it so. This IMHO is a direct result of the self help ethos of ‘fake it till you make it’.


In writing about his Communist utopia Marx expressed the idea that you could be a fisherman in the morning, a hunter in the afternoon, and a critc in the evening. In essence, he was arguing that each person could be whatever they wanted to be.
Of course, this was during a time period when identity was strongly attached to employment, but that early form ‘progressive’ notion has evolved to the point where parents, for some time, have been telling their children that they can be whatever they want.

The idea is as absurd now as it was in Marx’s time, yet so many parents continue to set their kids up for failure and disappointment.
Someone who is poor at mathematics cannot be a physicist no matter how much they want it. Someone who is tone deaf cannot be a musician. A mute cannot become an orator. The list goes on.
Whether due to innate genetic factors including natural ablities) or upbringing, the notion that we can be whatever we want to be simply isn’t true for the vast majority of people.
This is, after all, a world of difference between seeing yourself as a hunter in the afternoon and being able to bring back fruits of that hunt at the end of the afternoon.

As to the more specific story: there is a chromosomal disorder called Klinefelter’s Syndrome. Most of the research in this has been focussed on men because it was in men that Klinefelter noticed it.
KS involves men with one or more extra ‘X’ chromosomes.
The physiological and psychological effects of this have been quite well documented. Among them can be lower bone density and less muscle mass, meaning that such men – if they are not receiving testosterone replacement therapy – will have a hard time competing in men’s sports.
Do I think that the rules should change for such men if they want to follow their dream of being a professional sportsman? No, I don’t.

Do I think that this provides a good excuse for ‘transitioning’? Also, no.
Why should a man born with male genitalia, but having more feminine qualities decide (or be made to feel) that they should compartmentalise themself as a woman in line with traditional notions that are constantly being ridiculed as outdated?
Logic is a funny old thing.

Urban Fox

Good to see there is some push back regarding the fairness or lack of, of transgender athletes competing in woman’s sports. I’m non the less skeptical about how genuine that push back is, and about how successful it will be in the time ahead. As i believe that these transgender issues that keep coming up, are not about equality. But are part of an agenda to fuse gender into a non gender, non procreating thing.

On the subject of good news, i was pleased to hear on the show yesterday the lady being interviewed on the MSM regards the poisonous Jab compensation.

On that same topic, iv just seen that in Tuesdays telegraph newspaper. They ran an article about how 1000 people are now applying for the compensation. Not that any amount of money, certainly not 120 thousand. Can ever compensate for what i believe is the deliberate harm and death that has been brought about by these fake vaccines. I also suspect that they always intended to admit to some injuries and deaths eventually. As it would most likely be impossible to deny there has not been at least some. None the less it can only be a good thing, that they have finally had to break cover. Though it remains to be seen how much impact if any it will have on the believers. I suppose time will tell.

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