Dowden: “Take Your Booster Jabs To Avoid Christmas Restrictions”

The Chairman of the Conservative Party Oliver Dowden told SKY’s Kay Burley this morning that avoiding Christmas restrictions is in “our hands” and that the booster jab “is the biggest wall of defence we have against Covid.”

Dowden said:

“I’m confident that if we stick the course, if people take the boosters when they’re asked to do so, that vaccine wall will hold up and we’ll be able to have a decent Christmas this year.”

Presenter Burley (not at all perturbed at a government representative promising freedom in return for taking his medicine), then asked Dowden to comment on the tyranny unfolding in Austria. Unvaccinated Austrians have just been placed in lockdown. Burley asked Dowden if the UK government might adopt a similar approach. Dowden replied:

“That’s not something we’re currently contemplating. Of course it is the case, although it’s an entirely separate matter that in relation to very high-risk areas such as care homes, we are requiring people to have those double-jabs. 

It’s always been the British tradition I think, to move on a consensual, voluntary basis so we have no plans to have that kind of differentiated approach between the vaccinated and the non-vaccinated.

But it is so essential because if you take the further vaccine, it’s good for you because it protects your own health but it also protects everyone else’s health because there’s a lower chance of catching the disease and therefore transmitting it.”

Tell NHS staff and care workers about Britain’s “consensual voluntary basis” approach to vaccination. Burley should have hammered Dowden when he said that, but Burley is as useless as tits on a bull.

Dowden was of course lying, when he said that his government “isn’t currently contemplating” locking down the un-jabbed. He swallowed hard before saying that.

Would that be the tipping point? If they imposed house arrest on those of us who have refused their medicine, would that finally mobilise people?

Good luck to any police officer, or anyone else for that matter, who would prevent me from going about my business or who would demand to see my vaccine passport. It wouldn’t end well for them.


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Fauci, Gates Admit COVID Vaccines Don’t Work as Advertised
In interviews just days apart, Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted COVID vaccines aren’t effective, but both suggested the solution is to give more BOOSTERS to more people.

In two recent interviews, pandemic thought leaders Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates drastically changed their opinions on COVID vaccine effectiveness — and used their newfound concerns to push booster shots for the general population.

Last week, in an interview with Jeremy Hunt at London’s Policy Exchange, Gates admitted what many, including the Lancet, have been saying for months — that the vaccines aren’t effective.

Gates, who previously referred to the effectiveness of mRNA vaccines as “magic,” told Hunt “we need a new way of doing the vaccines.”

Only days later, Fauci echoed similar sentiments during a New York Times podcast. Fauci said the COVID vaccine’s effectiveness against infection, hospitalization and even death, for all age groups, is waning to the point where booster doses will become “essential” for everyone.


It’s becoming a world of vaccine junkies that will probably boost there way into early graves.
They can keep Christmas as I do not want anything to do with it.
I hope any one who reads this comment is having a great day love you all.

Robert Klinck

“it protects your own health but it also protects everyone else’s health because there’s a lower chance of catching the disease and therefore transmitting it” Addendum: But we won’t, as usual, present the data we (presumably) possess that justifies our position.


These things aren’t boosting anything, they’re updates for the operating systems being grown from the Graphene.


Bill Gates wants to put graphene in the food, my goodness. That man is insane, why is he listened to? This was a very interesting video, thank you.


You’re very welcome Jennie.

Worth bookmarking that one also!

That’s what’s really going on here…


Tim in Brazil

That’s not something we’re currently contemplating ……..(but we will contemplate it and implement it at somestage in the future). This has become the standard political response.

Aldo Bennedetti

They know exactly what the future holds was they have the completed script.

They just feed it to us 1 page at a time.

Aldo Bennedetti

Something is rotten in Denmark I think. Austria and Holland are red flags for Ireland and England I think in the coming weeks.

Irish Gov meeting today as they’re “extremely” concerned and one advisor suggesting that the booster is not the solution.

Also the mention of “lockdown” is becoming far too frequent of late thus an impending reality justified by their case numbers, stressed hospitals and those not willing to be jabbed.

Lets Go Brandon!


I found this on the BBC website. ‘Only 1 jab needed for the previously infected’. Now we’re talking about 3+ vaccinations.


I think they are working on slowly, slowly catchee monkey. If we can get them to take one jab then we can probably get them to take a second etc. It’s all being done by slow increments.


Nice to hear from you, Jennine. There’s a really interesting piece direct from the British Medical Journey that I’d like you to see. Pay particular attention to the section on T & B cell immunity.

Many thanks,


Robert Klinck

From the outset they have been following the Leninist tactic for putting the opposition off-balance while attaining one’s goal: two steps forward, one step back [Repeat].


“isn’t currently contemplating”’ is not, necessarily a lie. Not, for example, if they are working to a predetermined plan.
Dowden did not say, “at no point have we contemplated”.

In other words, Dowden has used the age old political expedient of ‘plausible deniability’.

As for ‘Good luck to any police officer, or anyone else for that matter, who would prevent me from going about my business or who would demand to see my vaccine passport. It wouldn’t end well for them.’
Good luck with that. Prosecution and gaol time will end the Richie Allen Show just as effectively as any legislation (or do you think that bail/probation conditions won’t prohibit you from continuing?) And while you are languishing in a cell, who will look after/defend the future Mrs Allen and one dog?

I’m not even implying the use of violence (nor interpreting your words as such): but any hostile reaction and/or non-compliance runs the risk of achieving the same outcome.

We need to be smarter than that.


I often wonder how many of these people are paedos…Not saying he is but Dowden’s face has something of the night about him.


He looks like someone who would be far more at home in the Liberal party.

Paul G

I certainly won’t be complying with any illegal lockdown, l hope others will join me. These tyrants can’t keep getting away with useless and damaging lockdowns, it’s time to stand up for ourselves and peacefully beat these backstards

Alex Romero

Tesco’s Christmas Santa advert complete with Vax Passport tells us all we need to know about what’s coming. This advert has been well planned from a company whose major shareholder is Blackrock. I’m voting with my feet. Tesco can fuck off and take their NWO with them.


I’m sure SPI-B gave them their full assistance in the making of that egregious piece of propaganda trash. Too bad (unlike John Lewis) they never got Emma Raducanu to play a role in the production. She seems to be up for pretty much anything going for a nice bung of cash.


I have been boycotting them on and off for years and I will start the boycott again.

The other day Burley got the closest she will ever get to doing her job when she reduced Javid to shouting in frustration. He had admitted that fully jabbed care home staff still had a 35% chance of passing on the ‘virus’ to patients. Burley asked him why it was necessary then to jab all staff and why he needed to destroy lives by sacking people and causing a staffing crisis as there was little benefit from enforced vaccination. She asked why staff could not just be tested each day. She could have tackled Dowden in the same way but i would suggest the ‘men in black’ have had a word with her bosses and she has cowered back into her box.


Probably threatened her with another six months suspension and a cleaning job upon her return to the office!

chris morrell

Liverpool bomb …outside a Hospital
First thought here we go with the anti vaxxer terror?


100% Chris.
False flag.




Another incident for distraction and create fear amongst those who have had their minds already broken.


Curious. That wasn’t my first thought. It was outside a women’s hospital, which could direct the blame to a number of different interests.

chris morrell

There is movement in the USA on the lies about the efficacy of the jabs … They are clearly ineffective and the EUA and the FDA “full approval” for “cominarty” is clear criminality. A court in New Orleans I think has put the brakes on the Biden Federal Mandate. Ryan Christian will probably be the best source for details along with Info Wars


Oh they’ve rebranded the Pfizer lethal injection I see!!


They nearly have it right..


There yeh go!!




It sounds more like ‘co-morbidity’.


That works too!!


From CHD a while ago. It was also mentioned on TheHighWire.

Here’s Why No One Can Force You to Take Pfizer’s Newly ‘Approved’ Comirnaty Vaccine
When the FDA announced full approval of Pfizer’s Comirnaty COVID vaccine, the media predicted an avalanche of mandates — but the FDA’s own Fact Sheet for the vaccine states it is “your choice to receive or not receive” the vaccine.


Cheers Jake.


I’m with you here.

That will be my end point too and I suspect there are many many more just like us.

Only so much room in their prison cells and only so many brainwashed hired hands to throw us into them!!

Come and get me..

For “I will not comply!!”



Only so much room? Perhaps you are forgetting the new supermax prisons.
Resist smarter. Not bull-headedly.


Absolutely and for as long as is conceivably possible.

But when that conceivable possibility ceases.

Off with the gloves it shall be.


Last edited 21 days ago by Gerry
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