Downing Street Admits It Won’t Rule Out Winter Lockdowns

Surprise surprise. When UK prime Minister Boris Johnson lays out his Winter covid plan tomorrow, he will not rule out plunging the country into another devastating lockdown.

Well you could’ve knocked me down with a feather. Tomorrow, Johnson will as is the custom, be flanked by the Chuckle Brothers Patrick Vallance and Chris Whitty, the Chief Scientific Adviser and the Chief Medical Officer respectively.

I do a disservice to the real Chuckle Brothers who have more brains in their arses than Johnson, Whitty and Vallance combined.

According to The Telegraph:

The Prime Minister is expected to set out his roadmap for the next few months to Parliament and the public tomorrow, with some restrictions being put on the back-burner. But although Mr Johnson is said to be “dead set” against another lockdown, the power to impose one will be retained.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman told reporters: “We are in a very different place than where we were previously when other lockdowns were introduced, thanks to the success of our vaccine programme and other things like therapeutics treatments for coronavirus.

“We would only ever consider those sort of measures as a last resort and we will set out in more detail tomorrow what our approach will be should we see a significant increase in cases.”

In other news, Chief Medical Officer Whitty is expected to give his blessing to the roll-out of covid jabs to healthy 12 to 15 year-olds. The announcement is expected this afternoon. Parents should know that the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) would not approve the jabs for healthy children.

The JCVI said there was no benefit to children themselves. Oxford epidemiologist Sunetra Gupta told SKY News last Thursday:

“I absolutely do not think that is logical at any level I mean leave alone the ethics of using 12 year-olds as barriers for infection for the community. The bottom line is that these vaccines do not prevent transmission.

In the case of the 12 year-old it benefits neither the individual who is not at risk of severe disease and death, nor does it benefit the community. To ask children to bear that risk is for me, simply unacceptable.”

However, Whitty will give Johnson the go ahead and they will begin offering the jabs to children as early as next week.

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Last edited 10 days ago by KadinKaidence

Put this on FB- ‘fact checked’ within an inch of its life- yet all of the ‘facts’ checked can in themselves be independently researched and shown to be true.


protect the NHS so they can have time to do more of this 😡


Thanks for that Patrice. I’ve just had a quick scroll through (I will read it thoroughly later) and what I’ve read so far appalled me.


if everyone just stopped getting tested, this would be a foothold in the fight back. But we get silly people who keep getting tested ‘just in case’.


Rumour is that Ireland will be locking down on 4th October. Even by their own (lying) official figures there is absolutely nothing to justify this or any of the other crazy measures. But of course truth and logic don’t figure in any governmental decisions these days.

Urban fox

Hi Jennie, yes nothing to justify any of this Tyranny. Even worse there than here. I think a good indicator of how much people believe, is the compliance. See it everywhere in London. In the park the other day mask wearing. In the shops. In the co op super market, there is an announcement asking people to continue to wear masks. What is strange is, most public are still doing this. But the shop staff one by one have stopped. Maybe they just cant stand wearing them any more. But there is a security guard, who since the beginning of this, has worn one of those really thick ones since March last year. I kid you not. And here by law you don’t even have to wear them at the moment. They have been cooking in them in the Chinese takeaway for a year. I want to go in there. But i believe there is a food poisoning chance from cooking in those. Amazed it is being encouraged. And yet they no doubt will have been jabbed. If they believe in the jab, why are they still wearing them. I know you know all this. But i still shake my head in disbelief every day. I literally cant stop doing this. People must think there is something wrong with my neck.

Did you get my message, by the way?


The mask compliance on the London Underground and buses has dropped off quite sharply although there remains a hardcore still insisting on their bloody face nappy. Most of TFL’s underground staff are now not wearing a mask and they’re is now absolutely no enforcement despite what Sadiq Khan keeps bullshitting.

Urban fox

Good to hear Mark. I was wondering about that, as only traveled on the transport once in 18 months. As not been going anywhere at all. It was to the Trafalgar Demo in July.


I have the frequent pleasure of public transport travel between Bexley and Finchley Central and have done so throughout this whole shitshow. According to SAGE I should now be dead. I feel like a survivor 😉

Urban fox

He he heeeeeee!! : o )


They quote’ computer modelling’ giving them reasons to ‘protect your health’.- these models as we know, are no more than technological horoscopes.


This video answers all of the questions; the plan, the money, the debt, and the fact that no sovereign nation states exist any more. They are all falling into line.


heil coronavirus

heil uk coronavirus.jpg

It’s time to start your own community, find out what skills you all have & work together. Find your local Stand In The Park groups they’re a good place to start to find local, like minded people, find what skills you all have whether it’s people who can do physical things like gardening, plumbing, carpenters, hairdressers etc, then others who can teach, babysit, people who are good listeners, healers of all kinds, artists, musicians, people have all sorts of skills, all of you are important all your jobs are essential. Our lives have changed beyond recognition, it’s time to do what you’ve always wanted to do, the future is here the time is now
Do it with love

Ronald Templeman

It’s what I have believed all along, there actions prove without a shadow of a doubt that this has been about stabbing people with a cocktail of what ever so that in time those stabbed can easily be controlled.
Sad that so many out there still can not see it, they really do need to wake up.

Urban fox

Lockdowns are not going anywhere until the public in enough numbers, refuse to comply. They are designed to destroy jobs and businesses. And bring about economic dependency on the state. Meaning if we don’t do as we are told, we don’t eat.

It is truly an amazing thing ,how people can still buy this scam. At the end of last year, i had my sisters texting me, saying don’t worry, it will be Easter soon and it will be all over. Wasn’t it originally going to be over in 3 weeks.?
It will not end, because it is not meant to end.

Vaccines we were told would end everything. How did that one work out for you then?
And there can be little doubt, for those paying attention that most 12 to 15 year old’s will be getting the poison. I hope i am wrong, but look at the track record of the great public so far. Incidentally, a German Vaccine company, has announced it will be starting tests on a jab for children from 6 years up. It has also been stated this last 7 days, that they want to develop a covid jab for 6 months old and up. There is nothing to develop, as i believe they knew what poison they were puting in these jabs years ago.

It should still be pointed out to the uninitiated that officially these things have been rushed through. But if we are to believe that ourselves. Then we are to believe, that non of this was planed and the virus is genuine and just happened to come along at the exact right time. I for one do not believe that for a second. Any harm and death caused by these jabs, i believe is not because they were rushed through. It is through deliberate, calculated, evil intent.


The 2 to 12 year old age group will be next up for the jab by the end of the year. Pfizer have already started their pseudo trials. Dr Fauci is licking his lips in anticipation.


And rubbing his hands together at the thought of the money that he is going to get.


So agree, I can’t understand why people can’t see what is staring us all in the face. This has all been planned for a long time.

Urban fox

Thanks, we are on the same page. And I believe the Bio weapon roomer, is a deliberate false flag. Put out there to keep people believing. To keep one foot in the matrix. As long as people believe ,they can just keep everything going. If you break the belief it all go’s away. Non compliance yes. But we need enough numbers to disrupt things. And the only reason they comply is because they believe.

Dates are very significant to them. And i have long believed 2020 was chosen because of the 75 anniversary of the 2nd world war. In 1995 they were not ready. And 2045 was to far away. This is the start of the implementation of the agenda 30 plans.

Alex Romero

Winter Covid plan? Is there literally any aspect of living they don’t want their fat sweaty hands on?


The Cnuts even got their hands on the BBC’s “Ski Sunday” programme telling us that Winter Sports are not inclusive enough!
What a load of nonsense that was.

Urban fox

Jacob you make me giggle with that stuck record photo. And now with the Cnuts.


Thanks Fox.
Hope that you like the below picture.
One of favourite places.
Urban fox

Thanks it looks amazing. I have never been to Stonehenge or Glastonbury. Which would be an embarrassment to admit around any of my old mind ,body ,spirit friends and colleagues. Would love to go to the Henge and stay in Glastonbury. I got as far as looking at bed and breakfast in Glastonbury once. And i kid you not, i could not find one that was not vegetarian only. I don’t eat cooked breakfast since leaving working in hotels many years ago. But on the rare occasions i am away, i want a traditional English breakfast. But trying to find a cooked breakfast in Glastonbury is like trying to find a case of covid, well? anywhere really.

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