Duke Hails TV Writers For Putting Emotive Climate Messages In Shows

The Duke of Cambridge has praised television scriptwriters for placing climate change messages in their shows in order to keep the issue at the forefront of viewers minds.

He was speaking via video-link at last night’s BAFTA award ceremony.

According to The Telegraph:

The Duke hailed the “innovative” and “emotive” messages now written into television programmes to persuade audiences to want to save the planet.

In a video address to Bafta in his role as President, he shared his hope that programme-makers would do more to keep “environmental issues high up on the agenda”.

His message introduced a special segment at the Bafta Television Awards highlighting “Planet Placement”, in which drama, documentaries, sports and entertainment shows sprinkle “sustainability messages” throughout their ordinary programming.

Recent examples, praised in a 2021 report about UK broadcasting, include the BBC’s Great British Sewing Bee competition including a section on transforming charity shop clothes with a view to sustainability, and an episode dedicated to “reduce, reuse, recycle”

At ITV, ice-skaters Torvill and Dean visited Alaska to fulfill their dream of performing the famous bolero, only to find the ice had melted.

Poor Torvill and Dean. I hope the absence of any ice hasn’t adversely affected their mental wellbeing. Ah well, sure if it has, they can always make a documentary about that.

The Duke of Cambridge concluded his address, saying:

“By creating innovative, educational and emotive content for television, writers and producers are playing a unique role in ensuring the future of our planet is something that we all want to talk about.

“Over the past year, we’ve seen some fantastic examples of this across a wide variety of programmes and genres.

“I hope you will all continue to carry on your invaluable work, keeping environmental issues high up on the agenda of programming in the years ahead.”

In other BAFTA-related news, the new Dr. Who made an appearance, much to the delight of this morning’s news anchors. Ncuti Gatwa is black and he’s gay. Let the virtue signalling commence.

SKY’s entertainment editor called it a “clear sign of progress” this morning. Pass the sick bucket please.

Progress will occur when they choose the actor/actress based on their ability and not on the colour of their skin, their sexual orientation or their gender identity.

That would be radical.


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Hey Richie, I miss you already……but I completely understand if you are done. I feel really sad and I don’t know what we are going to do without you but thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done, and tried to do. I can understand what it took to do this show every single day. This is one fucked up world but we will win!! I wish you, Caroline and the doggies love, best wishes and FREEDOM!! Lots of love and hugs❤️❤️Xx


Just found out you’re back tomorrow…..thank goodness. Sending hugs x


It’s amazing to see how the BBC and other channels have prostituted themselves on the bed of political correctness. For more than half a century writers and directors would be got rid of or have to accept their shows getting cancelled if viewing figures were not advantageous for the Channel, but now all that matters is getting a pat on the head for ticking a box. Viewing figures for Dr Who have dropped considerably over the past two series and it’s no surprise as the programme now preaches to fans rather than trying to entertain them. All that matters now to the BBC is that they are a powerful tool to further an agenda. Any money on a black or gay Dalek? Don’t be surprised. A ruling from above and the writer(s) will do absolutely anything!


I didn’t know whether to put the following here, or in the comments section of the cost of living article. It applies to both.

1066 – The successful Norman conquest of England, bringing Vatican control to our shores.

1086 – publication of the Doomsday Book. A record of all property, land, and resources – including human resources – from which complete control could be exercised.

1215 – First incarnation of Magna Carta. Latter forms allowed for the introduction of land enclosures.
Important point: it is often claimed that the Enclosures Acts stole land from the people by eliminating common land. That is a valid claim. However, it could be argued that, as the Enclosures were largely done at the behest of the landowners/aristocracy (in other words, the rulers of the land/State), they were simply an early form of Nationalisation of land. After all, Nationalisation is the process of the central government claiming control over land and resources and allowing – or forcing – the people to work for the State. Nationalisation is not the State returning the land and resources to the people (just try walking on to MoD property, or foraging and hunting for food on National Trust land – both of which would be permissible if it was common land belonging to the people).
The Royal household of the time was the Plantagenet line, a nation spanning monarchy under Vatican control – whose coat of arms was the Three Lions.

1258 – ‘In this year, there was a failure of the crops; upon which failure, a famine ensued, to such a degree that the people from the villages resorted to the City for food; and there, upon the famine waxing still greater, many thousand persons perished; many thousands more too would have died of hunger, had not corn just then arrived from Germany.’

For several years prior to this year the harvests had been failing due to excessive seasonal rains, and then in 1257 the Indonesian volcano Samalas erupted significantly adding to the problem.

1314-1316 – The Great Famine of the British Isles, Ireland, and mainland Europe. Caused by excessive rains and associated flooding that destroyed crops before they could be properly harvested, and drowned (or other wise killed) livestock. The food supply chain collapsed.

1315 – ‘Meat and eggs began to run out, capons and fowl could hardly be found, animals died of pest, swine could not be fed because of the excessive price of fodder. A quarter of wheat or beans or peas sold for twenty shillings, barley for a mark, oats for ten shillings. A quarter of salt was commonly sold for thirty-five shillings, which in former times was quite unheard of. The land was so oppressed with want…’ It has been estimated that during the Great Famine 10-25% of city dwellers died.

1347 – The Black Death hits Europe and reaches Britain in 1348. Repeated epidemic outbreaks occur throughout the thirteen hundreds, with the last notable record being in 1400. Directly or indirectly (through starvations from lack of farm labourers), the epidemics killed approximately one third of the population of Europe and Britain. It also had the effect of labour being replaced by wages for the first time. It could be argued that both the former and the latter contributed to the economic decline of that period.

The period that encompasses the 1250s to the late 1300s existed within the Wolf Minimum (a period of reduced solar output). This was part of a larger cooling trend that led to the Little Ice Age.

1400s – The overall cooling trend continued, bringing heavy rains and hard winters. It was inevitable that this would have continued to have some impact on harvests and, given that the last outbreak of Black Death occurred in the year 1400, the depleted labour force would have been struggling to produce enough food throughout Europe.
It was also at this time that the previous iron grip of the Vatican had begun to be shaken off by many of the population as they quietly realised the Church and its priests were unable to save them. Instead, some began to turn towards mysticism.

1486 (approx.) – The publication of the Vatican’s treatise on witchcraft and it’s identification, the Malleus Maleficarum, becomes the guiding tome for the Inquisition. Undoubtedly it would have been part of a larger strategy to blame the masses for the plagues, famines, and climate change, while simultaneously giving agents of the Church authority to try to regain a slipping control.

I do have lots of references, but the comments section won’t accept multiple links at once.

So, here’s the question: how much of this looks rather familiar?

It could be argued that what happened back then through natural events is today being manufactured through science (after all, that is the gist of the Eugenics movement).
It could also be argued that so-called science-based economic ideas, like Marxism, are about nothing more than stripping capital (the means by which we can somewhat free our selves from the shackles of the State) from the uppity masses and placing us back into a subsistence level servitude.


Very interesting. It does feel like history repeating itself.


Want to see another medieval practice re-emerging through education?


Or how about the promotion of the worst aspects of medieval British white culture being fed back to us? Or, to put it another way, equalizing down, based on the lowest aspects of medieval British culture.


Thanks for this information Craig. It was so easy to read and automatically made me get the gist. I find the way you write is easy to digest and you don’t make it too long as my little brain loses interest if there’s too much info. Hope you’re well 🤗


You’re welcome. It’s the condensed form of much of what I was reading yesterday.
I am well, thank you.


Maybe Ncuti Gatwa is a good actor. Jodie Whittaker acted well in Broadchurch. The actors can only come across as well as the script and Director allows them and the dialogues and stories of Doctor Who over the last few years have been, in my opinion, garbage. I know because I’ve tried watching some of the episodes – but I won’t be watching anymore unless there is a significant improvement. My reasons are much the same as they were during the Sylvester McCoy era (except then it had more to do with stories ruined by low budget).

And it’s not just in the entertainment industry that the rot has set in. Company employers everywhere are promoting ‘values’ over practical work skills; ‘positive thinking’ to silence criticisms; and diversity while persecuting diversity of thought. Anyone who thinks that this is progressive should take a look at how the Vatican operated in the Middles Ages.
Swap ‘values’ and ‘positive thinking’ for ‘faith’ and ‘prayer’ and consider the diverse cultures of medieval Europe all controlled by the one belief system, and it all looks depressingly familiar.

As for ‘climate change’: take a look at the volcanic eruption of Samalas, floods, famines, plagues, and cooling temperatures that began around the middle of the 1200s. All natural events that cannot be blamed on population size or industry (or human activity in general).
I would argue that a fear of climate change is both a fear of nature and a fear of change – just like in the Middle Ages.
And who was front and centre in a group photo at this year’s WEF meeting in Dubai? The Pope.


I’ve always been fascinated by the history of ancient Egypt which was very much influenced by climate change as it spanned such a long period. I don’t recall there being many large factories or planes flying about then. Obviously modern industry and transport has an effect on air quality but not climate and they are trying to link the two for their own purposes.


Spot on as the usual Craig.

Urban Fox

Its not surprising that those wishing to push cabal propaganda, are praising the television script writers and program makers. As they have gone out of there way to put across the agenda, in the name of entertainment. By both covert propaganda and skilled subliminal messaging, that i have some in-depth knowledge of. In regards to the former, over the last twelve months the UK soap operas have all been running climate change initiative storylines. Including a major flood in Manchester and an attack on cars, both on Corronation Street, and storylines involving characters running for election on green tickets. This In both Corronation street and Hollyoaks. All the soaps have been pushing the ludicrousness idea of how eating vegetables is helping to save the planet. It is noticeable and can be no coincidence that all the TV channels at the same time, switched from a mainly covid narrative to one of climate change. Or that this went into overdrive just prier to the climate change summit a few months ago.

It was nauseating to see on Britain’s got talent a group of 7 year old school children, singing and reading poetry about climate change, to the rapturous applause of the audience recently. With one of the children, saying he was passionate about saving the planet. This followed on Sunday, with a group of NHS staff in uniform, singing and rapping about what a wonderful job they had all done saving us all from the phantom plague. Whilst also throwing in a message about man made climate change for good measure. Not a mention of the empty wards that have been filmed, or the death sentences that they have been complicit in handing down to victims, via DNR and Midazolam. Or an explanation of how they found time to make dance videos for the internet, or rehearse to become popstars. Everyone involved should never show there faces in public again. But if the fawning audience was anything to go by, they will no doubt be subjected to further clapping and adoration. Indeed they probably felt at home in front of an audience whilst singing.

There is nothing wrong with television programs reflecting issues in society, real or imagined. Nothing wrong with reflecting the lives and thoughts of viewers. What is not acceptable and is totally abhorrent. Is deliberately putting across one sided arguments, whilst vilifying alternative opinions. For to do so is nothing more than state propaganda, that Hitler would have been proud of. It is something that is an abomination, should play no part in television, and should be condemned rather than praised. By any right thinking human being.

Below is a relevant extract from something longer i posted under the sage article the other day.

In March the UK column news played a clip of an interview done by a channel 4 reporter. In that interview David Halpern, a goverment behavioral psychological manipulator. Explained to channel 4 how China had the right idea in being ‘ A Tight country ‘. But where country’s were ‘To loose’, and authorities were not strict enough ‘ Loose country’s ‘. It was important to look at other ways to get the public to comply with covid restrictions. David Halpern has worked for both SPI-B and advised BIT, the behavioral insights team. It is thought that he is responsible for the adverts of people on ventilators.

Also in March as discussed on the same edition of UK column, a color printed manual was shown that was produced by BIT ( Behavioral insights team ), which had recently been discovered, called ” The power of TV ”. In this manual the goverment were advised on how to use television to manipulate public perception regarding climate change. Even though this manual was referencing the climate change hoax rather than covid. Are we really expected to believe that they did not issue similar advice regarding the covid scam.


We have the ludicrous situation where they are chopping down forests to make biofuels. Even within their own crazy logic this makes no sense as trees breathe in CO2 and breathe out oxygen. They should be planting more trees not chopping them down. In the nearest city to me they have spent large amounts of money constructing fake trees, hideous looking things, which suck CO2 out of the atmosphere. This is so crazy because we need more CO2 not less. We’ve barely seen the sun here at all this year, I wish we could have some global warming but we are heading for a grand solar minimum as scientists not bribed with Gates funding are saying.

I think you’re right covid has been entirely a psychological operation.

Urban Fox

Not seen any of the fake trees around here, but give it time. Yes all total madness as you say and very true.


Dont know if you read this, but it highlights what you have said and the madness perfectly. I’m off for a brew and gonna try and do a couple of jobs I’m neglecting whilst on here, Speak soon.


Thanks for the link, will take a look.


Those two acts you mentioned from BGT were so cringe worthy. The FRONT LINE chorus were the worse especially as the man only wanted to show off his daughter’s song writing skills! How they have the nerve to use the words ‘front line’ is beyond me. Bloody load of charlatans. Hope you’re good Foxy 🦊. I’m just having a brew as you would say. 🤗

Urban Fox

I kept having to knock the sound down as so angry. Is that really what they called themselves. Are they completely deluded or something. All i know is i saw them dancing in empty corridors online at the height of this. People filmed quite hospitals. The Nightingale was never used. Nurses have spoken out about how quite they were. And the casual staff in some hospitals were given 2 months leave.

I get offended when they have armed service personal on the show every year. Often while there mates are on active service risking there lives and limbs. How is it they dont ask themselves why they would be given as much leave as they want. Surely they must know that it can only be for propaganda purposes. Even with the NHS staff, they must have all been given as much time off as they needed together. Have these people got no shame. I find it disgusting. And yet the mindless audience dont seem to give a dam.

No show today that’s a disappointment.


The more obvious the propaganda is the quicker the tv watchers will realise that it’s all a pack of shite. I can see people turning off in their thousands because they’re sick of being lied to.


They obviously don’t care about viewers anymore otherwise they’d make better programmes.

Caroline Fealy

Looking at the viewing figures for this year 1.5 million watched. 2019 3.5 million. There has been an increasing decline in viewers. Says alot about the awful program’s they push out.
I find it is all virtual signaling of course.
Steve Coogan was this years host i guess playing the sicko Saville has upped his game plan.
I knew him when my boys were at school in the 2000’s went to his house as his daughter was having a party. He invited the whole class, which he did for a fews years. I stayed at the parties to keep an eye on my son. Coogan spoke to me at one of the parties trying to convince me to have a drink, i was driving so i politely said no but he did keep trying.
I remember one conversation he was having with a few of the female parents about our younger days doing gymnastics. May be innocent but I found the the whole situation to be quite unnerving to be honest. But i am a strong person so persevered, and the daughters mum was a nice lady. Most of the parents there were the typical type, arse licking a celebrity. I found this to be quite amusing.
As the late great George Carlin use to say ” Its a big club and you’re not in it”
Thank f**k i am not 🙂

Last edited 8 days ago by Caroline Fealy

Interesting story Caroline, thanks for sharing. It does seem that viewing figures are declining, a good thing that people are turning away. Hence why ‘they’ want the online harms bill pushed through as people are looking elsewhere for information that has some truth to it.


I think I heard that that bill has already gone through with pretty much no opposition.

Urban Fox

True Lucy, the last thing they want is anyone listening to or reading anything other than the official narrative.

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