Education Secretary Sued Over “Unlawful” Facemask Guidance

The Telegraph is reporting this morning that Education Secretary Gavin Williamson is facing a legal challenge on the guidance that children should wear face coverings in classes.

Lawyers acting for the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) have sent a Letter Before Action to Williamson claiming that the guidance is unlawful and must be changed,

According to the The Telegraph;

Gavin Williamson has been sent a Letter before Action by lawyers acting for the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) who say the guidance is “unlawful” and must be urgently changed.

It comes amid rising pressure on the Government over its latest guidance on masks, which says they should be worn by secondary school pupils in lessons as well as anywhere indoors at school where it is not possible to socially distance.

The NDCS say that face masks create a “wholly avoidable additional barrier” to learning and social interaction for deaf children who need to be able to see the faces of their peers and teachers in order to lip read.

Last Autumn, when asked about facemasks in classrooms, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said; “You can’t teach with face coverings and you can’t expect people to learn with face coverings.” Johnson didn’t change his mind. The fact is, he’s not in charge. SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) is running the show.

A few dozen scientists, most of whom have strong ties to Bill Gates and his subsidiaries The WHO, GAVI and CEPI, are calling the shots now. It was a bloodless coup and it happened almost a year ago to the day. SAGE mission is to vaccinate every man woman and child in the country.

Covid restrictions and guidelines were never about keeping people safe. They were designed to pressure us into taking big pharma’s experimental mRNA medicine. The Pandemic is a hoax. That should be apparent to everyone now.





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Following Vernons video regarding evidence the vaccinated will be spreaders in particular asymptotic people the net has gone nuts as it’s clear asymptotic people don’t spread. Can anyone in contact with Vernon or Richie Allen get Vernon to clarify this statement. Credibility is at stake


Covid testing: DfE confirms arrangements for extra school funding

Tony K

Hi Admin,

I’ve posted a few times with important links but they don’t get posted. “Awaiting validation” or something like that. I appreciate that you are cautious about links, but maybe after so many posts members could get the benefit of the doubt?



Sometimes on other sites people post them with gaps in and explain where the gaps need closing up.

Tony K

Hi Jennie, thanks for your reply, appreciate it. One was a direct link from bitchute, and today I posted two direct links to PDFs. Both were regarding the The Natural and Common Law Tribunal. One was the initial indictment and the other the verdicts. Bill and Melinda have already been sentenced to life without parole. They are incredibly detailed and serious documents I’m surprised I’ve never come across them seeing as I’ve been researching all this since March last year.

Please Google, download and share.

Cheers 😄

Tadhg Shelly

great news that the education minister is going to be sued for recommending that children should be wearing face masks,

Tony K

I just came across this.

Natural and Common Law Tribunal For Public Health and Justice.

This is a different tribunal from the one headed by Reiner Fulmich.

There are two PDFs, the first with the indictments and the second with the verdicts.

Here are links to the PDFs, well, well worth a look and sharing. Bill and Melinda have ALREADY been sentenced to life without parole.

Yeah, I know, I know it’s a dream right, but the documents are incredibly all encompassing and detailed.

The Indictments—

The Verdicts—natural-and-common-law-tribunal–november-29-2020.pdf


No-one should wear masks. They don’t work even if there was a pandemic, which there isn’t, but are extremely harmful to the wearer. All governments know this perfectly well but the masks and the PCR tests are so vital to their agenda facts and evidence are irrelevant.


Covid restrictions and guidelines were never about keeping people safe. They were designed to pressure us into taking big pharma’s experimental mRNA medicine. The Pandemic is a hoax. That should be apparent to everyone now”. – And there it is, in a nutshell.

Why isn’t it apparent to everyone now though? Double masks and anal swabs – just how much more of a piss take does this need to get before average Joe begins to wonder where all his freedom went?


‘average Joe’ has been programmed to believe safety is more important than freedom.
In a nutshell.


Ironically all these measures are not keeping people safe but actually harming them.


Wasn’t Williamson the one who was fired as defense minister? So they now allow that idiot to mess up education?


Yes, he was. By Teresa May over security leaks involving Huawei.


Pot, Kettle, Black?


It is, unfortunately, only apparent to people who are cynical or who read widely around the subject (or both).


Wonder what the f..kwit (Williamson) would think if he saw this video..

Might he have a change of stance perhaps..?
(Assuming he can escape his handlers clutches first that is!!)


Go to my page in the social..


on Bitchute!!

Tried posting here but got caught by the dreaded “awaiting approval” anti spam bot.. who in turn zapped me into oblivion mercilessly and without conscience!


Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry

Gerry, those kind of links tend to get accepted on the social forum. Put it up there and mention it here so people can go look.
When mandatory masks firsts got introduced I was pointing out to people that if they can smell anything (body odour, perfumes, flowers, etc) it meant that fragrance aerosols were reaching their noses – and fragrance aerosols are much larger than viruses. In other words, if people can smell anything they will also be breathing in viruses.
Most people listened and understood – and carried on wearing their bacteria infested muzzles.


Mind blowing Craig.. the whole insanity of it!

Oh and I can see the logic in the spam filter, I’m just having a private giggle to myself!!(first sign of madness!! 😵)

It’s up on my social now…If you fancy taking a look!?




Pretty simple logic on the vid. But people still won’t listen. Operation Fear has its claws in very deep with a lot of folk.


Unlocking them is akin to attempting to chase out the tide with an egg cup.

But we can but try!


I have tried. It’s come close to causing estrangement with family members and friends no longer want to talk about it. Such responses are a fair indicator of how things will go with larger society.


I couldn’t agree more Craig.

Which serves to further enhance the frustrations that we are all feeling here.

A vicious circle… How clever our ‘overlords’ are..

But there are ways to defeat this.. and it starts with positive discussion and data that can be shared in places just like here.

Never a more vital time in history in my opinion… (Such is the nefarious capabilities of these technologies!)

And most definitely in my lifetime.

The damage can be undone…

It will be done.

Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry

You are far more optimistic than I am.


I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t anxious and deeply.. gravely concerned at this point in time.

But my spirit is ‘screaming’ at me to fight this…

So… Whenever I hear it…

It “shall” be done.



I’ve spent a year trying to wake people up but I’ve got to the point now that I don’t really want to mix with people very much. I hate feeling this way but I feel better without them.


Never give up Jennie!

It can be turned… It can!!



It can indeed Gerry. Read a report compiled by French army officers last year, they overestimated the severity of the virus, I think they started their report last march and released it in April I think, in it they thought this was a takeover involving a lot of the usual suspects, gates and his friends are in cahoots with the Chinese, anyway at the end of the report they looked at the chances of gates and co succeeding or failing, they stated not all of the globalists for whatever reason were not on board with this plan, powerful elements in the Chinese military were not on board, it would be better if Trump won the election, not because he was some saviour, but biden would be far worse, in their opinion the leaders of western countries were either on board with the plan or were compromised in some way, and in their opinion the end goal was depopulation, if we were to get out of this in their opinion all wester countries had to get rid of their leaders because they were traitors, the people in these countries had to see the danger they are in and organize, without violence it would just play into the enemy hand, at the end of their report they said in their opinion the chances of stopping it were slim but it could be done, the people were the key, all said it could have been a propaganda piece, with a lot of truth in it.


A government take down in each respective nation it would seem, is the only solution to this Martin.
But with all that’s happening with each nations police forces turning into malitias.. how can it be achieved without physical resistance?
Like any sane rational minded human being, I’m against the notion of violence as a means for achieving an end goal, but when your oppressors are attacking you at virtually every opportunity possible and even engineering it intentionally, what choice are you left with??
But while the resistance is low and they maintain the majority of the herd in a docile state, this is a simple task.
I’ve just watched a private clip sent to me which originated from an Israeli source no less. A woman speaks of the oppression being perpetrated upon them as a consequence of the health passports. To say she sounds traumatised would be an understatement.. She sounds both terrified and traumatised combined.
She talks of a political party set up in a month to try resist, but they’re being censored, arrested and attacked at every conceivable juncture.
She speaks of violations to private medical data where information is being passed on regarding vaccination status. She speaks of people returning to the country being forced to wear ankle bracelets. She speaks of children not being allowed to participate in state exams without the jab. She speaks of needing ‘green passports’ to go anywhere now..

At the end of the clip, while almost crying from the trauma, she speaks of needing help.. but I believe she means ‘global help’ and she finishes by saying “every hand on deck”.. and her last words are “Sorry… It’s intense you know!”

Israel is the testing ground for this.. the dummy run…

They’re looking at Israel to see how ‘they get on’ with it..
…Before they take it to the next level in Europe or elsewhere.
(I’ve ever heard an Irish chieftain state this publicly!)

Be under no illusions, they’re going for this and it’s about to get real and nasty as is already happening in Israel.

The question for everyone will simply be.. are you going to sit back and take it.. or are you going to “FIGHT” to defend your inalienable human rights???

My answer would be..



…. It must be resisted…

Whatever it takes.

As a caller to the Richie Allen show said during the ‘call in’ last Monday…

Either you make the choice, or it will be made for you!

The clock’s ticking….



I found a bitchute link of the lady talking about the current situation in Israel re the enforcement of the vaccine passports..

It’s up on my social page now…

It’s no “rollout” now .. that’s for damn certain!!!

This is blatant tyranny!!

Check it out Martin.


If anyone should know better; it’d be the Jews now living in Israel. Palestinian relations not withstanding..


Absolutely…. Mind blowing to think their slave masters could even consider it.

And for once I’d say, the Palestinians are relieved to be free of this particular method of tyranny.



I do hope you’re right because the dystopian future we face doesn’t bear thinking about if it isn’t.


As do I Jennie!
As do I.


I have an old school acquaintance who literally ‘walks away’ from people who complain.


Don’t stop believing Craig.


The bigger the lie the more apt people are to believe it. ‘The biggest trick the Devil ever performed is convincing people he didn’t exist’.


Couldn’t agree more Backbeat!
(Love the handle buddy!!)


Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry
john de calonge

Craig,the world has gone insane…


Which, curiously enough, ties into the current trend of focussing on – and promotion of – emotion over fact; and the infantilisation of society.


Good analogy.


I’ve decided not to wear a mask again unless threated with a loaded firearm. It’s complete insanity. On the governments own website listed under mask exemptions there is a provision for those to whom wearing a mask will cause stress and anxiety.


When I was out on a walk a few weeks ago I actually watched someone smoking a cigarette through a mask, I commented on here about it. I wonder if the person smoking even got the implications of that, probably not.


It sounds like the individual smoking through the mask was having a private laugh!!

Taking the Michael perhaps???

And using the cigarette as a demonstration???



We can but hope. If not, I have a left-handed screwdriver to sell him.




Didn’t they say early on in this farce back in May that smoking actually reduced your chances of getting Covid? Maybe he was merely following the Chief Medical Officers advice and taking precautions.


I’ve not heard that before. So obviously this pretend virus is worse than lung cancer.


I forwarded that to almost everyone on my contacts list – the response? CRICKETS…… Perhaps the human race dosen’t deserve to survive?


If they’re not getting it now.. it’s debatable whether they deserve to at all!!

Urban fox

As David Icke says. And I think this is spot on.

This is about,
1/ Bringing about deprivation and the destruction of independent livelyhoods. So we become under total control of the state.

2/ Forcing Everyone on the planet to take fake gean altering vaccines to mutate human DNA.

3/ Depopulation.


The Covid-19 mRNA vaccine is an experimental technology that has never been used on humans in the past, Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted in a recent interview.


We don’t need Fauci to admit it. Any good reading around the subject makes it very clear. Unfortunately, those who don’t read around the subject will also ignore Fauci’s words – or make excuses.
mRNAs have been researched for a long time (originally as a gene therapy), but Big Pharma have never been able to get them approved because of safety and ethical concerns.

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