England Rugby Star “Doesn’t Fancy The Vaccine”

England rugby international Henry Slade has said that he will not be having a coronavirus vaccine. The 28 year-old is on the vulnerable list (he has diabetes) and refused the jab when he was offered it.

Slade said that he doesn’t trust the government and that as he’s fit and healthy he “does not fancy it at all.” He told The Telegraph:

“I have had vaccines in the past and have fallen pretty unwell with them afterwards. I don’t know if that has anything to do with the diabetes or not. I am going to stay away from this one. I just think there hasn’t been anywhere near enough testing to deem it safe.”

He went on to say, “I am not going to have a vaccine. I don’t agree with it all.” Predictably, Slade has been trolled on social media and called a “covidiot.”

He’s right to be reticent of course. Even if the interventions were real vaccines (they’re not), as a fit and active 28 year-old, he doesn’t need one. The odds of him becoming seriously ill from a respiratory pathogen are astronomical.

Yesterday, the family of BBC presenter Lisa Shaw (pictured) said that she had been killed by the AstraZeneca jab. She passed away last Friday in Newcastle. She developed severe headaches a week after having the jab and fell seriously ill a few days later.

She was treated in intensive care for blood clots and bleeding. She was 44.


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Thanks for the information


Harry Derriere

Smart guy.


100% behind this guy simple his body his choice


Richie try and gethttps://djmarkdevlin.com/good-vibrations/ Michael O’bernicia on the show, I know you think he is full of it, not sure about that myself, sure you would give him a fair shout, and in no way would you try and ambush him, he beat the bank of Scotland in the fraud case, and has lodged fraud charges against handjob, whitty, ferguson and that fool vallance, will he win ?, maybe not, but he is trying, could be a great interview. I’ll try and post the link here, his talk with Mark Devlin, quite interesting https://djmarkdevlin.com/good-vibrations/


I hear Richie on the radio and sometimes I think he is losing hope and doesn’t know where to turn. I know many feel the same way.
I urge everyone to hear the Gospel message and to turn to the only one who can truly keep you safe- the Lord Jesus Christ. He said ‘I am the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE.. (John 14:6). Seek the TRUTH and he will set you free.
What is the Gospel?
That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. Roman 10: 9 and 10.
Nothing else is needed.
Richie said that ‘we’re in the end of the bible now folks’. What he means is in Revelation. But we are still not in the 7 year Tribulation . if you think what we are living in today is bad, the 7 years that will come soon are , as scripture says, a time of unspeakable horror. Those who refuse the mark of the beast will be beheaded. only those who do not accept, but accept Christ instead, will be at his side when the refuse and are killed.
To avoid going through this, accept Christ now as your lord and Saviour.
The biggest deception of all is coming… and that is the UFO and alien presence. Many will be fooled and deceived by this presence; because they will, for a time bring unity and peace…and then hell will break lose 3.5 years through .Richie had a guest on last week who mentioned this- that we are living in a divided world and that an alien presence will bring peace. This is a deception. Do not be fooled.
There will be a large amount of people disappearing from the Earth, and alien beings will be given as an explanation for this. Do not be deceived.
Jesus said that he is coming back for his Church- his Christian people, and will take them from this Earth. Those who accept Christ during the Tribulation of 7 years, may lose their life, or will live through it by the skin of their teeth.
The drive to ‘vaccinate’ is conditioning for people to accept other ‘vaccines’ and these will ultimately become, the mark of the beast- the number of his name, a name or number of a man. Note that the Bible says that you will not be able to buy or sell without this mark. Note how quickly the ‘vaccine passports’ are going from paper, to app to ? Denmark have already stated that the app will not be suitable in the near future…where do they propose to go from the phone app?
Please watch : https://subspla.sh/43kwz26 and give your life to the Lord,
Thank you.


No use waiting for our lord to turn up, I think we are quite fortunate, to see this playing out in front of us, these satanic scumbags playing their hand in plain sight, they do not think they can be stopped, they will be STOPPED, will we be here ?, maybe not, they dance to lucifers tune, but when the music stops they lose, and they know it.


I don’t believe in organised religion but I do believe in spirituality. This life, one of many I believe, is just an experience for us to learn and grow, this is not our real home.


Hi everyone The Jonas Salk Institute has been censored with their research and paper published regarding the spiked protein of Sars Cov 2.Findings show that it is the spiked protein from these families of viruses that attack the heart via the blood system; hence why the respiratory response is elevated (coughing, breathing etc). rest, fluids and temperature controls , as for any respiratory infection is important.
Their paper is supressed because all of the the so called vaccines inject the spiked protein into the body, and as mRNA, causes all of your body cells to make spiked proteins. Hence why the bleeding and blood clots, the loss of platelets and DVT are the most common cause of death, and coming deaths.


Was Salk the guy given credit for the polio vax, later proven to be a liar and a fraud.


Jonas Salk was one one the researchers into polio. He helped develop the killed version of the vaccine. However the Salk institute into virology shouldn’t be discredited even though it is named after this scientist. it would be like discrediting the Pasteur centre because Louis Pasteur, after whom this college is names, deliberately injected a boy with smallpox! Unethical and with no regard for the boys safety!


Jennifer take it back to Edward Jenner, as far as it goes, vaccines are a hoax, voodoo or pseudo science at best, salk is a fraud and a liar, well i’m in the U.K., if i started a peter sutcliffe institute for woman’s rights, people quite rightly would have concerns, likewise with your salk and ( the biggest fraud ) pasteur institutes they are built on lies, they discredit themselves by their name.

Urban fox


Very emotional ,must watch.! Only 5 minutes long.Filmed on Saturday.London March for freedom.


Yep who is mad now indeed. David is sound, not scared to stand up and say what he thinks, remember the wogan interview, because David presented a lot of the snooker on the bbc which was very popular back then, still is but nowhere near what it was, we all knew who he was, the general consensus was maybe something is going on with the guy here, but what a set he has on him to go on that show in front of millions and say what he believes, the shell suit was dodgy for sure ( had one myself ) but to an extent he has proved himself correct in a lot of what he said. good video mr fox

Urban fox

Ta Martin, only vagley remember woman thing. But yes your right what you say.


Remember it well, he presented the football and other stuff, but David done a lot of the snooker, might have watched it in London to be honest, stoned, gives you a different perspective on things.


Must admit that back then I did think he was a bit nuts, a lot of us did, and he admits that perhaps he went a bit over the top then. I didn’t really follow what he was doing until a few years ago and then of course I realised that what he actually had been was way ahead of his time. He has proved to be right about so much but of course the msm will not acknowledge this at all.


never knew David had a daughter fox, hope she walks tall and proud today.

Zac Baled

A close friends neighbour (in his 80’s) rolled up his sleeve on Wednesday. Passed away on Saturday (yesterday)
R.I.P Old Man. ☹

I bet he will not be added to the list of people passing away within 28 days of the taking the death wish vaccine!

Hope the young ones who are entitled to this highly potential death trap/life changing of a vaccine weigh their options with some great thought. What is the point of taking this (potential) death wish or a life changing of a vaccine for the sake of ‘freedom’ (as the msn have put it across) when the chances of your life being at risk outweigh its benefits….? You’ll either be left with no freedom cos youll be dead or youll still have no freedoms cos youll have a life changing trauma!


Sorry to hear that. This is happening so much the whole programme should be stopped immediately and everywhere. The msm needs to die, they serve no point for the majority of people anymore, they have become establishment mouthpieces and puppets.

Urban fox

” We will not go quietly into the night,we will not lie down and die without a fight. We must go on. For this time,our fight is not just against injustice,oppression and tyranny. But for our very right to exist and be human. And we must survive”

Thanks to all who went to the demonstration on Saturday in London. Unreported by the shameful BBC. Up to one million went. And hi to all on the Richie site.

Urban fox


Hope everyone enjoys this. Thanks for leTting me share one of my favourite things.


Very peaceful Fox.

Then just the sound of the wind over the plane to end…






That’s exactly what I was thinking Jo!!
The amount of Flamingos in the clip..



Beautiful 🦩😊


The pink flamingo indeed Jo, what a club it was, happy days.


You’re not talking about the original one, in London, are you? 😳

Urban fox

Thanks,good to see you and Joe on here. Think just us three.


For you Gerry boy, you will never post alone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OV5_LQArLa0


Good one Martin!


cheers Gerry. A bank holiday here, aren’t they all when your not working, sun is coming up, taking the guitar, cant play a fucking note, no one cares, they see the thing and presume you can play it, mental, have a good one.


Just a few chords Martin is all you need. I posted two good guitar tracks in the social yesterday you might like.
Top of the morning to ya!


Lovely film. Reminds me of my childhood ❤️

Urban fox

Thanks Joe,appreciated😊


Were you born in Africa Jo ?


😂😂 you’re bonkers.


Africa is beautiful no doubt about it. Been watching a lot of vids about lions, amazing animals, we could learn a lot from them.nice video fox

Urban fox

Thanks,great film,true story. Character in plain,she wrote the book.

Urban fox

Or plane?


Was Robert Redford in that film ?, I like Meryl streep as an actress, would question her on other things though, a big supporter of Polanski for a start.

Urban fox

Yes Robert. Think he flew plane for real. Have dvd.


Watched born free the other day, on my lion trip, a great film, if anything I have far more respect for lionesses, how anyone would pay money to hunt these animals is criminal, they should be shot for having the thought.


I didn’t know that, that’s interesting.


My favourites are cheetahs, they so beautiful and graceful but so vulnerable.


Thank you. I love this film and the theme music and I have them both on my hard drive, John Barry’s film themes are wonderful. I’ve never been to Kenya but I have been to South Africa and Namibia both of which were amazing. South Africa is my favourite place in the whole world and it’s so sad that such a beautiful place is the scene of so much social and violent unrest.

Last edited 7 months ago by Jennie
Urban fox

Always loved the film. Have DVD and an old tape of the soundtrack somewhere.Yes I am that old folks!Glad you liked clip.


If I’d been in Britain I would have gone too to join the few hundred nazis and white supremicists (although strangely they seem to come in all colours and races at these protests) that the msm report attend.

Urban fox

Would have liked to have gone.Did you see the link I post yesterday of David at demo,?5 minute clip,but good.


I missed that, I’ll have a look for it on the previous posts.
Just found it, thank you. It’s quite emotional, he was just way ahead of his time but now his time has come.

Last edited 7 months ago by Jennie
Welsh Gregg

the only english rugby player i like

Tony K

Yo Richie

Was listening to Jeff Berwick today, and he mentioned something I’d not thought of.

On bitchute there’s no copyright issue with tunes.

Do the world a favour brother, create a bitchute channel and chuck your Sunday dj sets on there.

You’re a good DJ mate.
A true selecta.
Big up.

Tony K

I guess most here have come across The Last American Vagabond.

I respect the guy very much, but I can’t listen to him for too long. No doubt though, he’s been at the forefront of the alternative information since CV began.

This post is about Whitney Webb. First saw her on his show. She has a website called limited hangout. She has consistently broken news months before most.

I just watched an interview between them that was posted yesterday on bitchute. They have of course been banned/shadow banned on YT.

Whitney covers some unseen, left field but really relevant things here. Have a listen if you have time and read between the lines.



I’ve been following him for some time, he’s really good and so is Whitney Webb. What he does on YouTube is he gets other channels to put up his stuff, different ones on a day to basis so YT never know where it’s going to appear. Good idea.

Marty Hopkirk

Can’t say I blame him, it’s his personal choice at the end of the day.

Its a real sad state affairs though when someone is roundly savaged on social media for thinking for themselves and airing an honest opinion.

But when the masses have been brainwashed and psychologically terrorised by the wall-to-wall propaganda that has been pumped out by the MSM for the past 14 months or so, what else do you expect?


Yes with some people it definitely is fear but with others I think it’s a refusal to consider anything that isn’t mainstream, I know a few people like that. Also there is a lot of peer pressure, some people are terrified of standing out from the crowd.


Savaged by the media and zombie clownmasked nation, over his choice to avoid a NON vaccination, that even the makers of each brand in question, clearly state “DO NOT TAKE, IF ANY PRIOR ADVERSE REACTION TO A HISTORICAL VACCINATION”, as its a contra-indication!!

We have truly reached fucking SpaceBalls proportions of YOGHURTS FOR BRAINS most sage propagandists ambitions, for Eugenicist genocidal visions, at fucking LUDICROUS SPEED and there is it seems, NO WAY OF EVER GOING BACK TO “NOW”.

Prepare ship for COVID SPEED, cancel the whole fucking human race!!!



Long long ago in a galaxy far far away some fucking UFOs soon declared decided to come an do a Rev Simon Sideways and HELP US ON OUR WAY TO HEADLONG MASKED FOLLIES LETHAL INJECTION EXTINCTION!!!


Jacob’s point is interesting. I wonder which Muslim Scholar that was because the majority are aligned to promote the jabs. I know there has been a massive campaign by Gov to target the Asian/Muslim community since December to get the jab. I was very suspicious of many many community leaders, tv hosts, medical doctors, and community orgs, etc., all appearing on multiple webinars, social media posts, etc. to push the “safe” jab. I suspect they received funding from the £30million fund that Nadim Sahawi the vaccine minister set aside for local authorities to find “local leaders” to promote the jabs. When I challenged many of these medics/community leaders in webinars they could not/would not answer direct questions on safety-instead firing back the well rehearsed PHE/Gov prepared messaging. Mass campaigns like this are difficult to oppose.


That is great that you challenged them. I think that the watching of MSM news has played a massive part in this.

At the beginning of the Scamdemic there was a meeting for Community leaders, Scholars, Mosque leaders and cleverly 3 Asian doctors attended who told the people there that 50,000 would die and millions would become sick which is what Neil Ferguson had “predicted”.
No one questioned this and this info was spread far and wide and lots of people fell for this.
When I heard about this I said that the spreading of this nonsense was shameful action to terrify people.

After Zika, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Sars, Ebola how can any fool fall for this latest scare. Gullible indeed.

The Scholar in question may have been on the RAS due to him being part of the group of Muslims in Birmingham that protested about young children being taught sexual education.

You are right, Community leaders took “The Kings Shilling” and had the shot with videos and pictures of them doing that.
Mosques got £5,000 pounds to be used as a “Vaccine” centre and I presume that community centres would be paid the same.

I met a Muslim I know and we were talking about convid and he told me that he had been vaccinated.
I asked him why and his reply was that “My local Scholar had it and I trust him”.
My reply was that the guy is not a scientist or doctor!
Complete blind faith in people and that is why the push for Community leaders, actors, musicians etc to make the propaganda videos

BIMA (British Islamic Medical Association) fed the community the Government /WHO “Covid” spin and most people believed the sadly.

Below contains a list of the usual questions that have been fact checked and “Debunked” by BIMA.
Every single point can easily be destroyed if someone did a bit of research.
(I would have a field day with these guys)


Last edited 8 months ago by Jacob

The false information on that site is staggering! 😳


Yes it is… Complete misinformation.


They were ready for it Jacob.
All angles covered with a clever ‘stakeholder’ convention sponsored by the ‘usual suspects’ first broadcast in “”October 2019″”.
And I guarantee you, every lazy politician and mainstream media lackey is continuously sourcing this for guidance.

Event 201

Segment 4



Usually they do not want to hear what a person is telling them, see or read the evidence. The response is “Are you a Doctor” to shut down the debate which is a stupid mentality.


No getting through to some of them.
A complete waste of time!
On a positive note, some great turnouts for the Freedom marches in London.

Fantastic to see!


Yes indeed.
All good but for some it was a party atmosphere which is understandable due to people being locked down for so long. There has to be a way of of making it into a serious civil disobedience force of action.
I may be wrong on that though?


I suspect that will happen as the oppression becomes more and more ‘obvious’ to those who are somewhat ‘slower’ than others to see through the deception.

Though equally Jacob, I may be wrong on this too…??



I had a look on the BBC site and they said that Lisa Shaw had died after a short illness, no mention of the vaccine. They aren’t even prepared to tell the truth about their own employees, disgusting.


I continue to be stunned at how naive people are. How the BBC (and many others), blatantly lie, and folk still believe everything they put out. I’m honestly left speechless every single day.


People are not being naive Jo, they choose to be stupid, it absolves them from any personal responsibility, a comfort blanket, whatever that is. The bbc died when cheggars died, keith chegwin gone but not forgotten, how could we rip cheggars.

Jon Taylor

Good on him for not being daft enough to take it. People should read what really makes you ill and why everything you thought you knew about diease is wrong and check out dr John bergman talks he puts out. the root cause of all so called diease is physical chemicial or emotional strees it is always one of the three but the medical establishment don’t want you hearing the chemical part.

Tony K

I have another non relevant (to this article) question.


The final results of these trials will be a massive amount of “mad cow disease” in humans. That’s according to the free scientists.

So the proper name for it is Jacobs Kreutz disease. Now renamed as CJD Creutzfeld-Jacob Disease

These are the symptoms, according to the NHS.

Symptoms of CJD

loss of intellect and memory.
changes in personality.
loss of balance and co-ordination.
slurred speech.
vision problems and blindness.
abnormal jerking movements.
progressive loss of brain function and mobility.
https://www.nhs.uk › conditions › cr…
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease – NHS

Yeah, the description of a zombie.


No, that’s not a joke.

In plain sight.
Taking the piss.
Have to follow the rules of warning us.

Fuck these cunts.
I for one will be chopping heads.

Big up all crew

Tony K

I want to ask a question.
There is no doubt that this is unrelated to the article.

Why the fuck have the Georgia Guide Stones never been smashed up?

Who owns the land the bullshit rocks sit on?

When did they appear?

Too many people on all sides referencing this piece of cuntery.


Good point, they are well protected now Tony, have been vandalised many a time, personally I would have took a jcb instead of a tin of paint or a hammer, they were erected, oh meant to say, they bought the land first, so it is private property, very private, my opinion put there by the same scumbags who are behind our present predicament.

Hermione Granger

Lisa Shaw.

Let us pray her passing is not in vain.



They are surge testing like crazy in Blackburn and all the sheep are falling for it. Its worth looking at the comments on this article to see what youre up against.



Low initial take up from Muslims followed up by the fake “Indian Variant” propaganda drive seems to have worked to a degree sadly.
I have only heard of one Muslim Scholar in the UK who has said that it is not permissable to take the dangerous “Experimental Gene Therapy”.
He was approached and offered money to have the Shot as a community leader and told them No!
Be good to get him the RAS to hear what is going on in their community.


Doesn’t make good reading does it? People in these areas probably have family in India who have had experience of the harm done by the Gates vaccines in the past. The Indian government had the sense to kick him out.


Good point.
India is a massive country, and I am not sure what area Bill Gates “Of Hell” sent his devilish helpers to poison the people.
Gujurat is the area where most of the muslims in the UK forefathers came from.
Problem is is that a lot of Muslims have a colonial mindset and believe that the Government is there to help them and would never do anything harm to its citizens.

Hermione Granger



589,547 post vaccine deaths in the U.S. ?, put the link up, or stop talking pish, why would you post that ya loon, fuck off back to grange hill.

Hermione Granger


Hermione Granger

Sorry 1200 deaths

Zac Baled

Well done Henry, he deserve the peoples sport’s personality of the century award!
Hope some high profile footballers come out too.

RIP. Lucy Shaw.

Only God knows what is to come in the next few months and years for those who have rolled up their sleeves. So many people I know have taken these jabs.


He’s still got to be very, very careful. Type 1 diabetes is an absolutely dreadful disease that dominates the lives of the afflicted.


Christ, the deaths are coming thick & fast, and still these nutters line up for their death shot, its utter madness :O


Good for Henry, he’s got a brain and thinks for himself, like the rest of us free thinkers 🙂

Urban fox

cove idiot and proud. Rather that, than a covid believer.

Ronald Templeman

GOOD ON YOU HENRY, who in their right mind would have an untested jab that is making people ill and dying, when if you have it you can still get so called covid 19, pass it on, wear a mask and need to isolate if you come into contact with it.

If I had told people 2 years ago that this would be the situation now, they would have thought me mad. HOW EASY IT HAS BEEN TO SCARE THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF SO MANY SAD PEOPLE, THINKING IT’S KEEPING THEM ALIVE. Problem is they may be alive but sadly not living.

Carol Jones

Well done Henry. Proud of you👌🏻

Have you seen latest from USA? Called VAX-A-MILLION Competition 🤦‍♀️ Surely people can see something clearly not right when incentives have to be used to get them to roll up their sleeves. And Ice cream incentives for children in Canada.

Carol Jones

Read that the Ohio Millionaire competition is a success – so many (think i read it was around 2.5 million) signed up for it – pure utter madness


They all want to be the richest person in the graveyard.

Tarek Langenfeld

It is the biggest crime in history of mankind
That’s what it is

Urban fox

Bang on the 💰money. Said it from the beginning. Worldwide fascist coup,to push through Agenda 21/30. With all government of the world,in total cooperation with each other. Under the rule of the real Government that’s pulling the strings. I nearly said from behind the scenes. But for anyone not still in the Matrix,it’s now on centre stage for all to see. With a bloody big spotlight shining down on there plans.

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