English GP’s Told Not To Give AstraZeneca Jab To Pregnant Women

GP’s administering the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine have been told to stop giving it to pregnant women. NHS England bosses wrote to practices at the weekend to tell them to cancel all scheduled first doses for expecting mums.

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) had originally said that mums to be should not get the AZ jab and instead be given an alternative.

But the JCVI changed its mind after a report came out of the US that declared the AZ jab to be safe for pregnant women. It advised that women should be offered Pfizer or Moderna vaccines first, but did not ban expectant mums from getting AstraZeneca’s jab.

NHS England has gone further. It has instructed all practices to direct pregnant women to primary care network sites, if they are unable to offer Pfizer or Moderna vaccines.

It said all “sites should implement screening procedures to ensure pregnant women are identified and offered the Pfizer BioNtech or Moderna vaccine.”

Remember, when the vaccines began rolling off assembly lines last year, the World Health organisation said that they should not be given to pregnant women because of the lack of evidence on safety and efficacy. Pregnant women were not included in the trials.

Never forget that you have a 0.3 per cent chance of dying IF you come down with covid-19. The AZ jab, like all of them, was given emergency use authorisation and Oxford/AstraZeneca was indemnified against liability.

By accepting one of these experimental drugs, you are signing up to a trial which is ongoing. Consider that for a minute. Nobody knows what the long-term effects of these drugs are. There is no data. The minute you roll up your sleeve, you become a guinea pig.

Evidence is emerging all over the world that these treatments are already doing great harm. Word to the wise. Just say no.



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Yes wise words to just say NO very loudly! No matter the incentive, bribery, coercion, discrimination…. none of that will matter if you are maimed, or dead fast, or slowly later. The horrific effects of these shots, coupled with potential for them to integrate fully into our DNA permanently is just an abomination. Its crossing blood brain, placenta, breast milk and destorying babies in the womb, or via a breast feed. This means it may spread via all body fluids. So the JABBED are now dangerous to be around! The shots are not protective at all, and are infact doing the opposite and Priming people for worse reactions to C19 and Variants (if such exist and are not just alibis for the JABs horrific side effects). If the variants are cover stories, then each new LAB to JAB no trial re-designed mRNA instruction sets hacking, will lead to yet more deaths, which will be passed off as Leaky Vaccine Escape and ergo an even newer JAB design will be forced upon you all, in a perpetual cycle of DEATH and injury, with the latest super shot being the recommend cure, which is actually the death dealer. This is insanity and clearly a well planned CULL. SAY NO with a PITCHFORK if neccessary! Like THE FLY…be afraid, be very very afraid! As something is very wrong with this frankenscience from Dr Doudna (DO U DNA), and her Crispr-CAS9 tech. I think gene drive is likely included from Gates mosquitoes and that means the whole human race is at stake thanks to gates lust for 20:1 returns and the whole cabal of eugenics psychos caught up in malthusian BS of climate issues that DO NOT EXIST. Sure clean up some polluting industries as ever but we dont need to end human life, to save a whale or snail, that will go extinct anyway, as thats the natural order of things. Gates is playing GOD and he is not GOD, he is a little rocking in his chair mentally unstable PRICK in a Lilac Jumper! HE CAN FUCK OFF!! Arrest them all!


Agree that Gates is mentally unstable but I do believe he is just a front man. The biggest polluters on the planet are the very corporations that make these psychopaths so disgustingly rich and able to put their evil plans into action but that is no longer mentioned by the controlled msm.

There is obviously something very different in these vaccines (genetic engineering) that they are willing to go to such extreme lengths to get everyone on the planet injected. I wonder if some politicians and people in the media have been offered immunity from whatever is intended to befall the rest of us which is why they are willing to support such blatant deception.


My name is Kriss. I am new to this group. I live in Doncaster with my wife (Claire) and three amazing children. I do not believe any of the lies. My reason to be here is simply to talk to like minded people and I have been inspired by the show and the guests. It may take a while to warm to me.

Last edited 18 days ago by Incendiary

Warm welcome to you, just don’t go all Incendiary on me 😉


Welcome Kriss.


Hi Kriss. We are going to need to be in touch more than ever with like-minded people as time goes by because this is only going to get worse. They are going to do everything they can to stop people from meeting and assembling.


After the horrors of thalidomide no drugs which are not long established and tested over many years should be given to pregnant women.


I absolutely agree. I feel mentally exhausted with what is being rolled out. It never makes any sense and I don’t suppose it is meant to. As long as you eat well and smile lots, I guess that helps.


I think they want us mentally exhausted. It is very hard to keep positive. Going for walks, listening to music and watching old films and TV shows I find helps and doing spiritual exercises. I’ve been watching quite a number of videos about near death experiences which I’ve found very comforting as it’s a reminder that this is not really our home.


Yes, this is a temporary space for us to occupy. I have found, for me personally, that meditation has been the most beneficial. Quiet time to reflect and not only realise the madness that surrounds us but to really know yourself. Walks in nature are a close second.


Richie, do you read or respond to these messages? Much love.


Gerry? 😆


The Monday episode with Rachel Elnaugh still resonates. When we begin to use words such a depopulation and genocide you would think it must wake the sleepiest of the Zzzz enthusiasts. Only it will not, nothing will. Concentrate on surrounding yourself with like minded people and promote a community that does not rely upon the Devil’s mindset. This is a new beginning, let us embrace it with the very people we wish to spend time with.

Hermione Granger

MHRA record that 624, 633 averse reactions to Pfizer and AZK gene treatments so far and 635 deaths (see uk column news). Where’s the mainstream news coverage ??


The UK Columns death figures are a little out of date they have now reached almost 850.
The vaccines are performing far better then expected and Tony Blair is absolutely delighted 🤣🤣🤣🤣


I think that .3% stat is even being generous Richie, as it is .23% over 70 and .05% in under 70’s according to dialogue in this video by Oracle Films.

Where and how these stats came about are referenced at circa 9 mins and 50 seconds into the presentation.

This video is simply a must see and share for everyone!
(And sincere apologies, as I know I’ve already posted it now on three seperate threads here, such is my determination to get it out there!)

It can be found on Oracle Films website and it’s called “The Pushback”



Gerry, thank you for sharing the oracle films footage. It is hard hitting and does promote the dystopian angle. I think my only issue is that it promotes fear, and fear from whichever side is never beneficial. You know as well as I do about low vibration and how we are manipulated in the absence of love. Rather than dwell and feed the energy, let us build our own community together, the way we want it to be.


I don’t agree with you for a second in this instance!

In fact, I see the complete opposite to fear in this production!

Nothing but positivity shines through in it for me, with essences of a simple message to be shared far and wide to other like minded souls who can tell the difference between fact and blatant fraud!!



You are also correct. And I applaud you for placing this in the consciousness of the public. We do need more people like you. We need more people to wake up. The problem is that when you need/require something it is always in short supply. I simply had a counter thought which, in these free times should at least be considered? I love your work.


Everything is inverted. It is the perfect medicine to disagree.


No incendiary. I believe you’re new to forum, is this correct??
If so, you’ll realise I don’t pull punches.

And no offence, but I’m hearing essences of ‘shill’ embedded in your comments.

So for now at least, please don’t interact with my comments and I’ll do likewise for yours.

That documentary is nothing but positive and could not possibly be perceived any other way, unless of course you had intentions to deliberately create controversy.

Best wishes … And end of discussion.



Yes I am new. I am most certainly not a shill and for you to label be as such I find deeply offensive. I have been awake to this whole scheme rolling out for so long. I just thought I would find like minded people to help my general well-being and relate to. Looks like I may have been wrong.


Could I ask what positivity shines out to you from the video? I know it highlights the brutally of the system we are in .. I would just like you elaborate on the positivity angle? I am possibly more on you side than you know, I am just one of those annoying buggers that like asking questions.


Thank you for sharing. I’ve downloaded it (in case it disappears) and I will watch it this evening. I’m just nipping out to enjoy the first bit of sun we’ve had here in about a week as it is already clouding over.


It’s excellent Jennie.
Enjoy your afternoon.



Thank you. I hope you have a good one too.

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