Ethics Prof: “Covid Not Severe Enough To Warrant Mandating Jabs”

An Oxford University Professor of Medical Ethics has said that covid-19 isn’t severe enough to warrant mandatory vaccines at the population level.

Dominic Wilkinson said that the case for compulsory jabs could be made if the country was in the midst of an outbreak of a disease as severe as bubonic plague, but that in his opinion, covid-19 doesn’t pose a threat to our way of life.

Speaking to The Telegraph Professor Wilkinson said:

“If we had an outbreak of a disease that was like the bubonic plague or Ebola, that had devastatingly high mortality, and we had a massive threat to our health system and way of life, I think there would be a strong case for having a vaccine mandate. I’m not convinced that this pandemic is sufficiently severe that it’s ethically proportionate to have compulsory vaccination for the general population.” 

Wilkinson is featured in a Telegraph article by the journalist David Cox today. Cox has learned more about the Austrian government’s decision to mandate the jabs for every citizen. He writes:

Over the next two months, the Austrian government will put into place a legal framework for the mandate. According to the latest reports, authorities will first offer an appointment for anyone who has yet to be vaccinated, before penalties of up to 3,600 euros (£3,022) will follow if the offer is rejected.

For those who are already double-vaccinated, there will still be fines of up to 1,500 euros (£1,259), if they refuse to get a booster shot. Exemptions will only be offered to those who are able to prove, via a doctor’s certificate, that they cannot receive a vaccine on medical grounds, such as severe allergies to all currently available vaccines or those who had an adverse reaction to the first dose.

What will become of those who refuse to pay the fines? Prison? Quarantine? Cox doesn’t say, but it’s not rocket science.


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Marty Hopkirk

The entities that pose the biggest threat to our way of life are the psychopathic fascists masquerading as ‘politicians’ and their puppet masters in big business, big Pharma, the WHO & the WEF.

And unless the great majority make a stand, tell these people precisely where to get off and engage in peaceful mass civil disobedience, things are only going to get worse.

Aldo Bennedetti

I’ve a sneaking suspicion they haven’t played their whole hand yet.

There is a surprise around the corner in the form of a caytalyst to speed up their plan.

Urban Fox

At the start of the covid era of open tyranny in the UK last March. When ‘Lockdown One The Beginning Of The End’ premiered. I was open to the possibility that there really was a deadly plague going round. Yet only a couple of days before lockdown was announced i clearly remember a conversation i had with a young Italian woman on the checkout. This was back in the good old days when i was still talking to people. I said to her, ‘ Even if things are as bad as they say, Fascism can never be justified under any pretense. And why are they doing this now, when its never been done in history and what happens once the president has been set.’ I believe we have seen the answer to that question over the last 20 months.

Invasion of the body snatchers – Immortal parasites discovered in ‘Covid’ vaccines – David Icke

Since then i believe as i have said many times that there is no evidence of covids existence. But there is evidence of no excess deaths or funerals last year. And evidence of massive death and destruction as a result of this vile poisonous concoction. Even if people choose to believe in the official narrative of a new virus, it was officially downgraded from a High consequence infectious disease. To a Non High consequence infectious disease, 4 days before the first lockdown. These are referred to as HCID and NHCID. This information was removed from the goverment website briefly, then put back quietly. Because of complaints of a cover up. The direct link to this page is on Vernon Colemans website.

Bearing all this in mind, people need to be asking themselves what are the real reasons for trying to force these injections into every man, woman and child on the planet. They should then look at the detailed VAERS data of injuries and deaths, which is available by direct link on Vernon’s site. Then follow the advice to times this by at least ten, and realize that this is mirrored worldwide. Perhaps also looking at some of the ingredients of these jabs, preferably on an empty stomach.

My body my choice should not just apply to the male member. It should also apply to this kind of prick. One delivering unwanted deadly poison. We are now living in the vilest time in human history, and facing the real prospect of legalized medical rape.


It is the covid response that is the threat to our way of life, not the illness.


question is, are the Austrian people going to take it or are there going to be big push back to being told you have to take a jab or else, after all, i seem to remember a certain Tash man being born in Austria.


It’s interesting that the professor should mention Ebola. As I understand it, AIE/cytotoxic storm, at its severest, presents very much like Ebola.
And a little known science paper from last year alleges that Ebola can remain in a dormant state in survivors/ carriers for years before activating again.

I’m sure everyone remembers Gates stating, with a creepy smile, that the next pandemic will be far worse than C19. Back then I speculated that a perceived Ebola outbreak would do it.
I remain hopeful that I’m completely wrong.

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