EU Regulator:”Clear Link Between AstraZenca Jab & Blood Clots”

Marco Cavaleri, head of vaccines at the European Medicines Agency (EMA), said this morning that there is a clear link between the Oxford/AstraZeneca covid vaccine and blood clotting.

Cavaleri said that his team is still trying to figure out how the jab is triggering the clots. Speaking to Italian newspaper Il Messaggero Cavaleri said;

“In the next few hours, we will say that there is a connection, but we still have to understand how this happens. We are trying to get a precise picture of what is happening, to define in detail this syndrome due to the vaccine. Among the vaccinated, there are more cases of cerebral thrombosis… among young people than we would expect.”

Despite today’s announcement, the UK medicines regulator is unlikely to suspend use of the vaccine in the under-30’s. Several European countries have raised concerns over a very rare blood clot that stops blood draining from the brain properly, called CVST or cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, recorded in some cases after people received the jab.

The UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is backing the vaccine to the hilt, despite mounting evidence that it is causing harm. CEO Dr. June Raine said:

“The benefits of Covid vaccine AstraZeneca in preventing Covid infection and its complications continue to outweigh any risks and the public should continue to get their vaccine when invited to do so.”

Germany and The Netherlands have suspended use of the jab in the under-60’s. Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London, has come out today and said that if the link to blood clots is true, the AZ jab may not be suitable for younger people.

Your risk of contracting covid-19 is minimal. The odds of coronavirus making you very ill are astronomical. The benefits of taking an experimental and potentially deadly medicine do NOT outweigh the risks of coming down with covid.

If you’re due to receive the AZ jab soon, don’t say you haven’t been well warned. Inform yourself.





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Mack Williams

Covid was created for the vaccinations not the vaccinations for covid

Tim in Brazil

Neil Ferguson knows sweet fanny adams about mathematical modelling and much less about the science of vaccines so why the hell is he opening his beak. He certainly doesn’t understand that death is an absorbing state in a Monte Carlo process.

Last edited 8 days ago by Tim in Brazil

CEO Dr. June Raine said:
“The benefits of Covid vaccine AstraZeneca in preventing Covid infection and its complications continue to outweigh any risks and the public should continue to get their vaccine when invited to do so.”
Well, a while ago all vaccine companies, including AZ stated the vaccine would not prevent infection nor transmission to others, its main purpose being it will prevent serious illness requiring hospitalisation. So where does the ‘preventing Covid infection’ come from?


I get the impression they are lying and are not just misinformed.


Wont be having any of them Ritchie anything pushed through in A matter of months cant be safe
I take the flu jab each year since being ill now im thinking this year give it a miss because now thats there has been so many lies being told by whom we are meant to trust i would be heart scared of them slipping in one of these new jabs as the flu one no way im taking 5000Iu of vitamin D 1000 vitamic c & 40/50 mg of Zinc since last April why dont they hold A live TV debate from the 1000s of doctors & science ppl throughout the world that say these are dangerous like. Brexit we had them each & every night then ppl made up their own minds 2 sides to a story unfortualey we are only hearing one


I’m afraid debate is a thing of the past. It’s do as we say or else.


And this is the experimental genetic treatment we are being coerced to accept. Bring out Lenny Henry and get him to tell us to take it again.


I find it amazing that comedians can get on TV to give health advice but leading doctors and scientists can’t.


Yeah. You only get on tele if you say the right thing. Lie in other words.


This experimental poison needs to be stopped being offered.

End of!

Web Ferrett

Sad thing is, no one had to die. Forget the jab, what about all the alternative medicine already available that cures viruses, like HCQ+zinc or Ivermectin?

Why did they get banned (when already used for many other ailments) from use in favour of the jab being pushed by Big Pharma when their history shows them to be 100% effective and VERY safe?

You would think there is a conspiracy going on here, wouldn’t you?


Everything possible was done to inflate death figures. Even so they eventually had to resort to using case numbers. They needed this lever to instigate lockdown, and the promise of the end of lockdown to enforce vaccination.


More subterfuge. Big Pharma and their investors will ensure that the AZ jab gets rolled out as long as possible (to the end of the Phase 3 trial period most likely). Then it will be declared a failed drug, probably alongside all the other adenovirus jabs, and the smooth transition to the cheaper to make mRNA jabs can commence.
Meanwhile, thousands of claim cases will be successfully made to the government (ie, the tax payer) for injuries caused by the experimental adenovirus drug and then they, and many others, will raise their hands in supplication for the new mRNA wonderdrug.


I’m not sure about thousands of successful claims. None of the girls paralysed by the Gardasil vaccine got any money from the Irish government despite all the lies that were told about it and it being pushed by the schools.


Fair point.


In order to get any money from the UK vaccine compensation fund you need to prove that the vaccine caused your injury and that you are at least 60% disabled. You would have to present yourself and evidence before the same DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) panel of doctors who administer claims for Disability Living Allowance. We all know how very generous, sympathetic, loving and kind those heartless bastards have been towards the disabled. You’ll get absolutely feck all off that lot.


The thing is that the masses have been so totally brainwashed and traumatised that they would rather die from the vaccine than from the so called virus, and they have been led down the garden path believing that everything will be ‘normal’ again once everyone has had their jab… Nothing could be further from the truth.

Mack Williams

Depopulation vaccinations have been planned a long time ago by the big noses globalists elites! Did you know that Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer are both Jews


At Western Wall, London mayor affirms his Jewish ancestryJohnson appeared genuinely moved as he placed his right hand on the Western Wall and paused for a minute while photographers took pictures of him praying. by Steve Linde for “The Jerusalem Post” NOVEMBER 11, 2015


Dr Joseph Mercola referred to vaccine passports in an article today as “Lab Rat Royalty Cards”. Because if you sign up for this or any other of the jabs, this is essentially what you are. So many people have told me they know it’s all BS but they’ve only had it because they wanted to go to the pub/out for meals/on holiday…. What I can’t understand is this; how are these things more important than your health?! We are a nation who have serious issues with priorities and a total lack of patience. Rushing out to get something to allow you into a place that isn’t even open…..insanity!


While there are an awful lot of people getting jabbed simply for the perceived social benefits, there are also those who have had the jab based on personal risk assessment. Such people are usually the ones with underlying health conditions, like diabetes, who know that a virus could cause them significant problems. For such people, it is an odds game that they knowingly play. For everyone else it is still an odds game, but one they play unwittingly.
Either way, it is something they choose to do, and in the internet age there is no excuse for ignorance. I wonder how many of the jabbed will accept that if they get ill.

Web Ferrett

Hi Craig, agreed, but noone is informing them of their other choice of taking HCQ+zinc or Ivermectin – bith have been proven to be extreamly effective against viruses (covid), yet Bog Pharma have had them banned from use in treating covid! – I wonder why that would be?


No one is informing them? But we know. How? Because we chose to inform ourselves using the significant amount of information available at our fingertips.
How many people do you know who still don’t do this, despite everything you would have told them? For me it is almost everyone. There really is no excuse for it.

Stephen Hardy

Vaccines cannot be given “emergency use authorisation” if other effective treatments are already available and in use. Which might explain why HCQ+zinc and Ivermectin have been suppressed or banned, in order to clear the way for the toxic jabs. Also, for example, HCQ is a cheap and fairly safe generic drug, which doesn’t suit the agenda, especially when there are much more expensive, side-effect-ridden anti-viral drugs like Remdesvir on the market!


Does anyone remember the owner of a Canadian pharmaceutical Manufacturer of generic HCQ and his wife murdered that the police ridiculously tried to pass off as suicide (2018 ? )


Murdered December 13th 2017
Barry Sherman’s company, Apotex, was a leading Canadian manufacturer of generic drugs, and the largest producer of Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate, in their case, the APO-Hydroxyquine 200MG tablet.

Last edited 8 days ago by sven

Asked a friend of mine in Uganda to get me a price on HCQ as it a standard medicine over there for Malaria.
The price has shot through the roof and was £40 to purchase now!

Last edited 7 days ago by Jacob
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