Every Pub In Britain Should Ban GMB Host Susanna Reid

Susanna Reid is a television presenter. She is paid millions of pounds to co-present Good Morning Britain for ITV. She laughably describes herself as a journalist. See her Twitter blurb. Journalist my arse. The establishment never had a more loyal shill than Reid.

Throughout the pandemic hoax, Reid (and her colleagues mind), have failed miserably to challenge the efficacy or necessity of lockdowns. Rather than chip away at government ministers over the harm caused by lockdowns, Reid and her mates consistently harangued them for not locking down harder and sooner.

Reid gave the unlicensed experimental jabs a pass too. Nothing to see here as far as she’s concerned. She sits there day after day while her colleague Dr. Hilary Jones extolls the virtues of the jabs while acting as a de facto drug dealer for the worlds biggest pharmaceutical companies. Jones would jab foetuses if it was possible. He’s a beauty.

Susanna Reid is wretched though. On this morning’s show, she expressed her concern that Covid cases will rise as children return to school. She was joined by the journalists (and here I use the term loosely) Andrew Pierce and Kevin Maguire.

Pierce said that there would be a huge resistance to another lockdown, to which Reid replied:

“It feels like there would be resistance now against lockdown, but that doesn’t mean that restrictions wouldn’t be reimposed. You might close for instance pubs or restaurants.”

What a bastard. A journalist would say: “Pubs and restaurants will be nervous about restrictions coming back. They’ve suffered enough and are barely hanging on. Thousands of pubs have closed. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs and there’s no evidence that hospitality was a hotbed of transmission. We can’t keep closing down hospitality can we?”

Yeah that’s what Reid should have said. Instead, she mooted the idea of shutting down hospitality again as a compromise to avoid a full lockdown. Easy to say for a woman who gets paid millions to look pretty and read an autocue.

I hope the next time she walks into her local, the landlord tells her to fuck off.


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Caroline Fealy

If my kid’s were still at school i would not be sending them. These msm idiots have done nothing to help all people. Only going with the bullshit they are told. Where has personal integrity gone? Why do they speak so biased? I get they are being paid to bullshit. But money is not the be all. What has happen to morals, empathy and just being human? I honestly am in despair at the world today. I steer clear of all news channels (never been a tv watcher anyway).
To me TV is a big part of what is very wrong with society.


I agree with you. You’d think there would be a few people in the mainstream media with some integrity but where are they? Haven’t had a TV for 11 years now and never will again.

Caroline Fealy

Thanks Jennie, so much quieter with out the idiot box. All though i do have one but use it for films and internet to listen to Richie’s show and like channels. 🙂


Reid is a sanctimonious bitch,she tries too come across all nicey nicey but deep down she is rotten too the core.


Just like her pimp father.

Johnny Dollar

they should all stop watching her


Herr Reid is absolutely despicable, she gives me the creeps, I wonder if she will offer up her children for the clot shot, I doubt it & lie that she has, but she will lecture & shame the rest of us to take that deadly death shot.


Susanna Reid – the very definition of a ‘polished turd’.


All MSM is no just vacuous vaxxhole shill co-conspirators and its long overdue time we all run outta bubblegum, shut down their brainwashing tranmissions and kick their asses all into jail for their parts in the crime of all crimes! They are truly sickening failed humans and deserve no mercy or leniency of sentences. Throw the keys away. Then start broadcasting some reality as we divvy up ALL PUBLIC ASSETS seized from ALL PUBLIC SERVANTS that dared turned tyrant! Enough is Enough!


I can’t watch that smug bitch! Never have been able to. I’d love to give her a gobful in real life.


Eeeasy charlie girl Eeeeasy 🙂

david burns

she should be wearing a muzzle nevermind a mask.

david burns

Just signed up with patreon.Should have done it long time ago.We need shows like this more than ever.Great work richie.Trying to get my son to listen too.He is Richie Allen hesitant at the moment.haha.

Ronald Templeman

Reid is one evil bitch, she should try running a pub, would not last five minutes, just like that hilary jones who claims to be a doctor, they are a pair of clowns. Lets hope all these (I can’t think of what one should call them) get what they deserve one of these days.


Hope you don’t mind Richie but put a comment on Podcast suggesting listeners consider helping out to keep the show going.


Hi Richie, delighted you are back, I’m a bit iffy about putting bank details on patreon, so I will support you through the bank as I have done previously.

AL Bassninja

Wouldn’t it be nice IF all Landlords Barred ALL MSM Mouthpiece of Sauron, so-called journalists, from there establishments.
I’d have a sign stating All journalists must ID themselves prior to entering. No enterance for The Scum,, ITV, BBC, SKY staff.

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