Syria Under Siege - Guarding Against Wolves In Sheep Clothing is's thought proving examination of how the independent media has reported on the Syrian conflict. The 75 minute film focuses on two activist-journalists, Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley, both of whom were on the RA Show a couple of years ago. The two have become synonymous with Syria for those who get their information exclusively from alternative media sources. In Syria Under Siege, Sibel Edmonds and Spiro Skouras ask some very pertinent questions about the professional and ethical conduct of both Beeley and Bartlett. They shine a glaring spotlight on the pairs motivation, their treatment of sources who offer information that doesn't fit with their narrative and their behaviour when their lack of objectivity is questioned.

To be fair to Edmonds and Skouras their film does a much better job than I did when I began to express serious doubts about the authenticity of Beeley and Bartlett (and others to be fair) around eighteen months ago. I was more annoyed with myself to be honest, that I hadn't been harder on Bartlett in particular when I interviewed her. I'd taken her independence for granted when in fact I knew better than that and should have pursued it in our conversations. Incidentally, Newsbud quite properly contacted the pair and asked them to participate in the film. Both declined.

The film is a wake up call for independent journalists but more importantly, an alarm call for those who follow them. The Truther Industrial Complex is destroying the independent media. Activist journalist is an oxymoron. You cannot objectively cover any story of which you have very strong personal convictions. You become the story, you insert yourself in the narrative and consciously or unconsciously you omit, overlook or flat out ignore evidence or information that contradicts your position. The alternative media is full of activist journalists, who end up spending their time convincing their readers/viewers of their own importance to the story they are supposed to be covering. This results in the reader/viewer subconsciously concluding that there cannot be any resolution to Syria/Palestine/Libya or whatever, without the participation of their hero truther. This makes for uncomfortable reading and Edmonds and Skouras film makes for uncomfortable watching. I'll briefly tell you why. 

We've come to like echo chambers. We adopt a firm position on any given issue and we seek out others who feel the same. They become our voice, our champions if you will. And we take it personally when they are questioned, because we feel that we are being directly challenged. We become petulant. This is the result of insulating ourselves from the opinions of those who disagree with us.  Look at the torrent of abuse (I love it) that I received after my lecture on mythomania and the Truther Industrial Complex. It was very revealing. I'm sure Edmonds and Skouras will get it in the coming days too. Why do we fly into a rage when our heroes are challenged? Think about that one as it's a very important question. I caused mayhem by asking a very simple question. I said and I repeat; "There are innocent Syrians in Damascus, who didn't like Assad's old man and don't like Assad. They're not with the rebels (terrorists), they are Syrians caught up in the madness. They are as vulnerable as anyone else. Wouldn't it have been great for Bartlett to engage them, to put it to them that whether their opinion of Assad is right or wrong, that Assad didn't bring the head choppers to Syria? Now that's basic journalism right? It's journalism 101, the first rule, offer everyone a say, no matter what they are saying.

Syria Under Siege - Guarding Against Wolves In Sheep Clothing is a very welcome film. I hope that those who have worshipped at the altars of Beeley and Bartlett (and the rest) will watch it objectively. Question everything and I do mean everything. is not some deep state controlled shilling channel! They've called out the dark actors who are really responsible for bringing ISIS to Syria in their films and articles. They've just shone a light on some very questionable practices by two activists while reminding the viewers to question absolutely everything they hear including and most importantly the motivations of the people who are telling you. Watch it yourself and let me know what you think. Here's the link:

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