Experts Linking Covid To Every Medical Condition Ever Diagnosed

Add Diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, and eye damage to the ever expanding list of medical complaints that so-called experts are linking to coronavirus.

Don’t forget brain damage, lung damage, psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis. Covid is the virus that keeps on giving. Professor Francesco Rubino, an expert on type 1 diabetes, based at King’s College London told The Daily Mail:

“We started to become very concerned about diabetes within the first couple of months of the pandemic, when we began to get reports from around the world of an increase in cases among hospitalised Covid patients.

These were patients in whom diabetes suddenly developed at the same time as they were sick with Covid.”

The link is tenuous. In a study published by the journal Diabetes Care, 0nly 5 children out of 30 who were diagnosed with diabetes, had coronavirus. Karen Logan, a clinical nurse specialising in diabetes, admitted that a proper controlled study is needed to prove causation.

But that doesn’t matter. Government scientists are appearing on UK media this morning warning of the terrors of “Long Covid.” Presenters just nod along as professors list all manner of ailments thought to be linked to the virus.

I never know whether to laugh or cry when after listing all of these terrifying diseases, the experts finish by saying, “more research is needed.” God help me. My kingdom for just one (w)anchor to say “You mean you’ve just made all of that up? Why are you scaremongering?” I can dream.

According to today’s Mail Online:

Thousands are already thought to be afflicted by so-called ‘long Covid’ — symptoms such as fatigue, breathlessness, chest pain, muscle aches, pounding heart and depression that persist for weeks or even months after the initial infection.

Now it seems the virus may also be capable of sparking serious and potentially incurable autoimmune conditions — where the body’s immune system attacks tissues, causing not just type 1 diabetes but the skin condition psoriasis and the joint disease rheumatoid arthritis, for example.

Meanwhile, emerging evidence points to lasting, potentially even permanent, harm to the hearts, kidneys and even the eyes of some Covid patients.

Emerging evidence? This is ridiculous. Using this logic it’s easy to see how they are doing it. If someone tests positive for covid and has an ingrowing toenail, you could conceivably claim that there is emerging evidence linking ingrowing toenails to covid. It’s laughable.

But I seem to be the only one laughing. I’m surrounded by people who are lapping it up. People haven’t suspended their disbelief, they’ve flushed it down the toilet.

In France recently, a woman was found running naked in a basement. She told paramedics that voices told her to do it. I swear to God, they linked her behaviour to coronavirus. Did the French say “pull the other one?” No! It was reported with a straight face.

In my opinion, these preposterous “Long Covid” stories are designed to scare people into having the jab and the jabs to come this Autumn. Uptake is a real problem for the government.

Hundreds of thousands of NHS workers have said they won’t have a jab. Under-40’s are far less likely to have it too. The propagandists are upping the ante.






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Can someone please explain (and I’m glad to see Richie isn’t doing this), why whenever the name of this re-branded flu is written, it’s mostly done so in all capital letters? It’s not grammatically correct as far as I am aware, nor is it an abbreviation, or is it?

As for the long convid BS, has everyone conveniently forgotten that post-viral fatigue syndrome was a thing before 2020? I’m a super healthy individual, but I got a flu-like virus a couple of years ago and felt the effects of it for a long time afterwards. I didn’t think much of it, just got on with life as that’s what you do, right?


LOL linking yet more medical conditions as COVID. Basically CONVID1984 is now the ONLY health condition in the fucking world, just so they can lock you up longer like fucking morons!


I wish that this came as a surprise, but
I told friends and family, last year, that this would happen: that all diseases would eventually be labelled as symptoms of Covid.

Wes Baker

I tweaked an erector muscle on a mountain run over the weekend. On Monday, I went in for an anal swab C test…

Yep. Turns out, it was the ‘rona.

(I can imagine those headlines in a “fitness magazine” – not in the distant future – but over this summer.)

Last edited 8 months ago by Wes Baker

Scare tactics are, I believe, only one aspect of this carefully orchestrated ‘long COVID’ expose. The other is to hide all the vaccine injuries coming up thick and fast. By listing so many conditions as caused by Coronavirus they can neatly refute all vaccine damage incidents and sweep them neatly under the carpet called ‘long COVID’.


Spot on.

Wes Baker

Good googly moogly, can we just be done with medical and nursing schools and simply train everyone to inject the latest big pharma therapy?

Last edited 8 months ago by Wes Baker

As the great American journalist and commentator H L Mencken said: ” The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins.”


A bit off track but on a TV programme this morning the doctor was at pains to explain the vaccine is 100% safe and will not affect question as to how do they know of long term effects,then the next programme was about the multi million pound vitamin industry and that it can be harmful to take supplements and they advise seeing a doctor first.ami missing something


Of course we mustn’t take those awful natural supplements in case we feel better!

Urban fox

Hi, Kathy, They do everything they can to suppress natural supplements and therapys. Whilst telling a tissue of lies to push there vile poison. I got my call up papers yestaday. Which is upsetting, as my sister in same age group. I’m shocked how quick it has come around. I filed it in the bin.


I had a follow up text which got deleted too.

Urban fox

Hi again, regarding your post few days ago. It’s good you take, vits B and D. Think you said.
B is good for mental health. And D and C immune system obviously. I have recently added zinc supplement on the advice of Vernon Coleman. I use an online company called simply supplements. They are really good quality and unbeatable on price for most items. Just thought would let you know.
I’m not concerned about catching the imaginary plague. But do not want to catch anything real. I never used to consider how serious flue could be. But of course flue type viruses can be very serious. Because they and of course other things are what people are dieing of. Which is why all the other illnesses have miraculously vanished. Also if anyone as much as sneezes or clears their throats in public these days, They are likely to be stoned. Best wishes. U.F


I have used Simply Supplements but have also use Holland and Barrett as they have some good deals also. I agree about other viruses that we need to be aware of. I don’t take Vit C so will consider adding it to my others. Hope you’re well Foxy.


They’ve been attacking natural medicines and therapies for several years now. Purely for our safety of course, nothing to do with the fact that they want to make billions out of harmful opiates and vaccines.

Urban fox

I did some work a few years ago, promoting some herbal remedies for a woman who had her own range. She had got into trouble several times, for writing about the health benifits on her leaflets. Despite the fact she was both a qualified medical Dr and herbalist etc .
But it seems it’s acceptable to make any claims they want, regarding drugs. Often without any mention of side effects. Vernon said normally they tell patients about side effects. But in my own experience, on the rare occasion I’ve been forced to take drugs. Side effects, have never been mentioned. I have a copy of the drugs book on the shelf in my home. That is updated every year. It’s a few years old now. But the point is, anyone looking up, even a simple buy it over the shelf drug. Would be amazed at the list of side effects for everything. So the effects of these unnecessary fake vaccines doesn’t bear thinking about. Then there is the cumulative effects, from the multiple jabs expected. That have hardly been mentioned.


You have limitless possibilities of perception manipulation with something invented for the purpose of doing so.
There is no virus, there is a perception of one.

Cough – cough, sorry, Long Covid folks …

the damn thing d o e s n o t e x i s t


They will be using every trick they can conjure up to get folks to go along with their sordid plan to get injected with this genetically modified, gene altering crap. I just can’t comprehend how the masses cannot see through this complete hoax.

Nick Lewis

They sound like symptoms caused by saturation of emf’s.


They are more likely symptoms of bad diets and poor lifestyle . Diabetes for instance, was said to be a major cause of hospital admissions as far back as 2013


I see people who are massively overweight walking around the street in masks. The best thing they could do for their health of course would be to take off the masks, eat a healthy diet and exercise. It won’t be any virus which shortens their lives.


Poor souls gonna get sick wearing face diapers inhaling their own bacteria toxins, then run to hospitals to get their 45 ct PCR non-test done with “positive” results and cry covid tears.
Vicious cycle …

Last edited 8 months ago by Herb
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