I've had some craic this week watching the parade of liberals taking to the airwaves to condemn Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook for it's part in the Cambridge Analytica saga. Zuckerberg himself has apologised for the data breaches that allegedly affected 50 million Facebook users. Zuckerberg shouldn't have apologised at all. He should have put down his pina colada, dropped his Cohiba into his 24 carat gold ashtray and told the media to fuck right off.

Are people really that stupid? Do they really have no idea that every single thing that they do online is accessible by third parties? Yes everything! When you watch porn, when you buy something, when you send an email, when you illegally download a film, you are leaving a whopping big footprint behind you. You're as easy to find as an elephant in the snow with diarrhoea. That's always been the way with the old World Wide Web. And then Facebook came along. Oh how foolish we were. Most of us couldn't see it for what it was, the most fiendishly brilliant scheme ever devised to track and monitor every single man and woman on Earth, every second of every day. All they had to do was launch the site and sit back with their feet up! Genius right? Yep pure genius because we couldn't wait to tell them what they wanted to know and they didn't have to ask! We've told them everything for feck sake, yes all the boring stuff (but it has value) like our favourite colour, TV show, sports team, musicians, holiday destinations etc.....but we gave them the good shit too!

Boy did we give them the good shit. We uploaded our most private innermost thoughts and feelings on life, love, death, politics (very important) and our opinions on anything and everything that crossed our minds. We gave them our souls. No contract was signed, there was no quid pro quo. In return we didn't get to play football like Lionel Messi or play guitar like Eric Clapton, oh no. We got nothing except our egos massaged. We turned into modern day Walter Mitty's. In our minds we became VIP's and came to believe that our every public utterance was in the national interest! So we kept logging on and telling them everything they ever wanted to know! I bet they themselves never believed how successful it would be. And now people are whining that their profiles were given to firms like Cambridge Analytica?!? Pleeease!

Facebook didn't need to give them anything! There are no real barriers preventing others from looking at your profile and your historic postings. Do you really believe that clicking the box to confirm that only your "friends" should see your profile actually works? Come on, wake up. A third division hacker can get on to your Facebook page and into your messenger history in around 30 seconds. Now there is all manner of theories about Facebook and Zuckerberg. My personal opinion is that the back story is bullshit. I don't believe it, but I can offer no evidence to support my opinion. It's got deep state written all over it. I believe that Zuckerberg is just a front man and that "The Social Network" is a work of fiction. But none of it matters when all is said and done because nobody held a gun to my head or yours. They put it there and we spilled our guts. Stop whining about it and forget the notion of punishing them by deleting your profile. It's too late for that, they already have the goods on you.

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