I read an email yesterday that made me laugh out loud. It was sent to me through my PayPal email address. It was short and sweet. Here it is: Just a friendly hello from your local Antifa. Nazi radio won't be tolerated you transphobic jew hating c**t your days of hate speech are over. See you soon.

What a nonsense. It's not the first time I have been threatened by some bedroom dwelling sniffer of his own mothers panties either. 18 months ago I received an email warning that the future Mrs. Allen and I would be knocked down some Saturday while crossing the road in Deansgate. Charming. I deleted it and didn't give it a second thought. But in light of what happened at King's College in London earlier this week, I thought I'd have my say on these goons and who they really are. By the way if you don't know, King's College hosted a debate between YouTube celebrity Sargon of Akkad and the writer Yaron Brook. It was interrupted by a group of thugs calling themselves anti-fascists. They threw smoke bombs and assaulted audience members and security. They also vandalised equipment and left threatening notes for the organisers. Anti-fascist? Are you shitting me? And what a bunch of heroes eh? Rushing a hall, tooled up, balaclavas on....yep these are real tough guys to be sure.

That's how they roll. Last year Jazz legend and gifted writer Gilad Atzmon was on his way to an event in Edinburgh. He was assaulted by three of these clowns. There are many more examples I could give you, where people have been physically attacked by these cowardly terrorists, while hosting speaking events. These cretins are not anti-fascist! They are not "fighting" for freedom (oxymoron heaven) nor are they standing up to fascism. They are fascists! Their purpose is to disrupt, often violently, events where people SAY things that they don't agree with. If you are talking about politics, immigration, nationalism, gender, sexual orientation or whatever, from a non-progressive, Cultural Marxist perspective, then you are fair game. But remember they are cowards. They need to be mob handed, they carry weapons and hide behind scarves and balaclavas. They don't do one on ones, oh no.

Ironically, those they target are often the most open to their ideas being challenged intellectually. I know this as an experienced radio presenter. When I've invited people like David Duke and Jayda Fransen on the show over the years, people I profoundly disagree with, they've come on and allowed me to challenge them. Anne Marie Waters and Mark Collett (who don't belong in the Duke/Fransen category) came on and we had a robust exchange of views. They got to speak WITHOUT being shouted down and I was able to counter their points in an atmosphere that was anything but hostile. Who's right and who's wrong doesn't matter, the audience got to hear two sides. So it seems to me that these Antifa bed-wetters are in the business of preventing open discourse by employing fear and intimidation. The question is, who benefits when people can't frankly exchange views in public and debate them in front of live audiences? You got it in one, the establishment. There's your biggest clue as to where Antifa get their oxygen.

Oh and as for the email. Well my reply was short and to the point. Dear Antifa man, when you've finished masturbating with your mothers panties, wash your hands and send me your phone number. I'll meet you in the city at any time of the day and we'll see if you still want to call me a transphobic Nazi c**t.

I'm not holding my breath.

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