Fauci: “Too Soon To Tell If We Can Gather At Christmas”

Dr. Tony Fauci said yesterday that it’s too soon to tell if Americans can celebrate Christmas together. The US President’s Chief Medical Adviser was appearing on CBS “Face The Nation.” Presenter Margaret Brennan asked him:

“We can gather for Christmas, or it’s just too soon to tell?” In response, Fauci said:

“It is just too soon to tell. We have to concentrate on continuing to get those numbers down and not try to jump ahead by weeks or months and say what we’re going to do at a particular time.”

It went down like a lead balloon on social media.

OutKick founder Clay Travis tweeted:

“Dr. Fauci said today it’s too soon to know whether people will be able to gather for Christmas. Insanity. Who in the world is still listening to this dude?”

Washington Free Beacon reporter Chuck Ross tweeted:

“It’s bad enough that Fauci says these ridiculous things, but it’s worse that journos keep framing questions to him as if he has any say over whether we get together for Christmas!”

Indeed. No self-respecting journalist would ask a physician for permission to socialise with friends and family at Christmas or any other time.



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This might be an eye opener. Don’t think you have seen it all and not bother with it.


The times in which we live- US perspective but applies to all Western countries.


“Currently, businesses and event organisers in England that choose to use the NHS COVID Pass as a condition of entry can decide whether or not to allow in people who self-declare that they are unable to be vaccinated or tested. Businesses can continue to accept people who self-declare that they are medically exempt until mid December 2021, from which point they have to use the NHS COVID Pass to gain entry in the same way that people who are fully vaccinated do. Your NHS COVID Pass will not show that you have a medical exemption”.

Our Christmas has already been planned.

Karen nicholl

Hahaha. I’ll be gathering ‘mr fucki’ don’t you worry


Dont you just wish that Fauci would take the jab and go on too die from the jabs deadly side effects.


He took the jab on live tv in the U,S,, then in the same segment a short while later when asked how was it, he touched his arm that was not jabbed and said he could feel it but it was no problem.


The personification of evil that little prick.


Another Psy-Op that took place.

The 2001 Anthrax Deception
An Overview of the Book by Graeme MacQueen

If the notion that, ‘truth always lies 180 degrees opposite to the direction pointed by the corporate media’ is not yet a modern maxim, it should be. A useful corollary might be added to the effect that, ‘the depth to which an event is consigned to the establishment memory hole is inversely related to its actual significance’.

Such an event is the occasion of the October, 2001 anthrax attacks in the United States, for coming close upon the heels of those of 9/11, the anthrax attacks of early October seemed to stamp with the imprimatur of destiny itself the coming of a new age, a new ‘clash of civilizations’, and, of course, a new conflictual modality, ‘The Global War on Terror’. It is ironic then that barely a decade later the entire episode should be so completely forgotten as almost never to have happened.

So what did happen?….

Steven James

You’re a good man 👍

Steven James

You’re a ghost man Allen 👍

Steven James

‘Soylent Green’…..the Movie 🥴👀

Steven James

Steve is excellent listen.

Steven James

You’re excellent with guests Richie.
Professional and courteous.

Steven James

Brilliant the story on Mark ,phenomenal.

Steven James

It’s annoying listening to mainstream media on TV admittedly, especially when logical thinking tells you the truth.
You just need to me strong of mind.

Steven James

I post your web articles on Twitter,so youre still on there even though you didn’t approve of the platform I know..
I had my main account suspended on there for speaking against the mainstream narrative .
And upsetting mainstream journalists and the politicians.

Steven James

Plenty of traffic police 🤷🏻‍♂️

Steven James

The uptake of flu vaccine was poor prior to this Covid scenario.
They needed a boost to pronpmotemit.
That’s part of the agenda Richie.




I’ve been listen to a lot of young women on YT who are defectors from North Korea. We are headed in the same direction. The people of North Korea were promised a utopia and what they got was/is starvation and enslavement.


Every time I see Fauci I think of Dr Kary Mullis who had no time for him and who did ask to debate with Dr Fauci and Fauci always declined.


Mullis said any half decent journalist could destroy fugazi in ten minutes.

Alex Romero

This won’t end until niceties and politeness are dropped in the face of evil.


ok fauci, I will do what I want and you can do what you want for Christmas, kapish.


How much longer can these psychotic dictators ensure our slightest hopes for any happier times are persistently extinguished at the first hurdle to keep chipping away at our very souls in life.
I remember last year when it was discussed by experts being denied talktime on msm that the very essence of the jabs were to attack chromosome 8 in our daily makeup which affects our critical thinking, in what I feel simply creates the individual to gradually dismiss the notion that the governments are there to help not hinder us and to obey every line were being fed.
But the more times the jabs keep coming for new variants when things start to calm down through various distractive methods, then only a certain few that had awaken from the beginning are struggling to convince the masses that enough is enough and to to simply say “no”.


Covid…….Cu@ts Of Various Institutes Destroy.


Crimes of vaccinating idiots duped.


Likey! 👍😊


Covid… ……………………………………………………………Cancel Out Various/Very Important Days. You’re welcome 🤪

Fauci lied, under oath, to Congress which is a Federal Crime. He needs to be gone.


Idiots thinking that there will be no other lockdown. Even so called educated people can not see it.
Excellent interview from Dr Mercola.
(If anyone has another link to the video which will be deleted from his site soon then can they please post it.)

COVID-19 and the Global Predators.
There’s no doubt anymore that we are in the middle of the biggest, most effective propaganda war in the history of the world. Nothing even comes close. As a result, a mass psychosis has developed, where many normally rational people have completely lost their capacity to reason. You can show them reams of solid indisputable information and they’ll simply refuse to believe any of it. What’s at the heart of this mass psychosis?


Graphene oxide nanoparticles…





Here’s a link on bitchute Jake (assuming this one stays up??)



Thanks G. 👍


Thanks for that. I download some videos now as soon as I find them as they often disappear. Trouble is I’ve got a backlog of stuff to watch and listen to as I’m trying to have more non covid time.


I know the feeling… But there isn’t really any other show in town.

Unless of course, you want to join the zombies and sign up for your QR code!!

Then you won’t be aware of anything either way!!



There is now plenty of official record that Fauci has lied and lied. Oh, and that he perjured himself – which is illegal, supposedly.
This should be a clear lesson to anyone who thinks that the law will overcome this madness.


Similar to our media’s bullshit of Boris Battles to Save Christmas, twat. We all know that Xmas will be cancelled as usual but the cowards daren’t say it out loud.


Covid, the gift that never stops giving.

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