FBI Asks Americans To Spy On Their Friends & Families

The FBI was accused of acting like The Stasi last night, after posting a tweet encouraging people to report their friends and family members for suspected extremist behaviour.

The Tweet also linked to a website where people could go and learn how to spot suspicious behaviours and then report them to the bureau.

The social media backlash was swift, with many users accusing the FBI of situating itself as the secret police. Others claimed that the bureau  was effectively trying to police people’s thoughts.

According to

Since the pro-Trump riot on Capitol Hill in January, FBI Director Christopher Wray has testified before Congress that the anti-government sentiment responsible for the affray has been “metastasizing” in the US for years, and that “the problem of domestic terrorism … is not going away anytime soon.” Former Assistant Director Frank Figliuzzi was more explicit last month when he called for the arrest of high-level Republicans to “really tackle terrorism, this time domestically.”

It’s about much more than the Capitol riot, which by the way, had all the hallmarks of a staged event, but that’s another story. They’re far more interested in so-called “anti-vaxxers” and the opponents of lockdowns and vaccine passports.

The FBI is coming for those who disseminate information about Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset, Bill Gates control of global academia and the WHO, vaccine injuries and the climate change hoax.

It’s classic problem, reaction, solution. The capital riot was the manufactured problem, the reaction was public outrage, the solution is more surveillance and the demand that people spy on their families and friends.  We’re here now.

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The subject was touched upon on last Saturdays False “Flag Weekly News”

FFWN: Censorship Epidemic: A Threat to Public Health.


Rob Schneider is putting out some good tweets about informed consent, body autonomy etc. Hopefully more well-known people follow suit.

Marissa Oatley

Just in time for the portal launch from fakebook(if you haven’t seen the ads I don’t know if it’s because I can see through the bullshit now but it’s like 🤯 holy shit.. spooky as f***..). don’t worry family and friends we won’t be listening to every conversation no no we would never do that…. yeah right… well same tactics as always making people think its the “right” thing to do.. doesn’t surprise me much since how the fbi is already run… corruption runs very deep with that one..

Hermione Granger

This is what convid is .. the powers that be reworking the same mind control to achieve depop

Hermione Granger

“We’ll be back by Christmas”, “the big push”, “your country needs you” .. all ww1 still used today, “two weeks to flatten the Somme?” inject to go overseas .. its so ww1 isnt it ?
It’s the bankers culling the pop again, war reinvented via needlecraft 

Spot on Hermione


Thought police!

Oh yes we are now here indeed…

Without a shadow of doubt!!!


You are welcome.
I need to watch that video a few times to let it sink in properly.
Most will not believe it unless they actually watch it.


I would back it up by following the sub links included on the natural blaze site.

A treasure trove there Jacob.

And it’s as real as it gets.


Good idea thanks.


Thought you mind find this interesting.
Dr Kevin Barret of FFWN with his Truth Jihad Podcasts.

Christopher Fogarty on Irish Holocaust Denial.
Christopher Fogarty discusses his recently-revised book Ireland 1845-1850: The Perfect Holocaust and Who Kept It “Perfect”. The book presents detailed evidence supporting its claim that millions of Irish, the best estimate being 5.2 million, were murdered by the British government between 1845 and 1850. Contrary to the Irish Holocaust deniers’ claims of a mythical “potato famine


Cheers Jacob.
I’ll tune in first chance I get.


You are welcome.
Downloadable so handy.


Yet another down payment on one’s own demise; does this mean we’ll have to be sworn in too?


Whether the Capitol Hill ‘riot’ was staged or not is almost incidental. If the people cannot take their grievances or concerns directly to the seats of power, then you have a manevolent dictatorship.


Dammed straight, the absence of the very heavily armed militia style DC Metro Police was very telling for me.


That, and in a country full of guns a distinct lack of them among the ‘rioters’.


A good point. American’s seem so enamoured with that faux Navy Seal look – assault vest, Baseball cap, long beard and finger resting on the trigger guard of their M4 Carbine.


Erich Honecker from the good old Democratic Republic of East Germany (DDR) would be so envious and proud of this monster that’s now being created. If only Silicon Valley and big tech had been around back in the day. He had to rely on massive rolodex drums for his big brother databases.


imagine if say Germany 1930s had everyone carrying smartphones, camera recognition tech and alexa’s.


Well, an awful lot of the science and medicine we have today did come from Nazi Germany.


Germans are nothing if not very good administrators. If you haven’t already seen the movie Conspiracy starring Kenneth Branagh, Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci amongst others. This will illustrate this perfectly.


Not only have I seen that film I also have it on my NAS drive. Its a very underrated film which has had little attention but its grotesquely brilliant. They portrayed the secret 1942 Wannsee conference using modern day business jargon and management speak. Its almost as if you’re watching a meeting of the BMW management board not some hideous conspiracy to murder and dispose of Europe’s entire Jewish population.
Kenneth Branagh as Reinhard Heydrich produces a truly evil character as Chairman of the board. Brilliant film.


I have also committed that movie to my external drive; there is a line in the film where Barnaby Kay’s character Rudolph Lange; who based in Poland seeks confirmation as to whether he ‘evacuated’ 20,000 jews; this is confirmed; his comment “I think it important to understand what words mean”. He later uttered the line that really chilled me to the core “I have become distrustful of language”. We have now passed through the looking glass into a world where words that have meant one thing now mean quite another.


The words “NHS Care Pathway” come immediately to my mind.
I’ve actually visited the rather beautiful but notorious Wannsee conference venue which is a large lakeside house near Potsdam, Berlin. Its now a museum and holocaust documentation centre and looks exactly as portrayed in that film minus the sentry boxes at the entrance gates. Its well worth a visit if you’re ever in that part of the world.

Last edited 19 days ago by Mark

If I’m ever allowed to travel; I’d love to.


Its not looking good for us Refuseniks at the moment.


I’m actually quite proud of that in a strange way. I was looking forward to attending a few Raiders games in the States; but have given up on that idea.


Richie finally got it right by comparing what’s going on to Marxist regimes. It’s a fundamental pillar of Marxism to turn family and community members against each other in support of the state.

This thing of calling protests “terrorism” seems to have slipped many people; you should compare it to the very favourable coverage in the media the Hong Kong protests, which were probably more violent.

At the moment Glenn Greenwald, a leftist, is a prominent journalist who does very good coverage of topics like this, I always have a read of his twitter page to get a sane coverage of political affairs.


He is also one of the very few journalists campaigning on behalf of Julian Assange.


Yes, and that. Good point.


I have a close relative who has been a Marxist for decades. Of late she has become an advocate of authoritarian dictatorships and gulags (I kid you not), and yet she does not consider herself an extremist.
She is also a big advocate of critical thinking, and yet has indirectly admitted that she cannot apply such thinking to her heroes or ideology (while, of course, implicitly demanding that everyone else should).
Although she is not among the Covid faithful, she is as lost as they are – yet cannot see it.


I’ll never forget, some broadcaster at one of the American MSM channels, after Biden was elected saying that Trump supporters and Libertarians even should be put in “re-education camps”. Libertarians are perhaps the most inoffensive bunch of politicians, but these people are fundamentalists. It’s not a conspiracy, they’re saying it openly, anyone who opposes them on any point should be put in a “camp”.

We should ask these Marxists if they would have moved to Marxist Eastern Europe, or China, or North Korea; and if not, why do they think it will bring Utopia this time around, rather than the misery of hundreds of millions every time it’s actually been tried?



 - Copy.png

I’ve raised those last points. The answer: deceptive Western propaganda. The Soviet regime ended, not because of growing resistance from with but because of US sanctions. The tales of politicsl asylum seekers, dissidents and those who fled those regimes are nothing but lies, more Western propaganda, or CIA fabrications (and even CIA – or similar – actors).


Craig, Ive been seeing a lot of that revisionism on Twitter too. Apparently every Marxist atrocity is just a ‘conspiracy theory’. The Marxist didn’t deliberately starve to death tens of millions, they didn’t murder tens of millions in their gulags, etc.

It’s funny how many people we have who left or used to live under Marxism and talk about how terrible it was, but where are all the people who snuck into Marxist states and tell us about how wonderful they were?, they’re just so hard to find…


Yep. It’s a deception – because they don’t apply the same reasoning to any other regime beyond the ones they ideologically align with.


It’s like religious fundamentalism. Same as the covidian cult.


The words are different, but the mentality is the same. Put aside the surrounding words and the belief in Karl Marx is no different than the belief in Abraham, Jesus, and many others. Nor is it any different from the belief in specialists.


Communitarianism as opposed to communism can only work at a small, localised scale. Large scale anything is bad be it government, technology, corporations etc.


Communitarianism is just another label to claim ownership of natural human tendencies. It’s become a bit of a curse of, mostly, Western thinking.


That’s the problem, the elites, journalists, academics have blurred the language to confuse people. When people say ‘communism’ (and often ‘socialism’ too) they almost certainly mean Marxism, i.e. North Korea and the previous Chinese and Eastern European regimes.

What Mark Bajerski talked about recently on the show is actually communism. Marxism and communism have nothing at all in common. Just because the Marxists have and continue to call themselves communists doesn’t mean they are.

Marxists are extremely centralised, communists decentralised, for a start; there are many differences. But because the language has been so badly blurred and abused, people have to now talk about ‘communitarianism’ to disassociate from the Marxists who have co-opted the term ‘communism’, which is completely inappropriate to Marxism.

The same thing happens with the term ‘socialism’ too; that also has nothing to do with Marxism, but the elites have blurred the concepts in order to trick people into supporting Marxism when what they really want is socialism.


Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto, so Communism and Marxism are intrinsicly linked. However, it could be argued that Marxism is about adherence to all of Marx’s ideas; whereas Communism is simply adherence to the ideas (or the overarching spirit of the ideas) in the Manifesto. But that’s pretty much ‘splitting hairs’.
As for Socialism: there are many, many different schools of thought about what constitutes that concept. Whether people like it or not, Bolivarian Socialism and National Socialism are just different ‘schools’ of Socialism (just as Economic Marxism and Cultural Marxism are different ‘schools’ of Marxism; or Catholicism and Protestantism are different ‘schools’ of Christianity). The problem isn’t in the ideas, but with the people who adopt those ideas and want to force others to adopt them.
It’s also worth noting that before he began writing his works, Marx was a follower of Socialism – as was Mussolini and Hitler. So in all those cases, Socialism was the springboard for more radical and extreme ideas.
And since Socialism, Communism, Marxism, Fascism and Capitalism all originated in Europe there is a good argument for stating that European cultural and economic colonialism dominates the world.


That sounds like any other marxists. Unable to look at any other information incase it shatters their belief system.

Last edited 19 days ago by Jacob

Have you considered that transhumanism may benefit humanity?




Why? Would it threaten your beliefs?


imagine being a parent and little johnny says “let me do what I want or I will report you to the FBI” crazy orwellian this, although unsurprising at this stage.

People who have not come to this conclusion must realise and quickly, that once the systems are slotted into place, this will give anyone in command the greatest surveillance powers in history of mankind, if every country follows suit, their won’t be turning back.

Last edited 19 days ago by Patrice
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