Female Law Student Under Fire For Saying Women Have Vaginas

The Mail Online features an interview today, with a law student in Dundee who believes that her degree is at risk because she said that women have vaginas. She made the remark during a seminar on transgender issues.

Lisa Keogh is a mature student at Abertay University in Dundee. According to The Mail Online:

Lisa, 29, is facing disciplinary action by Abertay University in Dundee after saying during a discussion on transgender issues in an online seminar that women were born with female genitals and the difference in physical strength between men and women ‘was a fact’. 

The student, in her final year at the university, was reported to academic chiefs by classmates and faces a formal probe for alleged ‘offensive’ and ‘discriminatory’ comments. There are also suggestions her behaviour in the seminar was abusive — which Lisa denies.

This week, Lisa completed her final exam and handed in her dissertation, but at the same time, a panel at the university convened to decide whether she should be disciplined.

She told The Mail:

‘If that happens, all my hard work will have been for nothing,’ she says. ‘I can’t even believe I am in this position. I have kept my head down for four years.

‘I have juggled my studies with caring for my children. I haven’t got involved with any of the cliques. I haven’t even socialised because, with my responsibilities, I don’t have time. Now I’m in this ludicrous situation.’

Ludicrous is one way of putting it. Stark raving mad is another. Women have vaginas. Women have ovaries. Women give birth. Men do not have vaginas or ovaries and cannot give birth.

Women matter. This is deadly serious. We must be allowed to distinguish between men and women and male and female without fear of losing our jobs, or even being arrested for hate crime. Nobody is born in the wrong body. This is not new. It’s called gender dysphoria.

Lisa Keogh was asked to define “woman” and she responded by saying, “someone with a vagina.” That’s an immutable truth.

That she should fear for her future, for stating a biological fact, should be a wake-up call for every single one of us.


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Just refer them to the Faculty of Science for clarification!
Seriously sinister forces at work – the twisting of biology for the morally twisted.
The gospel according to Lady Gaga


Anyone remember ‘Hill Street Blues?” Before the officers went out on duty the sergeant would say “lets be careful out there”, so to everyone on here at the start of a new week, take care and hopefully this little ditty will put a smile on your face. Time to recharge the batteries.


Take it off…


And you two too!!


Getting there…



That’s better!

Urban fox

Very good👍😃😃😃😃

Urban fox

Nice poam,thanks for that. Yeh remember Hill street Blues. It was completely nuts. But was good.👍


Thanks! For what for me, passes for nostalgia. Just recalling Spike’s wicked delivery (even in grainy monochrome) has tickled the right spot.


A transwoman is as much a woman, as a woman is a transwoman, ie not at all. Neither have a clue of the life experiences of the other. They’re mutually exclusive terms. It doesn’t mean that either should be disrespected, but to censor the basics of biology is so dangerous.


That was probably the best argument I’ve read. A woman isn’t trans.


That’s a good argument. Good logic. A “bio” woman is not a transwoman.


I refuse any terminology added to the word “woman” to describe me. “Biological Woman” sounds like I’m only a woman through biology, like “biological father” instils thoughts of “useless sperm donor” (even though that’s not correct for the majority). I’m a woman by biology, experience, time-served pain and joy, fat distribution, hormone fluctuations, and much much more. And anyone calling me “cis-woman” will invoke another natural trait of a woman……. the brawling fishwife 😂

Last edited 19 days ago by LoopyMoo

Lovely Sunday melody show today Richie as always.

But I couldn’t help but feel the poignancy of that moment where you expressed your feelings for the latest Irish scandal involving the imprisonment of 66 year old Margaret Buttimer by some small minded little lower court ‘non event goon lord’ on a power trip.

Her crime… She refused to wear a mask in a shop!

I watched a good video by Dave Cullen (Computing Forever) yesterday summing up the Irish ‘Joe Normie’ and how this brainwashed and brain dead mindset has come to be.

And I believe he pretty much nails it here..

Worth a look:

Urban fox

Yeh was good today. Some of the tunes I love and like he said. Some I think what the f**k did he play that for. But I think the songs he played between 12 and one, juring the turn around,we’re even better. Played one of my favourite bond theams from one of my favorite bond films. Nobody does it better,from ” The spy who loved me”😊Watched some more Enterprise as well. Including the one with the Green Orion woman that try to take over the ship,by alluring the crew members. Was thinking some of the male characters,must have had a hell of a time making that. Extant and Enterprise I’m watching on horror. Can’t watch carbon, as no net flicks. Just free view.


Yes Fox.
I enjoyed it all, I always do.

The Enterprise episode you mention is yet another classic and as you say, it must’ve been difficult for the lads to maintain composure during the filming of that… Though they probably deliberately kept fluffing their lines in order to get more mileage from the retakes!!
(That’s what I’d av done!!)


Urban fox

Me to, to be honest😊

Urban fox

Funny thing is,that is the episode that preceded the parallel universe special. Makes you think the writers must have been having a funny turn or something. Can’t think what the female cast members must have thought. But made it very entertaining and funny none the less. P.S . Just left you private message


Got it mate!


Urban fox

Talking pictures channel, ” The man who haunted himself ” An old supernatural classic. One of Roger Moore finest performances. Great scenes of old London as well.starts in 20 minutes. 12.20. If you get message in time.


Missed it Fox..
But no doubts I’ll catch it again at a later date.
Thanks for the tip!


Bring on the Sunday Morning Melodies!!!


I need a drink!!!





Thanks Jennie!
Can’t beat a bit of Garth Brooks.


One for the real women. (please share)

Clinical Trials Did not Study COVID-19 Vaccine Effects on Women’s Reproductive Systems
There have also been reports of reactions from women who have NOT received the COVID-19 Vaccine. We are studying both.

We’re an independent research group that is going to collect as much data as possible so that we can learn more about what’s going on with Women’s Cycles. With this information we will be able to share it with researchers, doctors, scientists and more to help discover possible causation and maybe even solutions.

All we know right now is that we need more and better information. Whether or not you’ve been vaccinated for COVID, if you’ve had menstrual irregularities, please help us by participating in our research study and sharing your cycle story.

Last edited 23 days ago by Jacob

It’s a shame the survey needs an email address. I don’t think many followers of RA would give intimate menstrual cycle details to a genomics research group anyway, but might be tempted if totally anonymous


Dr Sherri Tenpenny is involved in the group. They are trying to work out the ways to counteract the “Protein Spike” within those covid shots. (more info in the below video)
Can always create a new email.
⁣Critically Thinking | Dr.Tenpenny & Dr Palevsky with Dr. Northrup & Dr. Merrit.
The Five Doctors gathered to continue the discussion regarding the transmission of “something” from an injected (vaccinated) person to those who have not been injected (unvaccinated).
 we discuss the long-standing plan for infertility vaccines and the deeply troubling approval of the Pfizer shot for 12- to 15-year-old children.

Last edited 22 days ago by Jacob

Thank you for the extra info


I am SHE. I was born with female genitalia and after puberty came out the other side looking as a woman. I have not had surgery to fashion a vagina or remove a penis. I gave birth to two children. I have the right to call myself SHE. Perhaps we could hear what Abertay Uni define a woman’ as. Or Eddie Izzard, who prefers to be referred to as ‘she’. No eddie, sorry, putting a dress and make up on does not make you a ‘she’, get over it. Good luck to Lisa.


100% agree with that, abertay will pay, no way they are getting away with this.


I’ve always said that if a man wants to wear a dress and call himself Flossie that’s entirely up to him and I won’t do or say anything hurtful to him and no-one else should either but no way will I ever accept that he is a woman. Same goes for women who claim to be men.

I realised a few years ago that the whole trans issue was part of the agenda and obviously top politicians and those high up in the media must be under some sort of influence to have gone along with such insanity, it only needs a few.


I lived in a rare old town once upon a time, and met several transgender. Their pain was awful to see, pain mainly caused by poor quality surgery/aftercare and lack of mental health support. But everyone in the town accepted them as part of the community, just another person to say hello to when out shopping, a chat about our day and what’s been happening, we’d be there for them if they needed anything. As they would for us.

Now the trans-agenda has turned up, it’s turning people who had no problem before against them. The agenda is asking too much. I thought I was quite open minded until I had a really bad night with the “lady week”. Like…. almost emergency room bad. Then I stumbled through in the morning to switch on the TV to find a Caitlyn had won “Woman of the Year”. What an absolute kick in the ovaries that was. And that’s when I realised that division was the goal.

We all should be aware that we can’t force people to accept us, we can only be as decent as possible and hope to make a few friends along the way. I’m at peace with the fact that wearing a bit of lippy and concealer does not make me 21, but that’s OK.


On a more serious note though.

This aspect of the Agenda transhumanist plan isn’t just reserved for adult education.

They’re working on *junior infants* too!!

At what point do we say ‘enough is enough’ to all of it!
(Mask mandates & mass vaccination programmes included — also targeting our kids!!!)



More convid madness.


Absolutely Vivisection!!

A global horror show and a zombie apocalypse combined. The dead have arisen and are now coming after our children.

Seriously time to ‘wake up’ the enslaved.

Before it’s too late.


Poor woman. I hope everything works out well for her.


Alice Cooper is in BIG trouble…


Good a satanic scumbag.

Tony K

She doesn’t look like she has a vagina.
Just saying.


That’s was a little bit harsh, she’s actually rather attractive if you look at the other pictures of her online in the Daily Mail and Sun. What’s happened to her is fecking outrageous.


Are ye looking for her number, she will be alright mate, trust me the people of Dundee will be on this, and all over Scotland, these scumbags have scored the old own goal, they will back down, pretty sure of it.


Beauty’s only skin deep.. and the eyes are the windows to the soul.
It’s all about our spirit.
It’s all about our soul.

If we as a race could get passed this, then our physical form wouldn’t matter a dime!

But the problem now rests with mass chaos and delusion.

Our spirits are born into our bodies for a ‘human’ experience.

Be it male or female.

I guess if someone prefers to identify as one or the other, well then, that’s their chosen perogative and their chosen ‘experience’.

And no one should be victimised for wanting to be themselves.

But we don’t need to change, distort or warp our humanity in order to understand this…

To include indoctrinating our children into these mindsets before they are ready.


better get your hard hat on mate, the easily offended are out in force by the looks of it.

Tony K

It was just an off the cuff quip looking only at the headline and the picture, It wasn’t meant to offend, but I now realise it was in bad taste. I apologise to anybody offended by it.


fair point Tony, been on their website to make a complaint via e-mail, phone numbers, shut till Monday fuck them, don’t worry mate that lass will get plenty of support up in Dundee, and elsewhere.


Yes Colm…

This is “for real!!!”

Oh yes. 🙄


And after a few gargles…


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