Writing in The Telegraph today, self-styled Zionist Mandy Blumenthal claims that she and her husband will soon leave the UK for Israel. Mandy says she no longer feels safe and that the scourge of antisemitism is forcing her from her home. She writes: "I don’t wish to sound alarmist, but aged 53, I no longer feel welcome in my own country. I’m frightened, and it’s only getting worse." She sounds shaken up right? You'd imagine that she has been subjected to some pretty awful experiences to make her want to leave right? Wrong. Mandy's horror stories involve a taxi driver who said something about the effing Jews, a young boy chased in a supermarket in Manchester and a swastika drawn on a pizza in Birmingham. That's right, she offers no hard evidence that Jew hatred is rife in British society, just a bit of unsubstantiated hearsay. In fact she reserves the bulk of her ire for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party for as yet refusing to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of antisemitism.

So Mandy is leaving then. But wait, haven't we heard this one before? Indeed we have! In an article in The Daily Mail last August, Mandy said that owing to the rise in hate crime and the failure of the authorities to deal with it, she had decided to leave the UK! She wrote:  "...hatred against Jews has become legitimised in the political sphere and more and more Jews are getting attacked. I just don't see a future the way things stand." But that was a year ago Mandy! If it really is as bad as you say it is, why haven't you left already? Why do you keep threatening to leave? But of course in reality it isn't as bad as all that. This is vintage Hasbara and Mandy is a most enthusiastic purveyor.  A cursory glance at her Twitter account is enough. She's very much enamoured of The Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA), the charity that works to snuff out legitimate criticism of Israel and its UK lobby, by labelling Israels critics as antisemites and pressuring venues not to host their events. The CAA is comprised of a worthless bunch of cowards who run and hide when challenged to a public debate.

But enough of the CAA and enough of puppets like Mandy Blumenthal, for it's time to take a stand. It's time for the country's broadsheet journalists to stand up to this fascism. There is no endemic Jew hatred in this country. There never was. Last year the Institute For Jewish Policy Research conducted the largest and most detailed survey of attitudes towards Jews and Israel ever conducted in the UK. The survey found that the levels of antisemitism here, were among the lowest in the world. The UK's Jews are not blamed for the crimes of the racist, apartheid state of Israel. I've said it a thousand times myself. I personally do not know any Jews who support the brutal subjugation of the Palestinian people, through the illegal occupation, the kidnapping of children, the concentration camp that is Gaza and of course the regular slaughter of Palestinians through airstrikes or by snipers using them for target practice at the fence.

Last week Israel passed the “nation-state bill,” the legislation that declares Israel as the historic homeland of the Jewish people, and that “the right to exercise national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people." The law paves the way for the expedition of settlements which are illegal under international law. Israel of course, should be sanctioned back to the stone age for this, but I won't hold my breath. I will tell you this though, no decree from the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance on what is or isn't antisemitic, will ever stop me from comparing and contrasting the crimes of the apartheid state of Israel, with those of the Nazi's. As the saying goes, if the kippah fits...

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